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    Fully Insured:

    The transport company carries all responsibility for any harm to a vehicle during the transportation process. All acquired carriers will be provided with insurance protection to offset any damage resulting from driver actions or incidents of theft that may arise during the transportation process. We will provide you with a comprehensive insurance packet that simplifies the process of filing a complaint with the carrier in case of any damage.

    Carriers must be authorized or insured for transporting personal or household items. Nevertheless, there may be an obligation to store specific items within the vehicle. Ensure that these items have adequate protection in the trunk, being careful that their total weight does not exceed 120 pounds. Any exceptions must be approved following before discussion. A fee may be assessed for personal items, irrespective of their weight. If there is a false representation regarding personal belongings, there will be an adjustment in pricing or an additional fee of $130 for a dry run. A fee will be examined if the carrier needs to be visible at the pick-up location and the shipment does not match the expected specifications.

    Vehicle Inspection:

    The client must never release or receive any vehicle from the carrier despite a proper inspection report, such as a Bill of Lading (BOL). This requirement is applicable at all times, independent of the time of day or dominating weather conditions. The inability on the part of the client to fulfil this requirement may result in their failure to initiate a claim for harm. The carrier's protection will process claims for injury due to the carrier's carelessness. Please ensure that any liability is promptly reported within 24 hours of the delivery. It is essential that all damages be appropriately recorded on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and adequately acknowledged by the driver without any exemptions. If any damage occurs during transportation, the client must record such injuries on the last examination report duly. Following that, it is advised that the customer fulfil the outstanding balance as stipulated in the agreement and promptly contacts the primary office of the carrier as well as their insurance provider. Please document any damages on the last examination report to avoid the carrier being exempt from liability, preventing you from starting a damage claim.

    Governing Law:

    The client has actively engaged in the process of examining and amending these terms. They additionally had a chance to consult with legal professionals for advice. This contract shall not be exposed to any rule of construction that favours the interpretation of confusion against the party responsible for drafting the agreement.

    This agreement will conform to the rules outlined in the Texas state legal document. Both parties mutually understand and permission that in the event of a disagreement arising from this contract, the sole jurisdiction for seeking legal relief shall be limited to the courts of Texas. We concur with the requirement that in the event of any mishap, our responsibility shall be limited to the stipulated fee. The client now considers and consents to the jurisdiction of the mentioned before courts, thereby waiving any claim to jurisdiction in any other jurisdiction.

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