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What's In This Article?

  1. How Long does the Kentucky Car Transport Service Take?
  2. How Much does Kentucky Car Shipping Cost?
  3. What are the Tips for a Reliable Kentucky Car Transport Service?
  4. How to Ship a Car to Kentucky
  5. How does Kentucky Auto Transport Work?
  6. Can I Ship a Non-running Car to Kentucky?
  7. Can I Pack Personal Items In My Car When Auto Transporting Kentucky?
  8. What is the Average time frame for Kentucky Car Transport?
  9. What are the Required Documents for Auto Transport Kentucky?

How Long does the Kentucky Car Transport Service Take?

Carriers can travel around 500 miles per day. If you divide the total distance of your route by 500, you will get the approximate number of days it will take to ship a car to or from Kentucky. Example: If the distance is 1700 miles and you divide by 500, you get 3.4, or approximately 3 1/2 days for delivery. When you get an instant quote, Get Auto Transportation provide the estimated delivery times for your specific route. 

How Much does Kentucky Car Shipping Cost?

Kentucky Car Transport Service depends on the vehicle's location to be shipped to Kentucky. It will also depend on the vehicle size, whether it runs, and whether it will be shipped on an open or enclosed carrier. 

  • You can see how much shipping a car to or from Kentucky will cost by getting an instant quote on our website or calling us at ((833) 233-4447. 
  • Auto transport on an open car carrierto or from Iowa State is generally in the .39¢ cents to .49¢ cents per mile range, depending on the fuel price at the time of shipment so a 2,500-mile trip will cost roughly $999. 
  • Kentucky car shipping shorter trips may cost less overall but have a higher rate per mile because it generally will take the driver the same amount of time to unload and load the cars he drives regardless of the distance. 
  • The average rate for the first 1-500 miles is typically $1.03 per mile, so a 375-mile trip down the coast might cost $375.00. The distance longer, the lower the price: shipping a standard sized car 1000 miles will drop the rate to .73¢ cents a mile, or $749.00 while taking it 3,000 miles could cost around $1,197.00
  •       Best Kentucky Car Transport Service

    Kentucky Car Transport Service cost routes 

    Shipping to/from Average distance  Estimate transport time  Average cost 
    Kentucky to California  2193 miles 5 to 7 days $1315 to $1864
    Kentucky to Florida 937 miles 2 to 5 days $655 to $891
    Kentucky to Texas 1013 miles 3 to 5 days $709 to $963
    Kentucky to Arizona 1753 miles 4 to 8 days $1051 to $1491
    Kentucky to Washington 2377 miles 5 to 8days $1427 to $2021

    What are the Tips for a Reliable Kentucky Car Transport Service?

    Car shipping from Kentucky is a cumbersome task. If you do it yourself, you must find a truck and drive your car to their office. It involves a lot of trouble. Can you avoid these hassles? Yes, you can, but you must find Get Auto Transportation  Kentucky. Here are a few tips for that. 

    Comply with safety regulations:

    Hundreds of companies across the country operate in the auto transport industry, but only a few meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Get Auto Transportation follows the safety regulations to avoid any mishappening.

    Know the liability of car carrier:

    When you choose Get Auto Transportation, you must understand the liability of your car trailer and get everything in writing. It ensures you and your trailer are on the same page and avoid any disputes later.

    Inspect and record your car’s condition:

    Before shipping your car from Louisville, KY, to Chicago, IL, you must inspect and record your car’s condition. It will help you identify any damage caused during the transportation. 

    Look for a door to door pickup and delivery:

    Terminal pickup and delivery require driving the car to the pickup location. Moreover, on reaching the destination, Get Auto Transportation will deliver it to a predetermined place.

    You can avoid this hassle by choosing doorstep pickup and delivery. Get Auto Transportation to pick up and deliver the car from and to your home. Once you schedule a moving date, it’s our job to do the rest.

    How to Ship a Car to Kentucky?

    Shipping a car to Kentucky is easy with Get Auto Transportation.

    How  to transport a car to Kentucky? Stop looking. Simply use the online car shipping quote calculator for instant transport quotes, or speak to one of our vehicle transport agents to get started. You will establish a time and a pick-up day that works for you. That’s it!

    Next, the vehicle will be picked up by the selected car carrier at your chosen location in any city across the United States. Once picked up, a dedicated car transport agent will be your point of contact for every car transport step. The car then gets transported and delivered to Kentucky to the location specified on your transport service.

    When learning how to ship a car to Kentucky, you must select a couple of options:

  • Choose between open-air transport or enclosed vehicle transport.
  • Is your timeline loose or do you need the car shipped fast? For fast car shipping, you will need expedited auto transport. 
  • Do you require an automobile to be delivered to a central location to an address or to be held in the city and state where you will ship a car in Kentucky? Ask for door to door car shipping  Kentucky.
  •        Kentucky Car Transport Service

    How does Kentucky Auto Transport Work?

    Get Auto Transportation is one of the best car shipping companies in Kentucky. Take advantage of our knowledgeable team and years of experience to ensure you get the most efficient auto transport service possible. The process of auto transport Kentucky could be more complex, plus we handle everything for you from the moment you get in touch.

    We provide a  safe, flexible and convenient service that we’ve streamlined to make it easier for you. Tailoring the service is something we do so that it perfectly meets your needs.
    Our car shipping process takes just 3 steps. How easily we have made it look it :

  • Get a quote and book your order
  • We pick up your vehicle
  • You receive your vehicle
  • Can I Ship a Non-running Car to Kentucky?

    Yes! Even non running vehicles can hitch a ride from Kentucky. Just make the vehicle's condition clear in your listing and communicate with your carrier so they can work out the details.

    Can I Pack Personal Items In My Car When Auto Transporting Kentucky?

    Get Auto Transportation advice against packing personal items in your vehicle during transport. It all comes down to liability and safety concerns. If in doubt, ask your transporter.

    Kentucky auto transport

    What is the Average time frame for Kentucky Car Transport?

    In-State Delivery: 

    For car shipping within Kentucky, the average transportation time from pickup to delivery is usually 1 to 2 days. Carrier availability, Distance, and weather can influence the exact duration.

    What are the Required Documents for Auto Transport Kentucky?

    The specific requirements may vary by Get Auto Transportation and state, but you must provide your vehicle's registration, proof of insurance, and driver's license.

    We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
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