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What's In This Article?

  1. How Many Types of Services Do We Offer You for Continental Car Shipping?
  2. What is Continental Car Shipping?
  3. How Much Does It Cost to Continental Car Transport?
  4. What are the Common Factors that Affect the Cost of Continental Car Shipping?
  5. How Many Types of Continental Auto Shipping?

How Many Types of Services Do We Offer You for Continental Car Shipping?

Customs Service

Your continental car model might have special requirements. You could also require flexible delivery options based on their schedule. No matter what your vehicle needs, we help create a solution. Whether fully enclosed or open-air transport options, we ensure continental cars get to you without a scratch.

Unlike the enclosed option, the open-air option might expose your car to the weather. The enclosed full option for possible abrasion during transport protects your vehicle from physical risks. We cover domestic routes, ensuring quality service all the way. If you want us to ship your vehicle overseas, contact our shipping specialists, who will discuss your options and pricing. 

Tracking Services

We offer fast-track services for the shipping of your continental cars. We employ various means to ensure your cars arrive on time. As a first-rate shipping company, we save time getting your continental vehicle where you want.

We work with a network of trusted and well-established partners across the globe, offering premium car shipping services. This helps ensure your vehicles reach their required location quickly and safely. We guarantee express delivery service in the shortest possible time.

Shipment Protection

With our experienced drivers and reliable carriers, your shipment is protected. However, if the unimaginable happens, your vehicles are fully covered. Responsible for all vehicles in our care. For your peace of mind, we will fully insure you.

Coast to Coast Shipping Services.

We are the top recommended car shipping services firm providing coast-to-coast auto shipping to several clients. We provide services at particular ‘drive to’ and ‘pick up’ locations. We also offer custom services to suit the needs of our clients.

What is Continental Car Shipping?

Are you moving across the country? If so, getting your belongings to your new home on the other side of the U.S. can be challenging. There are plenty of moving companies to get your home goods to you, but what if you have a vehicle and are not planning to drive? How will you be across the country when you get your car? Not to worry, this is precisely what we do, If you’ve ever been on the highway, chances are you’ve already seen our trucks carrying vehicles from car manufacturers to dealerships, but we also transport cars for people just like you.

We help people daily who have been relocated by their organizations or have just chosen to change their scenery; we ship our audiences cars from the East Coast to the West, from North to the South and just about anywhere in the continental U.S.

Continental car shipping

How Much Does It Cost to Continental Car Transport?

Continental auto transport on an open car carrier is generally in the 0.35 cents to 0.45 cents per mile range; depending on the fuel price at the time of shipment, a 2,500-mile trip will cost roughly $1,000. Shorter car shipping trips may cost less overall but have a higher rate per mile because it generally will take the driver the same amount of time to load and unload the vehicles, regardless of the distance he drives.

For the first 1-500 miles, the average rate is $1 per mile, so a 350-mile trip up the coast of California might cost $350.00. The longer the distance, the lower the price: Moving a standard-sized car 1000 miles will drop the rate to .70 cents a mile, or $750.00 while taking it 3,000 miles could cost around $1,200.00.

Continental shipping quotes can vary based on vehicle size, weight, its operational condition and any modifications, seasonal demand, and the type of transport you prefer whether you choose enclosed, expedited or standard continental car shipping, Get Auto Transportation will deliver the best service and price in the company. 

What are the Common Factors that Affect the Cost of Continental Car Shipping?

While time and money are essential when deciding whether to ship your car, you should consider some other things carefully. Like wear and tear on your vehicle and traveling hundreds of unnecessary miles with your car.

Mechanical problems:

Driving long distances puts stress and mileage on your vehicle. And if you happen to break down while on a long-distance road trip, you can expect to be delayed while repairs are made, adding to the cost of your journey.


Bad or inclement weather can make driving dangerous or cause delays, increasing travel time.

Road hazards:

A stressed or tired driver is at a higher risk of an accident, and when driving yourself, you also have to face the hazards of other drivers. Remember, your safety is essential.


Depending on which part of the country you’re driving in, you may encounter toll roads and bridges. No one likes paying tolls.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding whether to transport your vehicle or hire an auto transport company.

Travel time:

Driving your car to its destination can take a week, depending on how far you can move. The longer it will take, The farther you have to travel, and for most folks, devoting a few days or weeks to driving your car may be inconvenient.

Lost Wages:

Every day you move your car yourself is a day of lost wages. If you have to travel a few thousand miles, it could cost you close to a week’s pay. For many people, that would be a significant financial loss. 

Cost of Travel:

Gas, Food, and motels for a road trip can add up quickly. Restaurants aren’t cheap, and even at less expensive motels, you’ll probably pay at least $60 a night. Plus, if you drive your car to its destination and must return to your starting point, you’ll probably have to purchase a plane ticket. We all understand that air travel is not cheap.

Car preparation:

Before making a long-distance road trip, you’ll probably want to get an oil change, a tune-up, or both.

How Many Types of Continental Auto Shipping?

If you’re looking for continental auto transport, stick to the more budget-friendly options. However, the added alternative cost options may be worth considering if you have more specialized requirements. The types of vehicle shipping you will find include:

Continental auto transport

Enclosed trailer shipping: 

You can ship your vehicle in an enclosed container. This option offers more damage protection and costs more than open shipping. Your car will be delivered on a truck with a protective covering to hide it from the elements. These vehicles can transport large equipment.

This choice is highly recommended when dealing with high-end automobiles such as vintage or expensive cars. This method of transportation is more costly, but it protects your valuable goods from road debris and inclement weather.

Open carrier shipping: 

Transporting your car in an open-air container is the least expensive option, but it exposes your vehicle to inclement weather, damage from road debris, and more. Your vehicle is placed in an open truck’s rear and secured for safety. This approach is more cost-effective since numerous automobiles may be transported simultaneously.

This sort of auto carrier is widely accessible at most auto shipping businesses. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that your car would be exposed to road debris and maybe inclement weather.

Expedited shipping: 

If you need to transport your car in a hurry, many companies offer faster shipping options for an additional fee.

Door to door transport: 

Most providers offer shipping your car from your old address to your new address, but it’s more expensive than the terminal-to-terminal option when you have the choice. It's a lightning-fast option utilizing either of the two methods above but offers a quicker turnaround time from when you drop off your car to when it’s delivered. Even get same-day delivery. It's the best option for car shipping.

Terminal to terminal shipping: 

When available, shipping a vehicle from one central location to another is an excellent way to save money on auto transport. It's a cheap car transport option. Terminal to terminal shipping requires you to pick it up and then drop your vehicle off at a specific location at another. However, there may also be storage fees if you have to leave your car at a shipping depot at a time.

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