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What's In This Article?

  1. How Do Ship Equipment With Fifth Wheel Transportation Service?
  2. What is Fifth Wheel Transport?
  3. What is Our Fifth Wheel Transport Company's specialty?
  4. What is the Fifth Wheel Moving Service? Briefly Explain!
  5. What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Fifth Wheel Transport?
  6. Why do I Trust in Get Auto Transportation?
  7. Who Is the Top Fifth Wheel Transportation Company?
  8. How Much does Fifth Wheel Transport Cost?

How Do Ship Equipment With Fifth Wheel Transportation Service? 

Fifth wheel transport is versatile for moving a trailer or towing roadworthy equipment. The fantastic way to find out what works is to call one of our shipping specialists.

As experts in fifth wheel shipping and transport, Get Auto Transportation can guide you to the best choice. Shipping your equipment with Fifth Wheel Solutions is done with care and professionalism. For more information on whether fifth wheel shipping is proper, call us +1 (833) 233-4447

What is Fifth Wheel Transport?

We specialize in Fifth Wheel moving services statewide. First, there are various ways to ship a motorhome or R.V. we will go over every single way it can be done. Several services can occur when shipping an R.V. Many companies don’t know and send the wrong trailer, which can take time and money.

Especially when you need your RV moved out of your lot before the rent is due. Get Auto Transportation will move on to the bigger ones, the traditional bumper pool, the fifth wheel, and then the motorhome. Call our fifth wheel transport specialist to get the best RV shipping quote in the organization!

Fifth wheel moving services

What is Our Fifth Wheel Transport Company's specialty?

The standard price for transporting a bumper pool is $ 1.75 for anything over 500 miles. Many of our customers are snowbirds who enjoy the beaches and golf courses during the snow season. Whatever the case, you may have the right company with dispatchers standing by to set up your transport needs.

The bigger the unit, the more it will cost and depending on the delivery location may also affect the price. We could give you a discount if you’re willing to be patient for a backhaul.

What is the Fifth Wheel Moving Service? Briefly Explain!

Because many fifth wheels can be over 40 feet long. With many celebrities and families using this as their home all year round, you will have to have a heavy-duty truck to pull and must have the fifth wheel attachment in the cab of their truck.

These units take service to set up and a little more time and break down because everything must be hooked up correctly to make sure no damages accrue. Knowing the proper truck is the key when moving the fifth wheel.

Leaders in the fifth wheel transport service around the country and overseas, we are a fifth wheel trailers company based in South Florida and work nationwide. Shipping the fifth wheel usually costs two dollars a mile for anything over 600 miles.

If you are looking to move from one location to the next lot, this is a standard daily rate of $569.00. The hard part is the time to get out and help break down and set up. We do offer military and other discounts if you call in advance.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Fifth Wheel Transport?

We are the Get Auto Transportation in the US. Everyone wants to save a buck, but when it comes to logistics, you get what you pay for. There are various tips to get and save the cheapest rate. First, ensure you have ready to go for the driver and everything unhooked.

If you’re incredibly flexible with your time frame to get picked up, this can also help. Lastly, if you have a better location, fewer miles or a more popular city so the driver can find something leaving, this can also help.

To conclude, beware if the price seems too cheap to move, and always look up our company's reviews and ratings with the Department of Transportation.

Why do I Trust in Get Auto Transportation?

You might ask yourself why you go for Fifth Wheel Transportation with Get Auto Transportation, which is a fair question!


Get Auto Transportation ensures you are paying just enough to get the best value for your money and cheap transportation service for the vehicle of your choice.

You will feel relaxed knowing that your money is being spent in a way so that your Transporting and More takes place safely and reliably. Compared to other prices in the market, Get Auto Transportation gives you the best value for your money and the most efficient shipping cost.

Experience and knowledge:

Get Auto Transportation has much experience with this and towed campers. Experts are transporting your vehicle with years of experience in auto and car shipping. With Get Auto Transportation, there is the most significant possible safety in ensuring that your car is delivered in the best condition with your camper, with no harm or damage. You get to experience the best service with Get Auto Transportation.


Are you still trying to convince? Then, ask around any state in the United States to find out about people who have experience with Get Auto Transportation. Get Auto Transportation has a stellar reputation for Transporting Campers and More, and you will always be satisfied with the service you get from us. Trust Get Auto Transportation for your transportation today!

No delays:

While Get Auto Transportation is doing all the planning and tricky work for you, now you can spend your time doing things that are more urgent and significant to your schedule.

There are never any time delays with Get Auto Transportation. It will take place as quickly as possible, and your shipping will be complete before you even know it! Get Auto Transportation is swift.

Who Is the Top Fifth Wheel Transportation Company?

You will need to be very careful when choosing a Fifth Wheel Transportation Company. You must pick a company with a decent reputation and can quote you a fair price. You deserve the best Company like Get Auto Transportation!

Fifth wheel movers

Fifth Wheel Transportation Services

You should first get background information on whichever company you have chosen, even if it is the best Transportation Company. Remember to do your research on the company.  Find out and Ask around what the company is like. Find out from people and past clients. Look up ratings and reviews online as well.

Get Auto Transportation recommends that you take a lot of time to evaluate the prices quoted to you and gauge if those are even realistic. If you are being quoted a meagre price, you should determine if any hidden fees are involved.

This can be tricky if you don’t have professionals guiding you. Always take your time, such as understanding the contract or calculating the total charges. Haste is waste!

How Much does Fifth Wheel Transport Cost?

Getting a detailed cost breakdown from Get Auto Transportation is essential to understand all fees. A few things are here to keep in mind about your shipping cost:

Cost Range

Your price can depend on several factors, including your fifth wheel type. A smaller, lightweight motor home may be cheaper than larger, heavier models. And, if you want your camper shipped on a tight deadline and during peak season, you can professionally pay more.

Shipping a travel trailer can cost between $1.49 and $3.49 per mile, while a fifth wheel trailer can cost between $3 and $4 per mile. On the other hand, transporting a Class A motorhome can cost anywhere from $4 to $6 per mile.

Average Cost

The average cost of fifth wheel transport is around $3 per mile, but this can vary depending on factors such as distance, type of camper, the time of year and delivery time frame.

Shipping a Class A motorhome for over 1,000 miles can cost anywhere from $2,999 to $7,999. Get quotes from Get Auto Transportation to compare prices and ensure a fair deal.

Cost Breakdown Distance Transport

Shorter distances may cost less per mile, but additional fees for loading and unloading the camper may exist. For long distance transport, the cost per mile may be lower, but the overall cost may still be higher due to additional expenses like fuel.

If the short distance is within a local area, the cost can be as low as $149 to $299. But far distances, such as cross-country transport, can cost from $1,499 to $4,999 or more.


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