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What's In This Article?

  1. What are the Options For Shipping a Car Without a Title
  2. What are the Reasons For Not Having a Title?
  3. How to Ship a Car from the USA Without a Title?
  4. What Other Paperwork do I Need to Ship a Car?
  5. How Much does Shipping a Car Without a Title Cost?
  6. Why do You Need a Title to Ship a Car?
  7. What Should You Expect When Shipping a Car Without a Title?
  8. What Makes Car Shipping Documentation so Different?

What are the Options For Shipping a Car Without a Title

Get Auto Transportation often require various documentation for car shipping, particularly interstate transport. But there are many ways to ship a car without a title:

Obtaining a Duplicate Title

You can apply where the vehicle was last titled for a duplicate title from the DMV in the state. This will prove ownership, making the shipment procedure go more smoothly.

Providing Bill Of Sale

If you have a Sale bill, you can use it as proof of ownership, and our auto shipping company will accept it.

Proof Of Ownership

Get Auto Transportation may accept other forms of proof of ownership, such as vehicle registration or insurance documents.

Shipping The Car With a Bonded Title

A  bonded title can be obtained in some states by acquiring a surety bond equal to the vehicle’s value. If someone else claims ownership of the car and can also be used to ship the vehicle, this bond is insurance.

Transport the car to a state With Looser Regulations

Shipping a car without a title may be possible Because some states have looser regulations. But, before transporting the vehicle, it is essential to check the rules in the destination state.

Ship A Car from USA

What are the Reasons For Not Having a Title?

There are several reasons why someone may need a title for their vehicle. These reasons include the following:

Lost Or Stolen Title

When you purchase a vehicle from someone who has either lost the title or fails to provide it, it might be challenging to ship the car. While Get Auto Transportation may agree to move an automobile without a title, mainly if the shipment is interstate, others may require the necessary documents for legal reasons.

Unpaid Liens On The Car

If the car has unpaid liens, the lienholder may keep the title until the debt is paid off. In this case, the owner must settle the debt before obtaining a lien release and acquiring the title.

How to Ship a Car from the USA Without a Title?

Documentation is paramount to getting your car shipped through Get Auto Transportation for reasons including security. However, you must know that an auto shipping company only asks for titles or registrations after delivering any consignment.

If not, a bonded title can be obtained from the local DMV. The process may take some time and cause transportation plans to be interrupted, but it is an alternative if the original title needs to be added.

While it’s ideal to possess all the essential documents, including title, registration, and insurance, producing these before any company when handing over your vehicle is not mandatory. All you need is the vehicle and its keys to arrange the services and get going.

What indeed is obligatory is to get your newly delivered vehicle registered in the new state within a set time frame. You can check with the local DMV office for more details and get all your paperwork right.

What Other Paperwork do I Need to Ship a Car?

The paperwork you need can vary widely depending on the country where you’re importing your vehicle. However, you will usually need government ID, information about your vehicle, ownership information, vehicle title, and bill of sale for your car, among other documents.

  • Government ID – You will typically need to provide at least two forms of identification, such as a passport, birth certificate, driver’s license or other state ID card, to prove your identity when shipping a car.
  • Information about the vehicle – You must fill out paperwork and note the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), make and model, mileage, and other details about your vehicle.
  • Vehicle title – As mentioned, your title is almost always required to ship a car statewide, as this document proves you’re the vehicle's legal owner. Usually, You will require the original title as well as a copy.
  • Bill of sale – If you own a car you purchased recently, you may need to provide the bill of sale. It will ensure that customs understands when the car can determine whether and be purchased if you’re eligible for any type of tax break when importing your car.
  • Consignee and Shipper information – You will be required to fill out the paperwork with the personal information of the sender and receiver of your shipment, usually including name, phone number, email, and address.
  • State by state requirements vary dramatically, so we highly recommend working with Get Auto Transportation and contacting customs directly to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

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    How Much does Shipping a Car Without a Title Cost?

    Car shipping cost without a title varies depending on the distance it needs to travel, the size of the vehicle, and the shipping method chosen. Generally, shipping a car without a title can range from $495 to $1997.

    Get Auto Transportation consistently rates the top in the US, with auto transport service across the country locally to any state and city in the United States.

    How much does it cost to ship a car today by getting an instant transport quote below? It is important to note that Get Auto Transportation may only accept vehicles with a title, so it is essential to check with the company beforehand. Additionally, shipping a car without a title may be higher if the vehicle is hauled on an open trailer or special permits are needed.

    Why do You Need a Title to Ship a Car?

    The answer may differ and is not definitive depending on your specific situation. If you do not have the vehicle’s title, contact Get Auto Transportation, provide them with the information about your transportation, and ask for their advice.

    Get Auto Transportation may agree to transfer your vehicle even if you need more documents, especially if you are not transporting it across state lines. If the vehicle is registered in your name, it may be sufficient proof that you can proceed with the transportation and that you are the owner of interstate shipping without any issues.

    What Should You Expect When Shipping a Car Without a Title?

    There are several factors to consider when shipping a car without a title.

    Liability And Responsibility During The Shipping Process

    There are concerns of liability and responsibility to consider. For example, with a title, it may be easier to show that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle, which could lead to disagreements or legal concerns with Get Auto Transportation or other parties involved in the shipping process.

    Cost and Time Involved in Shipping a Car Without a Title

    Also, shipping without a vehicle title may take longer and cost more. There needs to be more documentation, and the auto transport company may charge higher fees or request additional insurance coverage to compensate for the increased risk. Thus, it is vital to carefully consider the costs and the risks of shipping a car without a title and to consider alternatives, as discussed before.

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    What Makes Car Shipping Documentation so Different?

    The primary thing that law has perfected as a community is paperwork. Every agreement or transaction between parties must be recorded, signed, stamped, dated, and more. Do you need to sign up for a credit card? There is paperwork. Do you plan on buying a car? Fill out the paperwork.

    But then what makes the transporting company so different and does not need registration or title proof? Documentation like the contract and other terms and conditions must be signed with Get Auto Transportation before scheduling your request. Still, this is optional.

    The shipping companies do not particularly ask for title and registration because many individuals and businesses need shipping services for various reasons. Only sometimes, and all of them, are in the position to produce the vehicle title. Take junk cars, for example.

    These are scrap and intended to be dismantled. Such vehicles need documentation intact since they are abandoned and not in the state to be restored. Those that might be repaired will get to the future buyer whether or not there’s registration or a title certificate. They sit where they are.

    At Get Auto Transportation, we’ve shipped tons of vehicles to and from and have never encountered any problems. There isn’t just one, but so many instances like the above, asking for appropriate paperwork to ship the vehicle would be irrelevant.

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