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Some Popular Auto Transportation routes on which Get Auto Transport do the shipment almost every single day

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Houston to New Orleans 340 miles 1 to 3 days $170 to $190
Denver to Albuquerque 450 miles 1 to 4 days $220 to $270
Seattle to Vancouver 140 miles 1 to 2 days $70 to $90
Chicago to St. Louis 300 miles 2 to 3 days $150 to $190
Phoenix to San Diego 360 miles 2 to 3 days $170 to $190
Los Angeles to Las Vegas 275 miles 1 to 3 days $130 to $150
Seattle to Boise 340 miles. 1 to 3 days $170 to $190
Minneapolis to Fargo 240 miles 1 to 3 days $120 to $150
San Diego to Tucson 360 miles 2 to 3 days $180 to $200
Dallas to San Antonio 275 miles 1 to 2 days $130 to $160
Note: For an Accurate and estimated Price. Please Call our Auto Transport Professional at (833) 233-4447

What's In This Article?

  1. What Makes Get Auto Transportation the Best Car Transport Service Provider in the USA?
  2. Available Car Transport Services (Methods) For My Car In the USA?
  3. What Will the Cost of Car Transport Services for My Car to Ship It to Another State?
  4. How do I decide the Best Car Shipping Company for My Car?

What Makes Get Auto Transportation the Best Car Transport Service Provider in the USA?

With many car shipping companies in the present market, gaining dignity in the highly competitive market is challenging. However, due to convenient and affordable pricing and services, Get Auto Transportation is gaining popularity in this market. 

Top Tier Reputation:

First, Get Auto Transportation consistently gets rave reviews in a crowded market of car shipping companies. When folks across the states are buzzing about the same name, you know there's some magic happening there.

Clear Cut Pricing:

We've all been there, getting a car transport quote, and then there are hidden fees out of nowhere. Not with us, Get Auto Transportation keeps it straightforward, giving you the complete picture up front.

Cost to Coast  Coverage:

Want to ship your car to another district, state, or across the country? Get Auto Transportation Provides you with the best car shipping service at the most affordable cost.

A Service for Every Car:

From your trusty daily driver to that vintage beauty you've restored in the garage, their vehicle transportation services cater to everyone. They treat every vehicle as their own dash; with top notch care.

Swift Car Transport Quotes:

No one likes waiting, especially when you're eager to move and have limited time. Just a quick call or a visit to their site, and voila! You've got yourself a speedy and accurate car transport quote.

The Gold Standard of Car Shipping Service:

Get Auto Transportation delivers in a field where everyone claims to be the best car shipping company. Their car shipping service is smooth, dependable, and top-notch.

All In One Auto Transport Services:

Beyond basic shipping, these folks offer a buffet of auto transport services. Whether you fancy open transport, want the luxury of enclosed shipping, or are in a rush and need expedited service they've got an option tailored for you.

A Team That Truly Cares:

Our team sets them apart in the sea of car transport companies. These folks are genuine, professional, and always eager to lend a helping hand.

Available Car Transport Services (Methods) For My Car In the USA?

Open Car Transport:

A staple among car shipping companies, open car transport involves shipping vehicles on open air carriers. It’s often the go-to for those seeking an affordable car transport quote. Get Auto Transportation, as a top contender in the industry, ensures even this essential service is executed professionally.

Enclosed Car Transport:

Some cars need more protection. The best car shipping company offers enclosed transport for Classic Car, luxury, or custom vehicles. Get Auto Transportation provides this car shipping service, protecting your vehicle from external elements and road debris.

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Door to Door Shipping

The most convenient car shipping method is through door to door Shipping. It helps to pick up and deliver your car at your time and location. Get Auto Transportation picked up and delivered right to your doorstep. No long drives to remote drop off points, and no wastage of time.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping:

Terminal to terminal service is a boon for those with flexible schedules and seeking cost-saving options. You simply drop off and pick up your vehicle from Get Auto Transportation's designated terminals.

Expedited Shipping:

Sometimes, time is the key. Top tier car transport companies like Get Auto Transportation offer expedited auto transport services for exceptional cases, ensuring your vehicle gets to its destination as soon as possible.

What Will the Cost of Car Transport Services for My Car to Ship It to Another State?

As many services (methods) are available to transport your car to another state, one common thing always remains the same while transporting cars.

From our experience, we have learned from our experience which specific type of car shipped by which method. As there are limited Car types, we have the best car shipping service (procedures) to transport your car to another state.


Type of Cars  Mostly Carrier Used for Shipping   Average Distance Avg. price per mile
Standard Cars (Honda Accord, Toyota Camry) Open, Terminal  500 to 1000 miles $0.75 to $0.96 
SUVs(Ford Explorer, Toyota RAV4) Flatbed, Open, Two level  500 to 1000 miles $0.89 to $1.25
Luxury Cars(Mercedes, BMW) Enclosed, Multi  500 to 1000 miles $1.02 to $1.47
Classic & Vintage Cars() Enclosed, Single, 500 to 1000 miles $1.05 to $1.64
Sports Cars(Ford Mustang, Porsche 911 ) Enclosed, Single  500 to 1000 miles $1.12 to $1.70
Electric Vehicles (EVs){Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf} Multilevel, Single level 500 to 1000 miles $1.24 to $1.78
Non-Operational Cars Open, Flatbed  500 to 1000 miles $1.18 to $1.82

All the given data is collected from recent car transport services done by Get Auto Transportation. The methods, Time, and Prices can vary from time to time due to uncertain factors(climate, fuel, route, and so on). Please call our toll-free number number:+1 (833) 233-4447.

Services like Door to Door and Expedited Shipping Can be applied to all types. You can add them when booking with Get Auto Transportation to ship a car to another state and ensure to go with them when needed.   

How do I decide the Best Car Shipping Company for My Car?

When looking for the best car shipping company to ship a car to another state, Many things may come to your mind that makes it challenging to find the best car shipping company that suits your requirements best. 

Go with the procedure to get a clear sense of the best car shipping company. 

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Do Your Homework:

Start by researching car transport services online. Read reviews, ask friends, and pop into some forums. Real life experiences from other folks can give you some genuine insights.

Get Multiple Quotes:

Refrain from settling with the first car transport quote you get. Shop around! This helps you get a competitive price and gives you a feel for the company's responsiveness.

Look Beyond Price:

While everyone loves a deal, the cheapest car transport quote might sometimes be better. Remember, quality car shipping service often comes at a reasonable but competitive price.

State to State Expertise:

If you need to ship car to another state, ensure the company has experience in long-haul transport. The ins and outs of interstate car shipping can be tricky, and you want someone who knows the ropes.

Dive into Services Offered:

Beyond the essential haul, check out the range of vehicle transportation services they offer. Need your classic beauty to be in an enclosed space? Are you looking for expedited shipping?  Get Auto Transportations; make sure to know what you need to ship your car to another state and provide a car shipping service. 

Transparency is Key:

The best car transport service provider will be upfront about everything no hidden fees or surprise charges. They should provide a precise car transport quote and stick to it.

Customer Service Matters:

Call +1 (833) 233-4447  or email us. How they respond, how knowledgeable they are about auto transport services, and their overall vibe can tell you their experts in the particular car transport services.

Insurance and Protection:

Accidents happen. Ensure that the company's policy covers any potential damages during the transport. Peace of mind? Priceless.

Check  Credentials:

Look for certifications, licenses, and industry recognitions. The best in the industry will usually be affiliated with industry-standard organizations.

Trust Your Gut:

Trust your instincts. If something feels off after your research and interactions, it probably is. The best car shipping company will make you feel confident and at ease.

We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
Feel Free to call us or get the shipment booked right away


Why we are on the top most position in Auto Shipping Industry

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The Best Auto Shipper

All thanks to our customers for making us the best in the market. We have been rated 4.9 as per various rating platforms on the google and other transportation review sites for the best car hauling service in the Auto Transportation sector. We are commited towards our work and we keep the Car Owners first. We understand all the Priorities and than we book the Final Order as our satisfied Customers are our Pride.

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Instant & Quick Quotes

Being an experienced Auto Transporter we have knowledge about various routes and shipping challenges which help us to provide you the exact Auto Quote on which we can really transport the vehicle. Our Quote calculator is very simple and easy. We need the Car Make & Model , Car Pickup Date , Zip Code for Car Pickup and Delivery Location and the quotation is ready or get you connected with Live Auto Experts

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Experienced Auto Experts

All our Auto Transporter agents are the experienced professional having a deep knowledge and interest in the Auto Transportation industry. We are best and it is all because of our top notch Auto Experts who are ready to accept all challenges and tackle the same with the help of our Expert Drivers hence making your Auto Shipping experience hassle free. They are the reason the we have numerous repeat vehicle moving orders.

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Zero Upfront Fee

Like all the auto transportation company we never charge a penny while booking an order with us. We understand your requirement and we figure out the accurate truck to move your vehicle. Once we assigned the driver we charge you the booking amount. Our priorities are delivering your vehicle safely on the particular date and time and when we meet all this that we request you to make the payment at the time of delivering a vehicle.

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Fully Insured

Insurance coverage of each and every vehicle that we ship is included in our car shipping quote that we provide at the booking. We understand that you love your vehicle and our drivers are experts in handling and they have all kind of safety feature in their truck that made us delivery all the vehicle with exact zero scratch til date. Our Truck Driver usually make a video at the time of car pickup and delivery in order to ensure the same condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a mix of factors: distance, vehicle type, and the kind of service you opt for. But with Get Auto Transportation, you get a transparent and competitive car transport quote every time.

Usually, it's best to keep your car empty. But the best car shipping companies, like Get Auto Transportation, can help you in situations like these . Give them a ring at +1 (833) 233-4447 to find out!

Look for reputation, reviews, and responsiveness. And, spoiler alert: Get Auto Transportation consistently nails all three!

It depends on your ride and preference! Open is more common and budget-friendly. But if you've got a fancy or vintage car, you might lean towards enclosed. Either way, Get Auto Transportation offers top-notch vehicle transportation services for both.

Deep breaths! Just tie up with reliable car shipping companies, especially Get Auto Transportation. They'll handle the heavy lifting (or driving, in this case).

A few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the distance. But with Get Auto Transportation's stellar car shipping service, you're always in the loop with timely updates.

Absolutely! Reputable auto transport services, especially Get Auto Transportation, offer insurance during transit. Peace of mind: delivered.

Some car transport companies might skimp on services or hit you with hidden fees. Always do your homework!

Rarely, especially when you go with top-tier car shipping companies. And if there’s a hiccup, Get Auto Transportation has your back with coverage.
+1(833) 233-4447