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What are The Advantages of Enclosed Car Shipping? Briefly Explain!

It can take time to decide what type of transportation to use for a car. With a reliable service, the vehicle should be moved safely. You don't want to wait a month for it to happen. We have the answer if you have any questions about the benefits of enclosed vehicle shipping. Enclosed carriers protect your car from the weather.

This means that bad weather or road debris won't affect your car. It will stay dry and clean. This is better for vehicles that would cost a lot to fix if they were damaged by water, hail, or other things that hit the road. People should remember that thunderstorms and high winds can blow debris onto or into their cars.

Snow and ice can also do this. If your vehicle has a custom paint job that the weather could damage, you should transport it inside. If your car has no cover or top, it must be moved in an enclosed carrier.

Enclosed auto transport

Consider the advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport:

Whether Protection

A big reason people use enclosed transports is because they protect them from the rain and snow. The metal container that holds all the cars while moving protects them from wind, rain, snow, and too much sun. It doesn't make sense to risk minor hail damage on your vehicle, even though most cars can handle most weather. You can keep your car safe from these things if you use enclosed transport.

Car Security and Privacy

Enclosed carriers are safer, not only from theft but also from damage while being moved. It also takes less time for enclosed trucks to deliver because they do not have to stop. Because thieves cannot see what's inside closed carriers, they are less likely to break into the carrier.


Get Auto Transportation offers enclosed shipping door to door. This service ensures we pick up your car and deliver it. It helps to find your way to a parking lot or pickup spot. Call ahead and schedule enclosed shipping so it arrives when it is most convenient for you.

What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

  • Enclosed auto transport is one of various methods used to ship vehicles across the country. Enclosed auto shippers use a covered transport carrier to move cars safely and securely. 
  • This is compared to open auto transport, which sees cars loaded onto an " open " trailer to the elements. Enclosed trailers do not leave vehicles open to the elements. Most open trailers can move ten cars at one time. 
  • In contrast, enclosed auto shipping trucks move between two and six vehicles simultaneously, often in just one tier. This contrasts open trailers that carry ten cars on two racks stacked one on the other.
  • With enclosed shipping services, your vehicle will be protected and isolated from the elements, bugs, other cars, random occurrences, and damage during loading and unloading. While enclosed shipping is best used for exotic, antique or luxury vehicles; any vehicle can be shipped in an enclosed carrier. 
  • While it is more expensive than the standard open option, it does protect your vehicle more efficiently. We recommend discussing open vs enclosed auto shipping services with one of our representatives if you are interested.
  • How to Explain Soft Enclosed V/S Hard Side Enclosed Auto Transport?

    While there are many different enclosed auto transport trailers on the road, they come in two main varieties: soft side and hard side. 

  • Soft side trailers have canvas or some other thick, tear-resistant material that covers the trailer and protects the cargo. Think of a covered wagon from the time of the pioneers; that’s more what you can expect with a soft side trailer. 
  • While these trailers can protect any vehicle on the road, they are typically designed less for high-end and costly cars and more for the middle of the road kind of vehicles. The ones that are still expensive but that you’re still comfortable driving daily. 
  • You may not want to ship a Rolls Royce with a soft side trailer, but a Mercedes bought off the lot should be fine.
  • Hard-side carriers, on the other hand, are built to endure. These are the ones that resemble the big semi-trucks you see on the road every day with the big, boxy carriers. These are made of metal and are much more resistant to damage while on the road. Whereas a hard side trailer can take much more punishment, a soft side trailer might be damaged by high-velocity debris.
  • Because of this, hard side enclosed auto transport trailers are often the best for high-end vehicles. We often recommend hard-side shipping services for people shipping expensive cars to and from auto shows, for instance, or classic automobiles that have retained their value despite their age.
  • You can select of course enclosed auto shipping services regardless of the type of vehicle you are shipping. It depends on your budget, and we highly recommend speaking to a representative to learn more about enclosed transportation services and whether they suit you and your needs.
  • How Enclosed Auto Transport Works?

    The process is quite simple. You first need to find Get Auto Transportation and request a quote. Once you have discovered Get Auto Transportation you are comfortable with, schedule a pick-up date and time.

    Get Auto Transportation requires at least 24 hours notice, but it’s always best to schedule your pick-up date as soon as possible to get your car on the road.

    The driver will arrive at your location to inspect your car and load it onto the carrier on the pick-up day. Once your vehicle is loaded, it is secured, and the driver will begin the journey to your destination.

    You will be given a tracking number to track your shipment and always see where it is. When the shipment arrives at its destination, the driver will unload your vehicle and bring it to you. You will then have a chance to inspect it to ensure no damage during transportation.

    How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost?

    Now we get into the meat and potatoes of the open vs enclosed argument: how much it costs to ship your car.

    Enclosed auto transport will almost always be more costly than your typical open transport carrier. Open car transport carriers usually haul up to ten vehicles at a time. This allows the driver to spread the cost of the entire shipment over ten different cars, as opposed to 2 to 6 like with an enclosed truck.

    This typically results in a 50-100% increase in cost for an enclosed truck over the cost of an open transporter on the same route. A shipment that costs $1000 for an open hauler will cost anywhere from $1200-$2000 on the same route for an enclosed truck.

    These differences might seem high, but the fact is that it’s not cheap to operate an auto transport truck. Maximum auto transporters make little profit when all is said and done as it is. With costs already low to compete with other shippers on the road, they would likely be operating at a loss if enclosed trucks were to charge any less.

    There are definitely extra costs involved with using an enclosed car carrier. The vehicle receives the extra attention and the time it takes to prepare to ship your car are two reasons why. If you have a vehicle that requires to be shipped and is luxury, exotic, or antique, enclosed auto transport is your best bet.

    Enclosed Car Shipping Service

    Who Can Use Enclosed Auto Transport?

  • Enclosed auto transport is a service individuals, businesses, and military personnel use to ship vehicles from one location to another. The type of container used will vary depending on the size and type of car being transported. 
  • People with classic cars or luxurious, expensive cars like Ferrari, Porsche, or Lamborghini find value in shipping their vehicles to any location in the US. The excellent news is that not only cars are sent in this manner. Motorcycles, trucks, and other automobiles are shipped similarly, so everything is included.
  • The military can be stationed anywhere in the country and be moved from one barrack to another. When the time comes to move, they need their vehicle with them. This is one of the primary reasons our active military soldiers use enclosed auto transport. Their vehicle can go with them Where they go.
  • Contractors are another group of customers that use enclosed auto transport. Sometimes, construction teams are stationed at a job site that lasts for months to years. When these jobs pop up, the construction teams will request that their personal and work vehicles be shipped to the following location.
  • Car dealerships are one of the many businesses that find value in using containerized auto transport. New and used car dealerships will use this service to ship vehicles from one location to another, an excellent way to expand their inventory without spending much money on gas or mileage.
  • Lastly, those purchasing or selling vehicles use enclosed auto transport services to have their truck sent to their location. People can buy a car from another state or city and never leave home. The automobile is sent directly to the address put into the system. With today's technology, more people are taking this route to buy and sell cars. Some are sent straight from the factory to the new owner. When it comes out of the enclosed box, it adds excitement when the new owner first touches their new toy.
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