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What's In This Article?

  1. What Is the Best Way to Ship a Motorcycle?
  2. What Should I do Before Preparing My Motorcycle for Shipping?
  3. How does Motorcycle Shipping Work?
  4. How Long does It Take to Ship a Motorcycle?
  5. How do You Identify Get Auto Transportation as the Best Motorcycle Transportation Company?
  6. What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle?
  7. How to Ready Your Motorcycle for Pickup?
  8. What are the Benefits of Using a Professional Motorcycle Transport Company?
  9. How Many of the Best Motorcycle Shipping Services do We Provide?

What Is the Best Way to Ship a Motorcycle?

Like moving a car, shipping a motorcycle is the cheapest if you opt for open trailer transport. However, Get Auto Transportation carriers offer this method, providing enclosed shipping services instead. You’ll need to check with you’re interested our provider in to see which offers open air motorcycle shipping.

What Should I do Before Preparing My Motorcycle for Shipping?

Before shipping your motorcycle, it’s advisable to take a few steps to ensure its safety. These include cleaning the motorcycle thoroughly, valuable accessories or removing any loose, photographing its condition, and disabling the alarm system. Checking with Get Auto Transportation for our recommended preparation guidelines is essential.

How does Motorcycle Shipping Work?

If you are ready for the best way to transport motorcycle but don’t know where to begin, consider the steps below to get a general idea of what to expect during the process.

Choose a Transport Method

You’ll start by choosing the motorcycle transport option you’re most comfortable with. While Get Auto Transportation only offers enclosed transport to better protect bikes, a few provide open trailer transport if you’re concerned about shipping costs. However, remember you’ll risk damage from road debris or other hazards during transportation with an open trailer.

Get Quotes From our  best motorcycle shippers

Once you’ve decided on the transport type, gather free quotes from our reputable motorcycle shippers. Once you’ve got plenty of quotes, you’ll be better equipped to choose your motorcycle's best provider and shipping price.

Research our provider from whom you get motorcycle shipping quotes to ensure they offer legitimate services. 

Prepare your best motorcycle shipping service and drop it off

Once you’ve chosen Get Auto Transportation and booked your transport, you must prepare your motorcycle for its journey. Some steps you can take to ensure your bike is ready to include:

  • Removing all personal items such as helmets, GPS units, and video cameras
  • Ensuring your steering column is unlocked
  • Giving your motorcycle a good cleaning
  • Charging the battery
  • Leaving less than ¾ of a gas tank
  • When dropping your motorcycle off, take photos of its condition before transport. It will be helpful if you want to make a damage claim report. You’ll then meet your carrier, sign the bill of lading, and load your motorcycle onto the shipping trailer.

    Pick Your Bike Up

    Our best motorcycle shippers offer GPS tracking so you know where your motorcycle is during transportation. Either way, your carrier will contact you with a pickup time window before delivery. Remember that unexpected delays due to heavy traffic, severe weather, and road obstacles can affect your delivery time frame, so patience is vital.

    Once you’ve met your carrier at the predetermined location, reinspect your motorcycle and sign the bill of lading again to confirm that it arrived without issue.

    How Long does It Take to Ship a Motorcycle?

    The duration of motorcycle transportation depends on several factors, such as weather conditions and distance. Domestic shipments within the same country may take 1-2 weeks, while international shipments could take several weeks or months. You can pay more for expedited shipping, and Get Auto Transportation offers an option to pay more for a guaranteed delivery date.


    Get Auto Transportation drivers to recognize that the safety of your motorcycle is first and foremost in shipping and that they will go to great lengths to protect it. Sometimes, this could mean slowing down, detouring, or even stopping the transport so lousy weather can pass. Shipping a motorcycle to areas where poor weather is more common or in seasons where snow and ice are a worry can add time to transport.

    Time of Year:

    Some times are busier than others and may have decreased availability, particularly rallies and events. You’ll need to schedule earlier and possibly build more time into your transport schedule than initially planned.

    Ease of Access:

    As with any vehicle, motorcycle transport to remote areas will take longer than a terminal, city, or significant route transfer. Back roads and tight country lanes can add a day or more to the transport, even if it is only a few miles from the nearest easy drop point. At Get Auto Transportation, we’ll work with you to find a convenient and timely solution.

    How do You Identify Get Auto Transportation as the Best Motorcycle Transportation Company?

    Looking for Get Auto Transportation can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s essential to research and find Get Auto Transportation, which offers excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and positive reviews.

    1. Look for excellent customer service and competitive pricing.
    2. Get Auto Transportation offers nationwide coverage with a focus on timely deliveries.
    3. Others specialize in national motorcycle transportation and have extensive experience in customs regulations.
    4. Look for shippers that provide door to door service with real-time tracking for added peace of mind.

    Safety Measures That Matter

    Best motorcycle shipping service involves various risks, such as damage or theft. However, these top-notch Get Auto Transportation have implemented stringent safety measures to protect your prized possession throughout its journey.

    Secure Packaging:

    Get Auto Transportation to understand the importance of safe packaging. They use high-quality materials and techniques to safeguard your bike from potential harm during transportation.

    Professional Handling:

    Get Auto Transportation to employ trained professionals who are well-versed in handling motorcycles. They have the expertise to minimize any chances of accidents or mishaps and exercise caution From loading to unloading.

    Insurance Coverage:

    Reliable motorcycle shipping company like Get Auto Transportation provide insurance coverage for added peace of mind. This coverage ensures you are financially protected against damages or losses in unforeseen incidents.

    Choosing to Get Auto Transportation

    When selecting Get Auto Transportation, it’s crucial to consider various factors beyond safety alone. Some additional points  are here to keep in mind:


    While safety is paramount, finding Get Auto Transportation offering competitive pricing is essential. Best quotes from Get Auto Transportation providers to strike the right balance between affordability and safety.

    Customer Reviews:

    Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the reliability and quality of Get Auto Transportation's services. Look for positive feedback regarding their timely delivery, safety measures, and overall customer satisfaction.

    Additional Services:

    Get Auto Transportation offers extra services like door to door pickup and delivery or expedited shipping options. Consider these offerings based on your specific requirements.

    What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle?

    The average cost to ship a motorcycle is $600, but prices vary by distance and transportation type. For example, sending a motorcycle across the country costs up to $1,100 or as little as $200 to ship a short distance.

    Motorcycle owners know that proper care and safe transportation are essential for their bikes. If you’re a biker who’s moving long distances or involved in buying or selling a bike that will need long-distance shipping, professional motorcycle shipping company like Get Auto Transportation are a safe option. However, they do come at a rate.

    The fare for shipping bikes in the United States differs depending on the total distance, special conditions, and mode of covering. In perspective, the average cost can range from $ 1156 to $1856 over a distance of 1,000 km. If you need the bike shipped over short distances, such as intra-city, it can cost $199 to $989.

    Our data compiles inferences from hundreds of motorcycle deliveries completed via Get Auto Transportation in the past to facilitate transportation like yours. You can also browse the transport cost index to know the cost of moving your bike or scooter across the States.

    How to Ready Your Motorcycle for Pickup?

    Before the pickup from the transporter, you must complete the following checklist. Observe and record any damage to the bike.

  • Note any mechanical issues with the motorbike.
  • Click high quality snaps of your motorcycle from many angles with close-up shots.
  • Map all the records about your bike and share them with the shipping service provider.
  • Typically, you want to avoid draining the fuel tank or storing the battery separately when transporting your vehicle. Moreover, boxing and packing the bike is unnecessary, too. However, removing accessories and personal items from the motorcycle is mandatory as neither the trailer nor the insurer takes responsibility for the same in case of a mishap. In Addition, you must check if the shipper insures your bike during conveyance.

    When you list the motorcycle on Get Auto Transportation, please specify the bike's condition to help the transporter take the necessary steps for a smooth delivery. If there are technical troubles, fix them beforehand. For best results, do the following.

  • Check the Tires
  • Inspect if the battery is charged
  • Fill quarter to half tank fuel.
  • Assess fluid leaks and fix them, if any.
  • What are the Benefits of Using a Professional Motorcycle Transport Company?

    If you do not need to transport your motorcycle yourself, hiring Get Auto Transportation to do it for you is the best option. The best motorcycle delivery service, Get Auto Transportation offers the most specialized experience and equipment. Let’s give you a quick rundown of the benefits you can expect.


    You may have specific concerns about using motorcycle transport services. For example, your motorcycle may have a custom paint job requiring extra protection. Your motorcycle might be especially valuable or significant. Your motorcycle may have a unique feature the carrier must consider during shipping.

    If you choose Get Auto Transportation, they will have the necessary experience to help you navigate all these situations. 

    When Get Auto Transportation ships your motorcycle, it will put your mind at rest and ensure a smooth, timely, and damage-free shipping process for your precious two-wheeled cargo.


    Get Auto Transportation, specializing in motorcycle transport, will have all the necessary equipment. It will also be custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of  audiences’ rides. They will have invested much time and money in getting all the right gear, such as tie-downs, hardware, and specialty trucks. 


    If you book a shipping service with Get Auto Transportation, you won’t have to worry about getting a crate or additional insurance. You won’t even have to get your hands dirty.

    Get Auto Transportation will provide an end-to-end service, picking up and dropping off your motorcycle from your chosen location. It might be from a lock-up or storage facility or outside your front door. 

    There is one downside that it’s only fair to mention. Get Auto Transportation has specialized equipment and expertise. Therefore, the cost of using their services can sometimes be a little higher than if you do it yourself. However, you will receive a high quality motorcycle shipping service and a safe experience that will save you time and hassle. 

    How Many of the Best Motorcycle Shipping Services do We Provide?

    Enclosed Motorcycle Transport Services

    The safest way to transport your motorcycle is within an enclosed motorcycle transport carrier. The rigid sides protect your bike’s detailing, leather seats, and body from damage or breakage from outside factors.

    Created in an enclosed motorcycle transport carrier, strapped to a custom pallet, and adequately separated from other bikes, your motorcycle will be shipped and delivered safely to your destination.

    For example, we offer two options for motorcycle shipping via enclosed transport:

    Soft-Sided Enclosed Motorcycle Transport – The carrier’s heavy canvas protects your motorcycle from wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.

    Hard-Sided Enclosed Motorcycle Transport – Hard-sided carriers offer motorcycle protection if your bike is exposed to possible damage during transportation.

    Open Motorcycle Transport Services

    Are you considering using an open motorcycle transport service to ship your Harley? Open carriers are the same double decker carriers your dealer uses. Furthermore, your motorcycle transport will be secured with state-of-the-art equipment and will arrive at its destination within seven days. Finally, open transport is a secure way of shipping – your motorcycle will have protection from road vibrations and jolts.

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