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What's In This Article?

  1. What is Long-distance Ambulance Transport?
  2. How to Ship Ambulances?
  3. What are the Benefits of Ambulance Transport?
  4. How Much Does Ambulance Shipping Cost?

What is Long-distance Ambulance Transport?

An ambulance is much larger than other vehicles and is sometimes called a heavy load. And since these ambulances are emergency vehicles needed in clinics and hospitals, their shipping must be done quickly and without hitches.

We at Ship a Car recognize the effort required to carry out this and guarantee to provide trusted services when shipping ambulances and other medical vans or medical types of equipment. 

How to Ship Ambulances?

To clarify when shipping ambulances, one of them is determining the best way to ship them.

  •  At Get Auto Transportation, we provide efficient and affordable options when deciding how to transport your ambulances or medical vans best. You may transport your ambulance using a flatbed, double drop, step-deck, or drop-deck carrier.
  • These are transport carriers dedicated to full-size ambulances that fall under that category and vehicles taller than the legal height limit.
  • Nest is a standard car carrier for vans and mini ambulances. This is cheaper and less stressful than using other specialized trailers.
  • Another thing to note when shipping ambulances is certain features distinct from one ambulance to another.
  •  For example, an ambulance may be built with more length than most, which may incur additional costs.
  • Regarding some ambulances, the pop-top may be too high, while others may have a ladder or ramps that can easily get damaged or cause inconvenience during transportation.
  • To avoid any damages and for smooth transporting, you should deal with a shipping company with proven experience in ambulance transport. 
  • For accurate costs relating to the type of ambulance being transported, you can use online quote forms for vehicles and medical equipment or contact an experienced auto shipper.
  • What are the Benefits of Ambulance Transport? 

    There are many benefits to using a shipping service that you can’t generally offer yourself. Giving options that a shipping service may be able to help your ambulance relocation needs.

    Ambulance transport services

    Efficient  Services and Reliability :

    The company only uses drivers who have passed tests and background tests. These drivers also have many years of knowledge and experience in vehicle transport.

    Expert and Reliable transport services provide the security you want and expect when transporting an ambulance.

    Cost-Effective and Reasonable Rates: 

    You may notice that little things add up If you consider all the costs of taking a long trip. The gas price is often unpredictable, making your expenses fluctuate unexpectedly. If you have to go a long distance, you also have to think about snacks,  hotel stays, rest stops, the possibility of a vehicle breakdown and the cost of extended insurance for the trip.

    First priority is Safety:

    Several different factors can put someone at risk when they are traveling. Other drivers not following inclement weather, safety standards, tiredness, and other personal physical limitations can cause potential safety concerns for your family and you.

    Protects Your Ambulance During Shipping:

    Traveling for long hours and distances can cause unnecessary wear and tear on an ambulance before it reaches its destination. The wear and tear of the travel can bring down the value and longevity of the ambulance. The more wear and tear there is, the more maintenance will be needed on the ambulance. 

    Long distance ambulance transport

    Less Time Worrying and Planning 

    Anytime you have to take a trip, much planning is involved. Think about your last family vacation. There may be lists and a lot of preparation required for the trip. Even with all the preparation, you may have forgotten something or weren’t as prepared as you thought.

    How Much Does Ambulance Shipping Cost?

    Get Auto Transportation drivers who are experienced and professional. They are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. Also, all drivers have a clean MVR record of at least ten years. We have the drivers to meet your requirements. However, in addition to our experienced drivers, we also bring a list of licensed, bonded, and insured auto transport companies.

    If we are not the correct fit for a government’s or individual’s ambulance shipping needs, we will find someone who is and do it at a competitive price. Our Ambulance shipping cost is reliable for all customers. Also, the Ambulance transport cost depends on many factors like distance, number of ambulances to be shipped, the season of the year, etc.

    We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
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