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What's In This Article?

  1. How Much It Cost to Move Car Across Country?
  2. How to Ship a Car Across the Country?
  3. How Long does It Take to Ship Vehicle Across Country?
  4. What do You Need to Know About Across Country Car Transport?
  5. What are Our Car Shipping Rates by Transport Type?
  6. Is Cross Country Car Transport Door to Door?
  7. How Many Factors Affect the Cost to Ship Vehicle Across Country?
  8. What are the Ways To Save When Shipping a Car Across the Country?

How Much It Cost to Move Car Across Country?

The  lower the average price per mile, The longer the trip,. If cost to transport car across country a distance of 1000 miles, your average price per mile would be about $0.71. And these costs are reflective of a standard open carrier, bringing your total to $699. Easily  put,  in open transport, a smaller vehicle, with reliable delivery times is going to be less expensive than the alternatives.

Get Auto Transportation Average car shipping cost by distance

Average Distance  Transport type  Average cost  Estimate transport time 
Less than 500 miles  Open  $251 to $497 1 to 2 days 
Less than 500 miles Enclosed  $317 to $621 1 to 2 days 
500-1000 miles Open  $439 to $695 2 to 3 days
500-1000 miles Enclosed  $621 to $943 2 to 3 days
1000-1500 miles  Open  $865 to $1045 3 to 4 days 
1000-1500 miles  Enclosed  $1175 to $1419 3 to 4 days 
1500-2000 miles  Open  $945 to $1193 5 to 6 days 
1500-2000 miles Enclosed  $1339 to $1691 5 to 6 days 
2000-2500 miles  Open  $1341 to $1495 7 to 8 days 
2000-2500 miles Enclosed  $1899 to $2117 7 to 8 days 
More than 2500 Open  $1392 to $2175 6 to 9 days
More than 2500 Enclosed  $2065 to $3261 6 to 9 days

However, there are several factors that directly affect the cost to ship a car across country. With these in mind, let’s take a look at an example. 

How to Ship a Car Across the Country?

There are various different ways to shipping car across country. While some methods are more expensive, the cost will depend on various factors and service requirements. Listing your vehicle shipment on  Get Auto Transportation is a great way to compare options so you can ship your car quickly, easily, and affordably.

 Get Auto Transportation makes it easy to list your car shipment, book with a feedback-rated transporter, and track your car to its destination. Additionally, if you have any problems, our customer service team is here to answer all your shipping questions.

How Long does It Take to Ship Vehicle Across Country?

An average across country vehicle transport order will take 7 to 10 days. The time to ship a car across the country varies based on your specific cross country car shipping order. Factors that affect the length of your across country transport include demand and supply,  route accessibility, inclement weather and conditions of road. For more information, contact one of our car shipping experts at(833) 233-4447.

cost to ship a car across country

What do You Need to Know About Across Country Car Transport?

You can ship a car across country in various different ways, but most are expensive, especially when you factor in all the additional costs. The most reliable, quick, easy, and affordable way to do it is to ship your car across country with Get Auto Transportation. This door to door service makes it simple to take your car from one side of the country to the other, with no stress or Hassel.

What are Our Car Shipping Rates by Transport Type?

The transport method you choose also impacts the overall price; each option boasts advantages and disadvantages.

Enclosed carrier transport 

If you want to pay extra to keep your car away from the elements as it travels across the wide American expanse, go for enclosed shipping. This method places your car in an enclosed container throughout the trip, minimizing the chances of accidental damage due to the weather. However, this is a more expensive transport option when choosing an open carrier. Enclosed shipping costs $999 to $2,449 around $0.91 to $1.73 per mile.

Open Carrier transport 

Open carrier transport is the more budget-friendly option, coming in at $549 to $1,599, depending on how far the vehicle’s going. The price decrease here is an obvious pro, but an open carrier does leave your car out in the elements, which slightly increases the chances of damage during transport.

Open carrier shipments typically involve transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously via a large truck. You have probably seen these carriers on the road before, as this is the same method most manufacturers use to ship brand-new vehicles from the plant to the sales location.

Is Cross Country Car Transport Door to Door?

Yes, cross country vehicle shipping is door to door, as long as the locations you choose allow it. Pick-up alternative  and delivery also  locations will want to be arranged if the locations are illegal or are not safe. Get Auto Transportation carrier will arrange a location as close to your door as possible.

How Many Factors Affect the Cost to Ship Vehicle Across Country?

While we can roughly estimate car shipping cost , there is no way to give an exact number until you look at the whole picture. The cost of auto transport typically depends on these seven essential factors below.

Timing Year

Like Get Auto Transportation prices, you can expect to pay more for auto transport when demand is highest. It  tends to be during the summer and spring months. So, expect to pay higher prices from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Of course, keep in mind that location is also essential. For instance, if you need to move your car from Massachusetts to Florida during the winter when all the snowbirds move south, expect to pay higher prices.

The weight and size of your car

Car carriers can only hold so many vehicles and so much weight. So,your larger car is, the more costly  it will be to move your vehicle across the country. As you can see, moving a large SUV is more costly  than moving a sedan.

shipping car across country

The travelled distance–

No surprise here: the farther you need to move your car, the more expensive the shipping service. After all, fuel charges, tolls and labour costs quickly add up when travelling hundreds (or thousands) of miles. Those moving a shorter distance can expect to pay less than those moving a long distance.

 Added Any insurance

While Get Auto Transportation likely carries insurance, you may still want to purchase a separate policy in case your car becomes damaged while on the carrier.

Auto transport method types–

Do you plan to move your car via an open-air or enclosed carrier? The type of car shipping service you choose will significantly affect the cost of your move. Open-air carriers are less expensive, while enclosed carriers are typically quite pricey.

The kind of car you’re moving –

Your vehicle’s make and model may affect the price of a car shipping service – particularly if you’re moving a luxury or classic car. These high end cars usually require special services and attention, which increases the transportation cost.

Service level required –

Expect to pay more for door to door service. While Get Auto Transportation requires that customers pick up their cars at one location, many also provide alternative drop-off options. For those willing to pay up, Get Auto Transportation may be able to deliver the car to their home personnel.

What are the Ways To Save When Shipping a Car Across the Country?

With the high prices of across country shipping, it sometimes feels like there’s not much you can control, but options are available to lower costs. In addition to getting quotes from Get Auto Transportation, here are more ways you can save on shipping:

Open  transport options:

Open transport is the cheapest transportation service to ship your car across the country. While your vehicle  will be exposed to  road debris, weather, and potential car accidents, these events are either unlikely to cause severe damage or unlikely to happen to the vehicle.

Pay with cash instead of credit:

Paying with a credit card may be convenient, but Get Auto Transportation offer cash payment options that lower the overall cost of the entire shipment. You can sometimes see the price difference side by side with cash or credit when getting quotes from Get Auto Transportation or using a car shipping calculator. 

Go with terminal to terminal shipping:

Not all companies offer this option, but if you can choose this, driving your car out of Get Auto Transportation terminal is always cheaper than having it delivered at or near your home. It  is especially right if you live in a more rural area away from the city.

Book your shipment in advance:

If you can choose when to ship your car across the country, you’ll save money if you can ship in late fall or early spring. Book your shipment for at least two weeks to avoid paying for expedited shipping.

Look for discounts:

Get Auto Transportation offers some discounts that customers can benefit from  especially customers in the military. Get Auto Transportation also offer discounts for seniors, students and first responders.


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