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What's In This Article?

  1. What are the Benefits of Using Get Auto Transportation?
  2. Save Money with Get Auto Transportation Services
  3. Enjoy the Convenience of Door to Door Vehicle Delivery

What are the Benefits of Using Get Auto Transportation?

You take great pride in your vehicle, so it will come with you when you move, take an extended vacation in another city, or relocate temporarily for work.  You can make this happen in many ways, the most common of which is driving yourself.

But adding all that wear and tear to your vehicle is unnecessary, not to mention the wear and tear on yourself after a long road trip. If you want to move your car from one place to another, Get Auto Transportation services are worth considering. Here are the reasons why.

Time saving 

Driving and using Get Auto Transportation services both have their advantages and disadvantages. The two choices often depend on distance, time, cost, and personal preferences. Here is a comparison of the time spent on both: For short distances, driving can be quicker as you can leave immediately and directly reach your destination without waiting for a schedule. However, For long distances, driving can be time-consuming. It can take several days if you are shipping across the country.

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Additionally, you’ll need to stop for rest, food, and fuel. Driving can be exhausting and stressful, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather conditions. However, you can choose your route and make stops as you wish. Auto delivery services can save a significant amount of time for long distances.

We load your vehicle onto a carrier, and you are free to travel by other faster means, such as flying. You would not have to deal with the traffic, stress of driving or potential road hazards. However, you will want to schedule the service in advance, and there might be delays due to weather, traffic, or logistical issues.

Save Money with Get Auto Transportation Services

How does Get Auto Transportation save you money? It might seem counterintuitive. After all, you’re paying for a service. However, the potential cost savings become more apparent when you weigh the alternatives. First, let’s consider the time cost. Any time off work can translate into lost income if you plan to transport the car by driving. You can avoid these hiccups and ensure safe vehicle delivery by using an auto transport service.

In addition, you will save on direct transportation costs since you must consider expenses such as overnight accommodations, fuel, meals during the trip, tolls, and parking fees if you plan to drive yourself. These costs rapidly increase, particularly compared to the sole charge levied by Get Auto Transportation service.

Enjoy lower insurance costs 

Various factors affect your car insurance premium, including how often you drive your car. Going on a long road trip can lead to a potential increase in your insurance costs. This aspect becomes even more crucial if you are involved in a car accident during such a trip, which could significantly increase your subsequent insurance rates.

Therefore, using Get Auto Transportation services to move your car across the country is wise. These services provide insurance coverage while handling your vehicle, providing peace of mind and protection while moving. You can relax knowing that your valuable asset is in the hands of skilled experts.

Before transportation, the service provider’s driver thoroughly inspects your vehicle for any existing damages. A similar inspection is performed upon arrival at your destination. This ensures that your car hasn’t suffered any new damage during the transport.

While incidents of damage to a vehicle in transportation are rare, the auto transport service would cover any necessary repairs, saving you from having to pay out of pocket. Such ease of mind cements the advantages of utilising professional auto transport services.

Move multiple vehicles at once

Get Auto Transportation to know how to handle shipping for multiple vehicles efficiently. We use various techniques to ensure your vehicle arrives on time and safely. First, we look at each car to determine the best shipping method. We check how big and heavy it is and if there are any special instructions.

We need to get these cars to the business quickly and without damage. Instead of driving each car individually, which would take time and human resources and add miles to each vehicle, they hire Get Auto Transportation. This service puts all the cars on a big truck or a ship, depending on how far they need to go.

This is faster, safer, and adds no extra miles to the cars. Now, think about a family that’s car moving service to a new state, and they have three cars. If we tried to ship each car individually, it would take a lot of time, possibly even hotel stays and money for gas.

But if they use Get Auto Transportation, all three cars can be moved simultaneously, which is much cheaper and more accessible. So, in both these cases, Get Auto Transportation is a great solution.

Get attractive prices and discounts

Get Auto Transportation can offer attractive rates and discounts. We can offer discounts for shipping multiple cars, booking early, returning customers, military personnel, students, and seniors. We can also provide competitive rates by optimizing their routes and reducing overhead costs. Some  tips are here on how to get the best rates:

  • Compare quotes. It will help you find the best deal and give you an average cost.
  • Book early. Get Auto Transportation offers discounts for early booking. The more time they have to plan the transport, the more money we can save and pass on to you in the form of a discount.
  • Go during the off-peak season. The cost of car transport can vary depending on the season. It is usually less expensive during the off-peak season (fall and winter) than during the peak season (spring and summer).
  • Be flexible with your schedule. You can take advantage of lower rates if you have a flexible schedule. Get Auto Transportation offer discounts to customers waiting a little longer for their vehicle to be transported.
  • Choose terminal to terminal service. You can save money by choosing terminal to terminal service instead of door to door car service. You will drop off and pick up your car at our company’s terminal.
  • Remember, the less expensive option is only sometimes the best. Ensure your chosen company is reputable, reliable, and provides the services you need. Read reviews, check their insurance coverage, and ask questions before deciding.

    Transparent Pricing

    A reliable company like Get Auto Transportation offers transparent pricing for car delivery service by providing precise and detailed quotes to our customers. Get Auto Transportation to disclose all the costs associated with the delivery of a vehicle upfront without any hidden charges.

    The pricing usually includes factors such as the type of vehicle, its size and weight, the distance of the delivery, the type of transport (open or enclosed trailer), and any additional services requested by the customer. Customers can request a quote either through their website or by contacting them directly.

    Once you get the quote, it remains the same unless there are changes in the delivery details. This transparent pricing approach lets customers understand precisely what they are paying for, making the process straightforward and trustworthy.

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    Enjoy the Convenience of Door to Door Vehicle Delivery

    It’s become the norm for Get Auto Transportation to offer door to door pick-up and delivery services. This added convenience streamlines the entire process of moving your vehicle from one place to another. Get Auto Transportation providers to go the extra mile to get as close to your home as possible to pick up your car and then deliver it to a location close to your chosen destination.

    However, there might be times when this door to door service may need to be fixed. There may be rules against unloading and loading vehicles on specific physical barriers like overhead power lines or low-hanging branches that pose a danger. In these cases, thinking outside the box and developing alternative solutions is necessary.

    The good news is you can select a different location that works for you. There may be a nearby street free of these restrictions or obstacles. Or there could be a parking lot that’s easy to get to and secure.  

    Avoid wear and tear 

    Get Auto Transportation to help you reduce wear and tear on your vehicle in the following ways:

  • Reducing Mileage: Get Auto Transportation prevents extra miles on your odometer. For example, automobile shipping from New York to California adds nearly 2968 average miles if you drive; our auto transport services avoid this.
  • Road Hazards Avoid: When secured on a transport truck, your car is safe from road hazards like debris, potholes, and accidents.
  • Reducing Mechanical Stress: Get Auto Transportation to prevent stress on your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other components. So you can avoid potential damage and costly repairs.
  • Preventing Weather-Related Damage: Get Auto Transportation to use enclosed trailers to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions.
  • Flexible Shipping Options

    One of the great things about Get Auto Transportation nowadays is its flexibility. We go out of our way to cater to your specific requirements. You are in a rush, selling your car or automobile shipping across the country, and the buyer requires it. Well, Get Auto Transportation can accommodate that.

    We understand that sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan, and you need things done quickly. And it’s not just about speed. You may have more than one vehicle to transport. You might think that will be a problem, but it is not. Get Auto Transportation can handle multiple vehicles simultaneously, making the process much easier.

    We are all about providing customized solutions to fit your situation. So, whether you’re in a hurry or have a fleet of cars to move, they have got you covered. This flexibility makes Get Auto Transportation a go-to solution for many people.

    Professional Handling

    Get Auto Transportation use professional drivers trained to handle vehicles of all types and sizes. These drivers have the skills and experience to transport your vehicle safely. In addition to their driving skills, Get Auto Transportation drivers know about road safety regulations, traffic rules, and defensive driving techniques. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents or damage to your vehicle during transport.

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