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Some Popular Auto Transportation routes on which Get Auto Transport do the shipment almost every single day

City to City

Approximate Distance

Estimate Time

Estimate Price
Dallas to Houston 240 miles 1 to 2 days $120 to $150
Denver to Salt Lake City 540 miles 2 to 3 days $270 to $310
Seattle to Portland 175 miles 1 to 2 days $80 to $100
San Francisco to Portland 630 miles 3 to 4 days $300 to $350
Phoenix to San Diego 360 miles 2 to 3 days $180 to $190
Chicago to Milwaukee 90 miles 1 to 2 days $45 to $60
Norfolk to Jacksonville 550 miles. 1 to 3 days $200 to $290
Los Angeles to Las Vegas 275 miles 1 to 4 days $90 to $110
San Diego to Tucson 360 miles 2 to 3 days $180 to $200
Miami to Key West 160 miles 1 to 2 days $80 to $90
Note: For an Accurate and estimated Price. Please Call our Auto Transport Professional at (833) 233-4447


What's In This Article?

  1. What is the Best Classic Car Shipping Company for Me?
  2. How Can I Ship My Classical  Car to Another State?
  3. What is the Cost of Classic Car Shipping?
  4. Which Factors Affect the Classic Auto Shipping Cost?
  5. Is there Any Particular Way to Prepare for Classic Car Shipping


What is the Best Classic Car Shipping Company for Me?

Classic car shipping is not a piece of cake. It takes dedication and effort to ship your beloved car. You should look for the following traits in the company you choose for a classic car delivery service.

Work with approved and experienced car carriers

You need a  proper, experienced company to ship your classic car in that case. Get Auto Transport takes things very seriously regarding classic and exotic car transport. For your reliable, safe classic vehicle shipping, we ensure that every one of our carriers is driven by our best drivers to provide you with the best classic car shipping service you paid for.

Fully-insured auto transport

We know that insurance money can't fill the emotional value attached to your classic car. But still, we provide Fully insured auto transport service in case any transport damage is incurred; this will cover your car under the carrier’s cargo insurance. Our team of experts ensures that all our carriers meet and maintain our insurance standards.

How Can I Ship My Classical  Car to Another State? 

While shipping your classic car, you always want the best service (affordable and safe). So, every classic car shipping company provides many types of carrier services to ship your 

Classic car to another state. To save time, Get Auto Transportation only provides their customers with affordable and classic vehicle shipping services.

Following are the best classic car transportation services provided by us:

Open Transport:

Also known, open car shipping is the most demanded car shipping service. Being cheaper and readily available is the reason for its high demand. Open transport, as in the name, is open from all sides, which exposes your car to harsh weather conditions. It's not recommended for classic cars due to their high value, and classic needs extra protection.

Enclosed Transport:

This method is the safest and best for classic vehicle shipping. It covers your car from all sides, protecting it from harsh weather conditions. It's the most preferred method for classic auto shipping.

classic car shipping

Railway Transport:

In this method, your car will be loaded on a train and shipped to another state. It's primarily used to ship a car across the country or for a long distance. It does not offer any protection to a car but can provide fast delivery service. 

Multi-car Shipping:

Sometimes, some collectors have many classic cars in their collection, and they ship their cars from one state to another for events. We provide a special service to them in which they get an enclosed trailer for proper protection, the best drivers, and a discount.  It helps to get affordable classic auto shipping.

What is the Cost of Classic Car Shipping?

As the classic needs proper attention while shipping, it usually costs around 20 to 30 percent more than standard car shipping. Well, it is difficult to provide an exact number on cost, but you can get an estimation with the help of a Cost Calculator provided by Get Auto Transportation. With the help of our  Cost Calculator, we provided An estimation to ship you from one location to another. 



Estimated Time


Estimated Open Car  Transport Cost Estimated Enclosed Car Transport Cost
0 - 500 Miles 1 - 3 Days $572 $856
500 - 1500 Miles 3 - 5 Days $642 $1102
1500 - 2500 Miles 5 - 7 Days $989 $1467
2500 Miles And Above 7 - 9 Days $1458 $1826


The cost and time of shipping a classic car through an open or enclosed carrier can vary from time to time due to external reasons like the Price of  Fuel, Weather Conditions, Number of Cars, etc.

Which Factors Affect the Classic Auto Shipping Cost?

The cost of shipping a classic car can vary widely depending on several uncertain factors. We have listed essential factors :


The further you need to ship the car, the higher the cost. Rates are often calculated per mile.

Shipping Method:

Choosing between an open or enclosed carrier will impact the price. Enclosed shipping is generally more expensive but offers better protection for your classic car.


Urban areas might offer more competitive pricing due to higher volume, whereas rural locations could be more expensive due to less accessibility.

Time of Year:

Some seasons, like summer, may have a higher demand for car shipping, increasing the cost.


Adequate insurance is crucial when shipping a classic car and will add to the overall cost.

classic car Transport

Special Requirements:

If your classic car needs any special handling or has specific requirements, this could also affect the price.

International vs. Domestic:

Shipping a car to another nation will involve additional costs like customs duties and import taxes.

Additional Services:

Additional services like door to door delivery or expedited shipping will also add to the cost.

 These factors can help you get an estimation of your Classic Car Shipping. For more Queries, contact the Get Auto Transportation Team at +1 (833) 233-4447.

Is there Any Particular Way to Prepare for Classic Car Shipping

The steps for preparing for classical car shipping are the same as standard car shipping; you just have to be more attentive while preparing to ship your classic car. You can check the steps for more clarity 

Select Right Classic Car Shipping Company:

Select a trustworthy and reputable car shipping company. This is important for a smooth journey of your classic car. Look for companies with good reviews, reliable customer service, And fast experience.

Choose the Shipping Method:

Once you've decided on the right company, choose between an enclosed or open carrier for the shipping method. Enclosed shipping is generally best for classic cars as it protects them from unwanted elements.


With the help of a Cost Calculator, get a detailed cost estimate from the shipping company. This includes all charges like pick-up, delivery, and any extra services you may need. Knowing the cost will help you to plan accordingly.

Quick Spick-and-span:

Properly wash your classic car both inside and out. A clean car will help you to identify any existing dents, scratches, or damage before shipping. This will help with further processes.

Document the Status of the Car:

After cleaning, All the existing dents or scratches should be visible, so please document your car’s condition by taking photos of all areas with proper time stamps. This will work as proof in case of any damages during transportation.

Maintain Fluids and Tire Pressure:

Verify that all the fluids in the car should be at optimum level. Also, check the tire pressure. Fluids and Tire Pressure should be Well-maintained for safe and fast shipping.

Transfer Personal Belongings: 

Check and Clear out all personal items from the car.  These items are just extra weight that adds to shipping costs, and There can be some precious items as it is a classic car that could get stolen during the journey.

Insurance coverage:

Finally, verify the insurance coverage of the shipping company. Make sure it is sufficient to cover your classic car's cost in case of any misfortune during shipping.

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The Best Auto Shipper

All thanks to our customers for making us the best in the market. We have been rated 4.9 as per various rating platforms on the google and other transportation review sites for the best car hauling service in the Auto Transportation sector. We are commited towards our work and we keep the Car Owners first. We understand all the Priorities and than we book the Final Order as our satisfied Customers are our Pride.

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Instant & Quick Quotes

Being an experienced Auto Transporter we have knowledge about various routes and shipping challenges which help us to provide you the exact Auto Quote on which we can really transport the vehicle. Our Quote calculator is very simple and easy. We need the Car Make & Model , Car Pickup Date , Zip Code for Car Pickup and Delivery Location and the quotation is ready or get you connected with Live Auto Experts

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Experienced Auto Experts

All our Auto Transporter agents are the experienced professional having a deep knowledge and interest in the Auto Transportation industry. We are best and it is all because of our top notch Auto Experts who are ready to accept all challenges and tackle the same with the help of our Expert Drivers hence making your Auto Shipping experience hassle free. They are the reason the we have numerous repeat vehicle moving orders.

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Zero Upfront Fee

Like all the auto transportation company we never charge a penny while booking an order with us. We understand your requirement and we figure out the accurate truck to move your vehicle. Once we assigned the driver we charge you the booking amount. Our priorities are delivering your vehicle safely on the particular date and time and when we meet all this that we request you to make the payment at the time of delivering a vehicle.

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Fully Insured

Insurance coverage of each and every vehicle that we ship is included in our car shipping quote that we provide at the booking. We understand that you love your vehicle and our drivers are experts in handling and they have all kind of safety feature in their truck that made us delivery all the vehicle with exact zero scratch til date. Our Truck Driver usually make a video at the time of car pickup and delivery in order to ensure the same condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can usually choose between enclosed transport and open carrier transport. Enclosed transport is preferable as it protects the car from harsh weather and road conditions."

Costs vary depending on the method of transport, distance, and specific requirements. Getting multiple quotes from the same or other companies is advisable for better comparison.

Train shipping is generally the most cost-effective way to transport a classic car across the country internationally, but it may offer less protection than other methods.

To start you can, choosing a  reputable shipping company is crucial. Some companies specialize in shipping classic cars and use specific loading systems for added safety. Some Companies also provide live tracking and  Live Cam for your Convenience.

Yes, you can. Open transport is usually recommended for project cars that still need to be in mint condition.  To save some money you can choose the Open Transport service.

Yes, it’s always a good idea to have insurance coverage specific to shipping classic cars. Precaution is better, so please take the insurance.

The process of shipping a classic car doesn't have to be stressful. By doing your research, you can find an option that is both safe and affordable. Priceless peace of mind comes from knowing that your classic car is in good hands. So go ahead and make that move, and let the experts take care of what you value most.  That's all we have to say about moving classic cars. With the right information and planning, you can make sure your car gets to its new home safely. Get Auto Transportation wants you to have a safe trip.
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