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What's In This Article?

  1. Best Car Transport Calculator
  2. How to Calculate Car Shipping Cost?
  3. What is About Car Shipping Estimates?
  4. How does a Vehicle Shipping Calculator Work?
  5. How Is Car Shipping Calculated?
  6. How Much Is the Auto Shipping Cost Calculator?
  7. How to Get Car Shipping Quotes?

Best Car Transport Calculator

If you’re ready to start your search for reliable car shipping services, we recommend Get Auto Transportation. The organization offers cross-country car shipping services at competitive prices and is highly rated by audiences.

With a service range that includes all 50 states, including car shipping to Hawaii, Get Auto Transportation is our pick for Editor’s Choice. Audiences get door to door delivery and can select from open or enclosed transport and expedited service. The provider also offers discounts for military members, returning customers,  and those who pay in cash.

How to Calculate Car Shipping Cost?

Get Auto Transportation offers this tool so customers can quickly get free quotes for their car shipments. Depending on the car shipping calculator, you may be able to receive an instant quote.

Others may have you input your contact and vehicle information so a salesperson can follow up with you later, but this is also a reasonably hassle-free process to find out how much you’ll pay for car shipping. Car shipping calculators vary by Get Auto Transportation, but you’ll likely be asked for the following information to get a quote:

car transport calculator

  • Your name, email address, and phone number
  • Pickup and drop-off locations
  • Transport type
  • Vehicle make, model, age, and operability
  • Preferred shipping dates
  • What is About Car Shipping Estimates?

    To know what you will pay for car shipping, it is good to look at estimates of average rates. Based on our experts’ research and estimates our team received from Get Auto Transportation, we found that the average cost to ship a car is $1,200.below are some estimates our experts received during a secret shopper Analysis:


    Type of transport  Distance  Estimate car shipping  Estimate shipping time 
    Open transport 545 miles $175 to $381 3 to 5 days
    Enclosed transport 545 miles $251 to $517 3 to 5 days
    Open transport  1589miles  $477 to $953 5 to 7 days
    Enclosed transport  1589miles  $679 to $1351 5 to 7 days
    Open transport 2353miles $703 to $1411 6 to 8 days
    Enclosed transport 2353miles $1023 to $1999 6 to 8 days

    *We obtained the quotes above to help give you a fantastic idea of how much it costs to ship a car.

    How does a Vehicle Shipping Calculator Work?

    To generate an estimate, Get Auto Transportation uses an equation that instantly determines the price. This type of online quote tool usually includes a form requiring you to provide preferred pickup and delivery locations. The vehicle transport calculator is convenient but doesn’t accommodate all scenarios. It’s important to note that the car shipping estimates from a calculator aren’t the same as the actual rate.

    We debate the differences in the sections below. The car shipping, more often than not estimate you receive, isn’t the price you ultimately pay. Such as let’s say you have a lifted truck. An online calculator might not factor modifications into the rate. Thus, when you go to book with a trailer, the trailer will likely charge more to accommodate the height of your car. Or you may want to book enclosed car transport.

    How Is Car Shipping Calculated?

    Get Auto Transportation to calculate the cost of shipping a car on a per-mile base. To calculate your price, multiply the estimated cost per mile by the distance of your shipment.

    If you have yet to be given an estimate, you must understand how several fluctuating factors affect the overall rate to determine roughly how much your transportation will cost per mile. To calculate a per-mile rate to ship your car, consider the following:

    vehicle shipping calculator


    Whether making a long-distance move or shipping your vehicle under 500 miles, Get Auto Transportation charges by the mile. You will receive a lower rate per mile for shipments of longer distances, though the overall cost will be higher.

    Locations of Pickup and drop-off:

    Having a vehicle shipped door to door will cost more than using terminal to terminal car shipping.

    Year timing:

    The car transport industry typically sees higher demand during January and the summer, which leads to higher prices.

    Vehicle transport type:

    Enclosed transport offers your vehicle more protection during the shipment but at a higher price than open transport. An enclosed car trailer is often a good choice for shipping luxury and classic cars.

    Vehicle type:

    heavy vehicles like RVs and trucks are more expensive to ship than sedans.

    Vehicle condition:

    Inoperable vehicles are more expensive to ship since they require more transportation resources than those in working order.

    Fuel cost:

    Higher fuel costs often lead to higher car moving prices.


    Get Auto Transportation offers discounts for military members, senior citizens, first responders, and first-time shoppers. You may also be able to save by moving multiple automobiles.

    How Much Is the Auto Shipping Cost Calculator?

    Multiple factors affect the total price for car shipping, some of which are within your control. If you use an auto transport calculator or get a free quote from Get Auto Transportation, be as specific as possible with the details to get the most accurate estimate.

    On average, we determined the cost to ship a car across the country is around $1,650.

    Get Auto Transportation compared auto shipping calculator prices for an average-sized sedan on an open car transport trailer, typically between $400 and $3,000, with the average cost for a 1,000-mile trip falling around $900. Costs will be higher for SUVs, larger vehicles, and transports in an enclosed trailer.

    car shipping calculator

    Average car transport cost by trailer Type and Distance

    Distance route Open carrier average cost Enclosed carrier's average cost
    Less than 500 miles $251 to $499 $ 333 to $625
    Between 500-2500 miles $751 to $1497 $1153 to$2125
    Over 2500 miles $1131 to $1993 $1531 to $2995

    Average Car transport Cost by Vehicle and Distance

    Vehicle type Less than 500 miles Between 500-2500 miles  Over 2500 miles 
    SUV $245 to $493 $421 to $827 $537 to $1077
    Compact SUV $209 to $471 $397 to $757 $507 to $1027
    Truck  $303 to $577 $471 to $927 $631 to $1275
    Sedan  $197 to $427 $375 to $737 $425 to $945

    How to Get Car Shipping Quotes?

    Getting car transport quotes will give you the best idea of how much it will cost to ship your car and is typically a simple process. Plus, there are several ways to receive car transport quotes.

    For instance, you can search for Get Auto Transportation online or call them; you should get an accurate estimate. If you’re looking for the best deal on car shipping, getting quotes from Get Auto Transportation is recommended before deciding which one is best for you.

    Whether you’re moving 500 or 2,000 miles, you may be looking at how to ship a car to your new location rather than putting the mileage on your vehicle. Relocating is expensive, so if you’re wondering how much more you need to budget to transport your automobile via  Get Auto Transportation, you’re not alone.

    Get Auto Transportation offers free cost estimates. It’s a good idea to get lots of quotes to compare the summary of services you will be paying for, and you can always try to negotiate for a lower bid with our company that needs to earn your business.


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