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Some Popular Auto Transportation routes on which Get Auto Transport do the shipment almost every single day

City to City

Approximate Distance

Estimate Time

Estimate Price
Denver to Albuquerque 450 miles 2 to 3 days $220 to $280
Seattle to Vancouver 140 miles 1 to 2 days $60 to $80
Chicago to St. Louis 300 miles 2 to 3 days $150 to $170
Seattle to Portland 175 miles 1 to 2 days $80 to $100
Phoenix to San Diego 360 miles 2 to 3 days $180 to $190
Chicago to Milwaukee 90 miles 1 to 2 days $45 to $60
Norfolk to Jacksonville 550 miles. 1 to 3 days $200 to $290
Los Angeles to Las Vegas 275 miles 1 to 4 days $90 to $110
San Diego to Tucson 360 miles 2 to 3 days $180 to $200
Miami to Key West 160 miles 1 to 2 days $80 to $90
Note: For an Accurate and estimated Price. Please Call our Auto Transport Professional at (833) 233-4447

What's In This Article?

  1. How to Get Auto Transportation Is the Best Car Delivery Service
  2. Best Car Delivery Process
  3. How Best Car Delivery Service Operates?
  4. How Much Does Best Car Delivery Service Cost?

How to Get Auto Transportation Is the Best Car Delivery Service:

Get Auto Transportation has been shipping for their customers for the past nine years, which makes us experienced. Here are some features we have developed from our past experience that make us the best segment. :

Satisfaction  Services: we always provide the best set of services to our customers; with high expertise and knowledge, we can deliver your car securely and on time.

Insurance  Coverage Just like any other best car delivery service, we always offer insurance coverage up to $ 750,000 for the car shipped by us to provide you with tension-free and safe car delivery.

Door to Door Service: One of the best car delivery services, like ours, has a door to door delivery service, so you don't have to worry about pick up and drop off. Our team will pick up the car from your location and deliver it from your destination.

On-time Delivery: Our carrier driver will contact you before scheduling delivery of your vehicle. Ensure the company's experts were corporate at every point of the process. 

Tracking Facility: nowadays, tracking is the most essential thing while shipping your car. Real-time tracking will provide ease of transportation. We will provide you with a proper tracking system and update you from time to time on the shipping process. 

Customer Support: 24/7 customer service is essential because we understand you can have queries at any time, and we are here to help; just dial us at +1 (833) 233-4447. 

Transparent Pricing: We always provide a shipping cost calculator. It will help you to get transparent pricing without any hidden charges.  

Best Car Delivery Process 

To understand the best delivery process, we have to go through three parts of the car delivery process.  

Advance  Planning: Before anything moves, the first thing is to identify which shipping company to use. This includes obtaining quotes, comparing services, and checking customer reviews. After deciding on a company, Be ready with all required documents, like vehicle registration, proof of ownership, and insurance coverage.

Pickup and Loading: Once a shipping company is chosen and all paperwork is in order, the next step is the pickup. Before Pickup, Please Ensure to wash your car and document every pre-existing damage to the car. We also inspect your car before loading it on the shipping trailer. Our driver will first call you to decide a  convenient time for pickup your car.

Transit and Delivery: The last phase is where the vehicle is shipped. The shipping company should provide tracking updates so the customer knows the shipment status. Upon arrival, the vehicle is inspected for any potential damages incurred during transit before the keys are returned to the owner.

Transit and Delivery: In the last phase of this step, We will ship your car from your location to your destination. We will provide tracking updates so you can track the shipment update. At the time of delivery, our driver or team will contact you and deliver your vehicle, and we will inspect the vehicle for any damages.

Get Auto Transport covers every part of the process to provide the best Car shipping satisfaction.

Best Car Delivery Service

How Best Car Delivery Service Operates?

Get Auto Transportation Operates with the best fleet of carriers in the budget for the shipment of your Car transportation. All types of carriers are available to provide you with the best car delivery service. 

1. Open Auto Transport Carriers:

The most demanded and the cheapest way to transport your car. Open trailers are usually open from all sides, exposing your car to unwanted weather elements. Usually, they carry up to 10 cars at one time. 

2. Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers:

Best Carrier service to transport your car. If you want complete safety from weather elements for your car, this is one for you. This is mostly used for new, luxury, or classic cars.

 3. Multi Car Carriers

These carriers specialize in transporting several cars simultaneously. They're hybrid and can be converted into open and enclosed per one's need.

4. Single Car Carriers

These carriers are made to transport only one car at a time, which is ideal for shipping special cars like racing or rare cars.

5. Flatbed Carriers

Sometimes, special cars are highly modified in this situation; your vehicle may not fit both open or enclosed carriers, so we use flatbed carriers for shipping purposes.

6. Two Level Carriers

This carrier has two opened compartments or decks; this is used to ship more cars at a single time. They come in handy when there is high demand for car services  (Season time). 

7. Terminal to Terminal Carriers:

The cheapest car transport service. You must drop your car and pick it up from the terminal at a specific location. Your car will be stored until a car shipping carrier is ready for shipment.

8. Door to Door Carriers

The best service for car shipping is that you just have to book your shipping with us. Our carrier driver will contact you and arrange pick up and delivery for your car. 

best delivery cars

Type of carrier  Distance Avg. price
per mile
Sample distance Sample price
Open 500 to 1000 miles $0.89 750 miles $225
Enclosed  500 to 1000 miles $0.99 750 miles $546
Multi 500 to 1000 miles $0.73 750 miles $730
Single 500 to 1000 miles $2.25 750 miles $1137
Flatbed 500 to 1000 miles $1.25 750 miles $1248
Two level 500 to 1000 miles $0.82 750 miles $1215
Terminal to Terminal  500 to 1000 miles $0.55 750 miles $1026
Door to Door  500 to 1000 miles $2.75 750 miles $1088

The provided cost is an estimate of the average shipping done by us on the course of 750. The estimate can differ from time to time due to various factors like Route, Distance, Fuel, and Time of the year.

How Much Does Best Car Delivery Service Cost?

For many people, the best is less cost and the best work. The best car delivery cost depends on person to person; everyone has different requirements that come with different costs. How can you get the price of your car delivery service?  It is advisable to check the cost by using the cost calculator provided by various companies, including us.

A cost calculator helps you to provide An estimation for your best car delivery service. It allows you to get transparent service and cost from all the companies in the market. 

With the help of the Get Auto Transportation shipping Cost Calculator, we have made the following table representing the average Cost of the Best Car Shipping service

Distance Estimated Time (Days)

Estimated Open Transport Cost Estimated Closed Transport Cost
0 - 500 Miles 1 - 3 Days $549 $885
500 - 1500 Miles 3 - 5 Days $969 $1369
1500 - 2500 Miles 5 - 7 Days $1169 $1670
2500 Miles And Above 7 - 9 Days $1580 $2245

We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
Feel Free to call us or get the shipment booked right away


Why we are on the top most position in Auto Shipping Industry

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The Best Auto Shipper

All thanks to our customers for making us the best in the market. We have been rated 4.9 as per various rating platforms on the google and other transportation review sites for the best car hauling service in the Auto Transportation sector. We are commited towards our work and we keep the Car Owners first. We understand all the Priorities and than we book the Final Order as our satisfied Customers are our Pride.

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Instant & Quick Quotes

Being an experienced Auto Transporter we have knowledge about various routes and shipping challenges which help us to provide you the exact Auto Quote on which we can really transport the vehicle. Our Quote calculator is very simple and easy. We need the Car Make & Model , Car Pickup Date , Zip Code for Car Pickup and Delivery Location and the quotation is ready or get you connected with Live Auto Experts

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Experienced Auto Experts

All our Auto Transporter agents are the experienced professional having a deep knowledge and interest in the Auto Transportation industry. We are best and it is all because of our top notch Auto Experts who are ready to accept all challenges and tackle the same with the help of our Expert Drivers hence making your Auto Shipping experience hassle free. They are the reason the we have numerous repeat vehicle moving orders.

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Zero Upfront Fee

Like all the auto transportation company we never charge a penny while booking an order with us. We understand your requirement and we figure out the accurate truck to move your vehicle. Once we assigned the driver we charge you the booking amount. Our priorities are delivering your vehicle safely on the particular date and time and when we meet all this that we request you to make the payment at the time of delivering a vehicle.

best auto transport companies

Fully Insured

Insurance coverage of each and every vehicle that we ship is included in our car shipping quote that we provide at the booking. We understand that you love your vehicle and our drivers are experts in handling and they have all kind of safety feature in their truck that made us delivery all the vehicle with exact zero scratch til date. Our Truck Driver usually make a video at the time of car pickup and delivery in order to ensure the same condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search for a company with a good track record, good and friendly reviews, transparent pricing(Cost Calculator), and full insurance coverage.

Best Car delivery services can help you to ship your car to any part of a country. As we have highly specialized trucks for long distance.

They provide the same services, but the main difference comes in protection. Open transport is open from all sides, exposing your vehicle to the elements, but it is generally cheaper and usually used for old cars or standard cars. Enclosed transport offers more protection as it is covered from all sides but is usually more expensive and used to ship luxury or vintage cars.

Get Auto Transportation provides you with the best estimate for your car shipping for free. just fill in the information within seconds, and you will get your estimate.

It is very easy to prepare your car for shipment; just take personal items off the car, disable alarms, Hide every type of tag, check any pre-existing damage, and ensure it is in running condition. If not, tell us before we make arrangements for that too.

The time to ship your car mainly depends on the distance and route. Don't worry. Get Auto Transportation experts who will help you get your delivery as soon as possible.
+1(833) 233-4447