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What's In This Article?

  1. What Is the Cost to Ship a Bus to Another State?
  2. How Much Does It Cost to Ship a School Bus to Another State?
  3. What Affects Charter Bus Prices in Bus Shipping Services?
  4. How are Buses Shipped?
  5. How are Bus Prices Determined?
  6. How to Choose a Bus Transport Company
  7. What is the Process Work of Bus Shipping?
  8. What is Ship a School Bus?

What Is the Cost to Ship a Bus to Another State?

Before we can tell you the costs of Shipping school buses to another state, we need to know some things. We can provide an accurate bus freight quote with the following information:

Bus size:

The size includes the length and weight. We can estimate the rest if you give us the manufacturer and model number.


How far does it need to go? The distance is part of the cost of Bus freight because there is a mileage fee.

Crossing borders :

If the bus is just going from one state to another in the US, port and border crossing fees are not an issue. However, if you send the bus to Central or South America, which are major used bus destinations, we need to know where to compute any tariffs and port fees.

Just as buses come in different sizes, lengths, and weights, the cost of Shipping school buses to another state will vary by those categories and the distance involved. Regardless, we guarantee you a great Bus freight shipping rate.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a School Bus to Another State?

Shipping school Buses to another state varies by bus size and distance traveled. For example, going from California to Nevada costs less than going from California to Idaho. Regardless, we can quickly and securely get your bus from one state to another. Your Bus freight quote has to consider all this.

What Affects Charter Bus Prices in Bus Shipping Services?

An actual charter bus journey cost depends on the following:

Shipping a bus

Want to travel

Bus charters have peak and off-seasons and different prices like other sectors. Winters sees a greater demand for charter bus rentals in Florida than in New England, but New York City is a more popular destination during the summer than Phoenix. 

The time of the week can also impact charter bus costs. Coaches are in higher demand on weekends. Therefore, Friday through Sunday rentals cost more than weekday rentals.

Your destination and duration Charter bus-

Rental rates usually depend on the number of miles or the length of time needed. You'll usually pay an hourly rate if you plan to be gone for only a few hours. Government restrictions ban charter bus drivers from driving for more than ten hours without eight hours off. If you don't want to stop, get another driver.

Number of persons in the group -

This will determine the type of coach you rent. Different seating capacities in different buses and pricing. For example, an executive mini-coach will cost approximately $115 per hour, but a mini-bus can range from $75 to $105 per hour. Executive buses are usually between $170 to $230 per hour, school buses range from around $57 to $75 per hour, and the standard charter buses usually run $100 to $150 per hour.

Any specific requirements—

Wifi, smartphone hookups, and DVD players are typical on most charter buses. Plus, they will add to the total cost, such as on-board restroom facilities. 

Where you depart —

Some geographic locations are more conducive to charter bus travel than others. For example, in some of the nation's older cities, the streets can be narrow, making it difficult for larger charter buses to navigate. Whether you're traveling round-trip or one-way When traveling a long distance, a round trip is more cost-effective than a one-way trip.

Additional fees and costs incurred —

It's common practice to include out-of-pocket expenses, such as parking and road tolls, in renting a charter bus. 

How are Buses Shipped?

Buses are shipped within the US on a flatbed School bus hauler. If the bus is headed overseas, the School bus hauler handles transport by taking the bus to a port. There, it is loaded on a freighter since most buses are too large to fit into cargo containers. Smaller buses can often be loaded with two or three on a trailer to save even more.

Details To know bus shipping companies 

  • Bus transport companies should be licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Make sure the bus shipping provider has experience transporting buses.
  • Ensure the bus hauling company has the necessary equipment, including removing gooseneck or step deck trailers, loading ramps, and cranes.
  • Acquire permits for transporting the oversized bus.
  • Plan the route to find the best roads with minimal tolls.
  • Bus shipment costs depend on criteria such as size, weight, and distance traveled.
  • How are Bus Prices Determined?

    You're planning a group outing, and you've done the research. You like charter bus rental flexibility, dependability, and safety. But what's it going to cost? What steps can you take to ensure you're getting the best price? 

  • It won't surprise you to learn that charter bus travel is consistently considered to offer more for your travel dollars than any other mode of transportation. 
  • Most charter bus companies charge a fixed price for the coach, so the more people you have in your group, the less each person will typically pay. 
  • In addition, fixed expenses such as gas, parking, and highway tolls are all shared.
  • Okay, we have convinced you that charter bus travel will be easier on your pocketbook than other options, but how much will it cost? One of the advantages of charter bus travel that makes it an attractive option for travelers is that it makes it more challenging to nail down an exact cost. There is such a wide range of options available! Here are some variables that affect the cost of a charter bus trip.
  • How to Choose a Bus Transport Company?

    A reliable bus transport firm is essential when shipping a bus. Buses require extra attention to detail compared to other vehicle transport. Buses are long, tall, comprehensive, and heavy, which means they are considered an oversized load.

    Because of the bus's long and low design needs to be loaded and unloaded so that the undercarriage won't be damaged. That's why Heavy Haulers is a bus shipping company that only works with carriers fully licensed, insured, and bonded with expert experience in bus hauling.

    Cost to ship a bus

  • There are more trailers hauling offices in other states:
  • Bus Shipping of Florida
  • New York Shipping a Bus
  • Bus Hauling Services in California
  • Bus freight shipping in Texas
  • What is the Process Work of Bus Shipping?

    Heavy Equipment Shipper routinely transports buses. We ship buses internationally. Shipping using Heavy Equipment Shippers saves:


    You call us. We take care of the rest. So you can spend time on what matters: running your company or school system. You never worry about where the bus is en route or what might be going on with it.


    Your employees need to work at the jobs you hired them to do. If you use them to transport a bus, you take them away from their regular duties. Also, you have to arrange a way for them to either get to the bus yard to pick the bus up or get back from wherever the bus is delivered. One drives the bus, and the other drives a chase vehicle.


    You do not need to wear more on a bus than you must. Our Bus freight shipping service eliminates wear on tires, the transmission, gas, and oil. We handle everything, so all you need to do is have the bus ready for us to pick up. We can get it from a factory, bus yard, or station. We get it where it needs to go.

    What is Ship a School Bus?

    Shipping a school bus is more than loading it on a trailer and hauling it to a new location. Bus Shipping means the School bus hauler must have the equipment, the insurance, and the employees needed to get the bus to the proper destination. This becomes even more important when you are selling old buses.

    School systems sell these old buses because they are too worn out to trust on the road. Children must get to school on time. When a bus breaks down, parents hear about it and will demand answers from the school board.

    Shipping a Bus that is worn out makes sense. A breakdown on the way increases bus repair or removal costs. Heavy Equipment Shipper eliminates these concerns.

    Shipping a school bus with no start or transmission issues is another reason to hire us as your Get Auto Transportation. Bus relocation is our service.

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