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What's In This Article?

  1. How Many Car Shipping Services do Our American Car Transporters Offer?
  2. Where do We Ship the Most Shipping Services?
  3. What Benefits Can You Get by Using Our Company's Auto American Transport?
  4. What do You Know About our American Auto Shipping Company?
  5. What Factors Affect our American Car Transporters' Costs?
  6. How to Ship a Car with our American Auto Movers?
  7. How does Auto Transportation Make It Easy to have Your Car Delivered?
  8. What are the Reliable American Auto Transport Services In 3 Easy Steps?
  9. What are the Unique Services We Provide?

How Many Car Shipping Services do Our American Car Transporters Offer?

Open Car Transport:

An economical and popular option, open transport is a good choice for fine vehicles when exposed to the elements en route on a truck, such as your day to day car versus a luxury vehicle. Our American Auto Shipping considers this option standard and is the starting point for a quote.

Enclosed Car Transport:

Enclosed car transport protects and secures your vehicle to its new destination. Some vehicles are loaded onto the same carrier, which is enclosed, as the name suggests, and there is less risk for damage while loading. This option does come at a more significant premium but can be worthwhile for antique or luxury cars.

Door to Door Car Transport:

Convenience is the game name for door to door car shipping. The associated costs are higher, but you benefit from having your vehicle picked up and dropped off as close to the destinations. Our  American Auto Shipping cautions that the vehicles are still transported on large trucks that may be unable to access tight spaces. In those instances, the trucks will get as close as possible.

American auto shipping

Where do We Ship the Most Shipping Services?

At Get Auto Transportation, our American Auto Shipping can assist with vehicle or motorcycle transport in all 50 states. Get Auto Transportation transports vehicles using different methods, including open, closed, and rail transport. Our American Auto Shipping also offers expedited shipping if you need your vehicle at its new location quickly. Some advantages and disadvantages of our American Auto Movers service are here:


  • Statewide availability
  • Simple online quote process
  • No deposit required
  • Disadvantage 

  • GPS tracking may not be available
  • No international shipping
  • What Benefits Can You Get by Using Our Company's Auto American Transport?

    Locked In Pricing

    The quote you received from Auto Shippers USA isn’t just a rough ballpark figure. Instead, it’s a reliable price you can budget around a rare feature among competitors. 

    Free Car Wash

    Your car can be in even better condition after transporting it, thanks to auto shippers USA car’s car wash and interior cleaning reimbursement. To take advantage of this benefit, simply pay for a car wash after your vehicle is delivered, take a picture of your receipt, and you can get a check for up to $20.

    Rental Cars

    If your delivery is delayed by 14 days or more, our American Auto Shipping will offer a rental car free of charge. 

    Damage Coverage

    If the vehicle is damaged during transportation and isn’t covered by the carrier’s insurance coverage, our American Auto Shipping will pay up to $500 for your car insurance deductible. 

    Occupational Discounts

    As a car transport broker, our American Auto Shipping passes along discounts from the carriers. These discounts can vary but may include savings for military service members, first responders, AAA members and more. Get Auto Transportation advises that you may be eligible for more discounts if you ship during winter months or offer to pay by check rather than using a credit card.

    Fine Print

    American Auto Shipping is a car transport broker, meaning Get Auto Transportation coordinates services with different carriers statewide. It gives audiences more options with our timelines and budget but may mean that some things are beyond our American Auto Shipping’s control.

    What do You Know About our American Auto Shipping Company?

    Get Auto Transportation has been in business for 10 years, much longer than many competitors. Since its founding, Get Auto Transportation has built a reputation for reliability. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Get Auto Transportation services in the 48 contiguous states plus Hawaii. We also offer service to Alaska at this time. Our American Car Shipping is a car shipping broker that connects customers to an extensive network of auto carriers. Having been in business for over two decades, Get Auto Transportation has built a network of reliable shipping providers.

    American car shipping

    What Factors Affect our American Car Transporters' Costs?

    When you ship a car, the cost can be affected by various factors, including

  • Size of Vehicle: Larger trucks and SUVs cost more to ship because we weigh more and take up more space on trailers.
  • The Distance: Long distance shipments cost less per mile than shorter shipments but cost more overall.
  • Shipping type: Open auto transport is the cheapest, and single car enclosed transport is the most expensive.
  • Pickup and drop off locations: It’s more expensive to ship directly to your door or to a rural rather than an urban area.
  • Season: Shipping is more expensive during the summer (when people often move) and in January (when some travel to the South for the winter).
  • Trailer availability: Transporters will typically raise their prices when there are some trailers to compete with.
  • Vehicle operability: An inoperable vehicle is more complicated to move, so shipping will cost more.
  • How to Ship a Car with our American Auto Movers?

    Shipping a car with Get Auto Transportation is a reasonably straight forward process. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Decide how soon you want your car shipped and whether you need enclosed or open carrier transport.
    2. Get a quote from Get Auto Transportation's official website. 
    3. Make a down payment with a credit card and book the shipment online.
    4. Our American car Shipping will notify you when a carrier is assigned to pick your car up.
    5. Remove personal items from your car, wash the vehicle, and ensure it’s in good working order.
    6. The car trailer will contact you within four to total hours before pickup to schedule a time.
    7. Meet the trailer at pickup, note its condition, inspect your vehicle, and sign the bill of lading.
    8. The car trailer will contact you to schedule the drop off time.
    9. Meet the trailer at drop-off, inspect your car again and sign the lading bill.
    10. Pay the remaining balance to the trailer via cash, certified check or money order.

    When you meet the trailer at pickup, we recommend taking photos of your car to note its current condition. Your car will arrive dirty if shipped on an open carrier, but take a close look at drop-off to note any damage.

    How does Auto Transportation Make It Easy to have Your Car Delivered?

    Get Auto Transportation specializes in shipping cars and other vehicles nationwide, including in Hawaii.

    Our federally licensed, 4.5-star car transport service ships door to door for most destinations, and we work with more than 25,000 reliable carriers, so you can choose how and when your car is shipped, picked up, and delivered.

    Get Auto Transportation provides trusted service for affordable and fast car shipping, from interstate purchases to island moves and military transport to luxury and vintage deliveries.

    American car transporters

    What are the Reliable American Auto Transport Services In 3 Easy Steps?

    Get a quote and book your order

    Use our online auto transport calculator for your free instant car shipping quote. Provide some simple information, and you will understand how much our car shipping services cost in just a few seconds. Enter your pick up city and state, delivery city and state, vehicle year, make and model, vehicle condition, transport type, and first available pick up date.

    Call and speak with our dedicated shipping advisors, use our Live Chat option, or email us for your personalized auto transport quote.

    You will get an instant price for your car shipping service. Get Auto Transportation, including full insurance coverage and taxes, at an all-inclusive price. All our quotes are free, and Get Auto Transportation guarantees no hidden charges.
    Please let us know If you are not satisfied with the price. If you have a better price from one of our direct competitors, we will do our best to match it and do our utmost to meet your expectations.

    We pick up your vehicle

    Your assigned car shipping will contact you a few hours before your pick up. They will confirm the details of your pick up. The driver must also know whether a large commercial vehicle's location is safe and legal. Don’t worry if it isn’t because alternative arrangements can be made, such as a parking lot, a more comprehensive street nearby, or where you work.

    The call also checks that someone will be available to release the vehicle. If you can't attend the pick up, you can nominate a third party, such as a neighbor, friend, relative, or work colleague, to act on your behalf. We do, however, have to be adults of age. 

    You receive your vehicle

    The car transport carrier will contact you a few hours before they deliver. They like to give you a few hour’s notice so you can make sure you’re available. If you’re not, it’s not a problem. Simply nominate a neighbor, friend, acquaintance, or colleague to accept delivery on your behalf. We do, however, have to be adults of age. 

    What are the Unique Services We Provide?

    You can also customize your service with three levels of car transport service: standard, priority or expedited. Our  American car Shipping notes that the services can accommodate the timelines in 95% of cases.

  • Standard service: The most budget friendly option, the standard car shipping service, includes picking up your car within one to five business days. If you are not in a rush to move your car, this is the lowest price service our auto American transport offers.
  • Priority service: Your vehicle will be picked up within 1-2 weeks. You will pay an extra $199 for this rushed turnaround.
  • Expedited service: The quickest option, expedited service, comes at a fee of $499, which means your vehicle will be picked up within 24 hours. 
  • We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
    Feel Free to call us or get the shipment booked right away


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