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What's In This Article?

  1. How do You Understand the Different Types of Auto Transport Services We Provide?
  2. How is Our Company Better than Other Auto Transport Services?
  3. What are the Key Features Set by Our Top Car Shipping Company?
  4. What are Tips for Preparing Your Car for Shipping with Get Auto Transportation?
  5. How is Our Company the Best Car Shipping Company? You All Should Understand in Brief!

How do You Understand the Different Types of Auto Transport Services We Provide?

When looking for Get Auto Transportation, it’s essential to understand their various services. Understanding the differences will help you choose the most suitable option for your car shipping requirements.

Open Transport: 

The most common and cost-effective car shipping method is open transport. Your car is transported on an open trailer, typically accommodating up to 8 to 15 cars. It's a safe method, but your vehicle will be exposed to road debris and weather conditions.

Enclosed Transport: 

Enclosed transport is a more expensive option that offers additional protection for your vehicle. Vehicles are transported in a fully enclosed carrier, shielding them from road debris and weather conditions. This type of shipping is ideal for classic, luxury, or high-value cars.

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Door to Door Service:

 Door to door service offers maximum convenience as our auto transport company picks up your vehicle from your desired location and delivers it directly to its destination. This service is typically more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping but saves effort and time.

Terminal to Terminal Service: 

In terminal to terminal service, you drop off your car at a designated terminal, and our transport company delivers it to an airport near your destination. This type is generally cheaper than door-to-door service but requires more effort.

Expedited Shipping: 

If you want your car shipped quickly, expedited shipping is available at a premium cost. This service ensures that your vehicle is picked up and delivered within a shorter time than standard shipping.

How is Our Company Better than Other Auto Transport Services?

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Customer reviews and ratings are crucial in determining reliability and service quality. We are highly rated by customers, reviewing 4.3 on Google.

Reliable and Efficient Transportation Services:  

Our company offers reliable and efficient transportation services.

Customer Satisfaction:

The satisfaction of previous customers is crucial in determining the quality of service Get Auto Transportation provides. Our Experts analyze auto transport reviews and client testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction.

Measures of safety:

The safety of your vehicle during transportation is paramount. Our Experts evaluate how well our company adheres to safety protocols, such as secure loading and unloading procedures, proper handling of cars, and insurance coverage.


Nobody wants their vehicle to arrive days or weeks later than expected. Our Experts examine the track record of our car shipping company in terms of meeting delivery deadlines to assess their reliability.


Affordability is another crucial consumer consideration when selecting a car shipping provider. Our Experts do not consider additional fees or hidden charges that may affect the overall cost. We charge the shipping cost and do not keep any secret prices.

Area of Coverage:

When choosing a car transport company, it’s crucial to consider their coverage area. Some companies may only operate within specific regions or states, while our company has a nationwide reach.

What are the Key Features Set by Our Top Car Shipping Company?

What sets our top car shipping company apart from the rest? Here are some key features that make them stand out:

Price Lock Promise: 

Get Auto Transportation offers a price lock promise, ensuring the quoted price remains unchanged throughout the shipping process. It gives audiences peace of mind and protects them from unexpected fees.

Insurance Coverage: 

Our top car shipping company covers your vehicle during transportation. This ensures you are protected in case of unforeseen incidents or damages.

Flexible Pickup Options: 

We understand that schedules can change and offer flexible pickup options to accommodate your needs. Whether you need your car picked up from your home, office, or a designated location, we’ve covered you.

Transparent Communication: 

Clear and timely communication is vital. Get Auto Transportation to prioritize regular updates and responsive customer service to keep you informed every step of the way.

What are Tips for Preparing Your Car for Shipping with Get Auto Transportation?

Before handing over your vehicle to the chosen Get Auto Transportation, it’s crucial to prepare it correctly. Proper preparation will help ensure a smooth shipping process and minimize potential issues.

Your Car Cleaning:

Wash your car thoroughly outside and inside. It makes inspecting your car for any pre-existing damage more superficial before shipping.

Document Pre-Existing Damage:

Take clear, detailed photos of your car from all angles, including close-ups of any existing scratches or dents. Share these photos with the shipping company and keep a copy for your records.

Top rated auto transport company

Remove Personal Items:

Empty your car of all personal belongings, as most auto transport companies are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Check Fluid Levels and Tire Pressure:

Ensure your car’s fluid levels are appropriate and the tires are correctly inflated. This makes loading and unloading your vehicle more manageable for the transport company.

Alarm Systems Disable:

Any car alarms are disabled to prevent them from accidentally going off during shipping.

Remove or Secure Loose Parts:

Remove or secure any loose parts, such as antennas or custom spoilers, to prevent damage during transportation.

(Leave Minimal )Fuel in the Tank:

Keep your gas tank at about one-fourth full. This reduces the overall weight of your car, making it easier for our transport company to load and unload.

How is Our Company the Best Car Shipping Company? You All Should Understand in Brief!

Get Auto Transportation is a reliable platform connecting clients with thoroughly screened drivers to offer dependable and cost-effective vehicle shipping services. With Get Auto Transportation, you can select between terminal to terminal or door to door shipping options to best accommodate your requirements and budget.

The drivers have a consistent history of securely and efficiently delivering vehicles and using the platform to carry comprehensive insurance. Plus, our intuitive online platform selects the most suitable option within your budget and makes obtaining quotes from multiple drivers simple.

Here’s what you get using the Get Auto Transportation Platform:

  • Price Comparison: Through its bidding system, you can compare prices from different drivers and pick the best option for your budget.
  • Trustworthy Reviews: Get Auto Transportation offers detailed reviews from past customers so you can make informed decisions.
  • A Huge Network: Get Auto Transportation links customers with thousands of verified drivers who will ensure your vehicle is shipped securely.
  • Plus, these benefits make Get Auto Transportation  the ideal choice for auto shipping:

  • Cost Savings: Get Auto Transportation offers competitive rates with its independent driver's network.
  • Comfort: You can book your shipment online without phone calls or paperwork.
  • Flexibility: You can opt for open or enclosed carriers depending on your needs.
  • We at Get Auto Transportation recognize that car shipping can quickly become expensive. We provide various strategies and tips to help you reduce the cost of your vehicle shipment without compromising quality. Some of our top money-saving suggestions include:

    Reserve ahead of time:

    Booking your vehicle shipment early may enable you to obtain a lower rate since drivers are more inclined to offer discounts for reservations.

    Opt for terminal to terminal shipping:

    Although door to door shipping is convenient, it is often considerably pricier. To save money, consider dropping off your vehicle at a terminal and collecting it from an airport near your destination.

    Select the appropriate service level:

    Depending on your vehicle's value and desired protection, you may save money by choosing a lower service level.

    Maintain flexibility with pickup and delivery dates:

    If you can be adaptable with your shipment dates, you can secure a reduced rate since drivers can consolidate your shipment with others to optimize their routes.

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