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Chicago to Detroit 280 miles 1 to 2 days $150 to $170
Denver to Salt Lake 540 miles 1 to 3 days $200 to $290
Seattle to Portland 175 miles 1 to 3 days $80 to $100
New York City to Philadelphia 95 miles 1 to 3 days $40 to $60
Minneapolis to Milwaukee 340 miles 2 to 3 days $150 to $200
Colorado Springs to Las Vegas 800 miles. 3 to 4 days $350 to $400
Fort Bragg to Tampa 650 miles. 2 to 4 days $300 to $350
San Francisco to Sacramento 90 miles 1 to 2 days $50 to $120
Charlotte to Nashville 400 miles 2 to 3 days $200 to $250
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What's In This Article?

  1. What is the Heavy Equipment Hauling Process?
  2. How Can Heavy Machinery Transport Be So Crucial?
  3. What are the Various Heavy Equipment Hauling Services?
  4. Some Common Equipment We Transport
  5. Why Get Auto Transportation is Best for Heavy Equipment Hauling?

What is the Heavy Equipment Hauling Process?

The heavy equipment Hauling process involves the expertise and logistics of companies like Get Auto Transport, which ensure the safe and efficient transfer of these cumbersome assets.

Whether it's construction equipment, industrial machinery, or other substantial loads, heavy equipment transport plays a pivotal role in industries that rely on massive equipment. It requires meticulous planning, precise execution, and a keen focus on safety to complete these challenging movements successfully.

Some key points to remember while doing heavy equipment hauling:-

Assessment and Planning:

It begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the equipment, its dimensions, weight, and specific handling needs. The chosen route is analyzed for road conditions, bridges, and overhead obstacles, with necessary permits obtained.

Equipment Selection:

The type of hauling equipment is determined based on the machinery's size and weight. Options include low-bed or flatbed trailers, heavy-duty trucks, and cranes.

Heavy Equipment Hauling Services


Heavy equipment is loaded onto the transport vehicle, typically using ramps, cranes, or specialized equipment. Ensuring proper securement to prevent shifting during transit is a priority.


The equipment is secured with chains, straps, and restraints to prevent movement during transport, ensuring safety and protecting the machinery.


The loaded equipment is transported along the pre-planned route by experienced drivers, adhering to safety regulations and speed limits.


Upon arrival at the destination, specialized equipment and techniques are used to carefully unload the heavy machinery and position it safely at its new location.

The heavy equipment hauling process demands meticulous planning, skilled operators, specialized equipment, and unwavering attention to safety to ensure the secure and successful transportation of oversized and valuable machinery.

How Can Heavy Machinery Transport Be So Crucial?

Heavy machinery transport is a critical logistical operation that involves moving oversized and exceptionally heavy industrial equipment. This heavy machinery includes a wide range of specialized equipment used in industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture.

Transporting these massive machines requires specialized vehicles and expertise. Transport companies typically use heavy-duty trucks, lowboy trailers, and other custom-designed transport equipment capable of handling the immense weight and size of these machines.

Safety is of utmost importance throughout the process, with careful consideration given to methods to secure the machinery and prevent any shifting or damage during transit.

Route planning is a meticulous task, involving the assessment of road conditions, potential obstacles, and adherence to regulations related to weight limits, width, and height restrictions.

Obtaining the necessary permits from local and national authorities is a crucial step, as transporting heavy machinery often requires compliance with regulations. The coordination of escort vehicles, which provide additional visibility and guidance on challenging routes, may also be necessary.

In essence, heavy machinery transport is a specialized and highly regulated sector within the transportation industry. It plays a vital role in supporting various sectors by ensuring that essential equipment reaches its destination safely and efficiently, contributing to the growth and success of industries worldwide.

What are the Various Heavy Equipment Hauling Services?

Equipment transport services encompass a wide range of specialized transportation solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries and businesses. Some of the various types of equipment transport services:

Heavy Equipment Hauling:

This service focuses on transporting oversized and exceptionally heavy machinery, such as construction equipment, mining machinery, and industrial tools. Specialized trailers and equipment are used to ensure safe and efficient transport.

Vehicle Transport:

This service involves the shipment of automobiles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Auto transporters use open or enclosed carriers to move vehicles across various distances.

Boat and Yacht Transport:

Boats, yachts, and other watercraft are transported using specialized trailers and carriers. This service is crucial for boat owners, boat dealerships, and maritime industries.

Aircraft Transport:

The transportation of aircraft, including small planes and helicopters, is a specialized service. Aircraft are carefully loaded onto transport trailers and secured for safe transit.

Industrial Machinery Transport:

Manufacturing and industrial facilities require the relocation of heavy machinery, including CNC machines, injection molding equipment, and production lines. Specialized transport services cater to these needs.

Specialized Freight Transport:

This category includes the transport of specialized cargo, like oversized loads, hazardous materials, and fragile items. These require unique handling and often involve permits and escort vehicles.

Construction Material Transport:

Construction sites often require the delivery of materials like steel beams, concrete, and lumber. Transport services accommodate these needs, ensuring materials reach the job site on time.

Oversized and Overweight Transport:

The transport of loads that exceed standard size or weight limits is handled by specialized transport companies. They obtain the necessary permits and employ equipment designed for such challenges.

Art and Antique Transport:

Valuable and delicate artworks, antiques, and collectibles require specialized handling and climate-controlled transport to preserve their condition during transit.

Equestrian Transport:

For horse owners, breeders, and equestrian events, horse transport services offer safe transportation for horses, often in custom-designed trailers.

These are just a few examples of equipment transport services. Each type of transport service comes with its own set of requirements and expertise to ensure the safe and efficient movement of various equipment and cargo.

Some Common Equipment We Transport

  • Construction Equipment Transport
  • Mining Equipment Hauling
  • Farm Equipment Transport
  • Oversize Load Equipment Shipping
  • Agricultural Equipment Shipping
  • Why Get Auto Transportation is Best for Heavy Equipment Hauling?

    When it comes to heavy equipment hauling, choosing the right partner can make all the difference, and that's why our auto transportation company stands out as the ideal choice. Our specialized services are tailored to meet the unique demands of heavy machinery transport. Some points for why we are your best option:

    heavy equipment transport

    Expertise and Experience:

    We've honed our skills over years of experience in heavy equipment hauling. Our team is well-versed in the intricate handling and transportation of oversized and heavy machinery. With us, your valuable equipment is in the hands of experts who understand the nuances of this specialized task.

    Specialized Equipment:

    We've invested in a fleet of heavy-duty trailers and custom-designed transport equipment explicitly built to handle the weight and size of heavy machinery. Our advanced tools and resources ensure the safe and secure transport of your equipment.

    Safety is Paramount:

    Safety is our number one concern. We recognize the unique safety challenges that come with moving heavy equipment and have stringent safety protocols in place to protect your machinery throughout the journey.

    Legal Compliance:

    Navigating the complex world of permits and regulations can be daunting. We take care of it for you. Our team secures the necessary permits and meticulously plans routes, guaranteeing full compliance with all legal requirements.


    We understand the value of your time and resources. Our goal is to deliver your heavy equipment to its destination swiftly and efficiently, without compromising safety or quality.

    Damage Prevention:

    Our specialized equipment and expert staff are dedicated to safeguarding your machinery. We employ industry-leading practices to minimize the risk of damage during transport.

    Customized Solutions:

    We recognize that every heavy equipment hauling project is unique. Our services are adaptable to suit your specific needs and equipment requirements.

    When you choose our auto transportation company for your heavy equipment hauling needs, you're choosing reliability, expertise, and unmatched dedication to getting the job done right.

    Contact us today to discuss your heavy equipment transport project, and experience the difference that sets us apart as the best choice for your heavy machinery hauling requirements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, a permit is required to ship heavy equipment. Every reputed company has a government permit to ship heavy-haul equipment

    Heavy hauling equipment's purpose is to move building/drilling supplies, soil, and other materials

    Loads exceeding regulated legal limits on most roads are classified as heavy loads, typically defined as those exceeding 8.6 feet in width, 13.6 feet in height, 53 feet in length, or 80,000 pounds in gross weight.

    Heavy haul equipment shipping can be expensive due to the machine size, weight, and specialized handling requirements.

    Shipping times can change depending on how far something needs to go and how it's sent, but usually, it takes a few days to a few weeks for things to get to faraway places or other countries.

    Get heavy equipment ready by cleaning it, making sure nothing is loose, disconnecting the batteries, and emptying fluids to prevent leaks during transportation.
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