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What's In This Article?

  1. How to Reduce Car Shipping Costs?
  2. Select Open Car Transport to Avoid High Car Shipping Cost
  3. Choose a Sedan Instead of an SUV for Car Transport
  4. Ship Multiple Cars to Save Shipping Costs
  5. Get Quotes from Get Auto Transportation

How to Reduce Car Shipping Costs?

With the help of our best company, you can quickly learn how to reduce the high shipping cost while shipping your car.

Look for state to state transport for available car transport options

If you are shipping your vehicle state to state, your chosen shipping method will factor into the overall car shipping cost. There are two options available for state to state shipping. One is RoRo, an open shipping method; the other is container shipping, which offers enclosed transport and is a bit expensive. 

If you need to ship regular cars, you can select RoRo. It involves driving your vehicle on the vessel at the origin and driving it off after the ship reaches the destination port. It is cost-effective as RoRo doesn’t require labor and machinery for loading and unloading. You can also transport a whole fleet of cars with this transport method. 

However, if you need to ship household items or personal effects alongside your car, you can choose container shipping. Although it is an expensive shipping option due to the security its enclosed space provides to the cargo, you can still reduce car shipping costs

You can share the transportation costs with other shippers by choosing the Less than Container Load option in container shipping. Less than Container Load involves sharing the space with other people’s goods. So, you will only have to pay for the area your car and goods will occupy. 

However, less than container loading can cause a delay in shipment because the ship will only embark on its journey after the container fills. So, booking your shipment in advance is best to ensure timely delivery.

shipping costs

Avoid car transport in peak season

  • Peak season is the most significant factor that can affect your shipping costs. It is the time when transport is in high demand, and there is less availability of trucks, carriers, and containers. 
  • The busiest time in shipping lies in the summer, from August to September, when people try to move to a new location. There is also a higher demand in the winter, from January to February, because people usually transport their cars from colder regions to warmer ones.
  • If you are not in a hurry to transport your car, the ideal time is to choose the off-season to reduce car shipping costs. This is when Get Auto Transportation doesn’t have a booked slot and can offer affordable rates. 
  • Besides, you can book in advance. Our company encourage customers to reserve at least 72 days in advance to avoid unnecessary costs and delays. But you can still secure a low rate if you need to ship your car during peak season. 
  • You can time your shipment carefully by choosing to ship in the opposite direction of the high demand. It's called return shipments, which a trailer has to make anyway.
  • Select  the terminal to terminal option to transport cost reduction

  • You do not always have to choose the door to door option to ship your car. It is more expensive because it involves picking up your vehicle from your home and dropping it off at your desired location. However, there is another cheaper option. 
  • Terminal to terminal involves delivering and pickup your car from the nearest terminal to your house. Since the shipping company doesn’t have to pick up and deliver cars individually, it reduces the economies of scale. 
  • Most often, the car trailer cannot get inside if the streets are narrow. Other times the distance between the terminal and your location must be longer for you to hire a door to door transport service. 
  • You should do a little research, and you may find the nearest terminal to your location at both ends of the transport. Next, deliver your car to the terminal, and Get Auto Transportation will handle the rest. 
  • But you’ll have to pick up your car on the same day it arrives at the terminal. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the storage fees, which will add to your car shipping cost rather than reduce it. 
  • You must also sign a Lading bill when picking up your car from the terminal. But you can always send someone to your place if it is inconvenient for you to travel.
  • Flexible car transport dates

    Being flexible on exact shipping dates can help minimize your shipping costs. Get Auto Transportation will provide a pick-up and drop-off schedule. But if you choose the exact pickup and delivery dates, the extra cost can add to your shipping charges. 

    Allowing Get Auto Transportation to pick up a schedule is a great option to cut those extra charges, as it also needs some time to arrange for a carrier. This will also help avoid situations where the mover will make many stopovers or your car will be unloaded and loaded again to get other vehicles out of the way. 

    You can ask about the most expedient dates from Get Auto Transportation. Get Auto Transportation will offer you a discount if you select pick-up and delivery dates that are not busy. 

    You can also reduce car transport costs if you do not give an exact delivery or pick-up date. But also keep your convenience in mind, and do not opt for a date when you cannot pick up or deliver your car to the terminal.

    Select Open Car Transport to Avoid High Car Shipping Cost

    If you are not transporting a classic or vintage car, choosing enclosed transport will only incur extra charges. Although closed car carriers protect against weather or debris, they can cost you 50% more than open ones. 

    You can reduce this cost by opting for open car transport for your regular car. An open carrier is a good choice for regular cars, and the chances of damage during transportation are rare. Get Auto Transportation to use open car carriers as their default transport mode. That’s why carriers are more available with open trailers, and Get Auto Transportation can offer shipping at competitive prices. 

    Also, Get Auto Transportation carefully and ensure your car remains safe during transportation. So, an open car carrier won’t negatively impact your shipping experience.

    Choose a Sedan Instead of an SUV for Car Transport 

    Consider shipping the smaller car if you have multiple vehicles but want to move only one. The shipping cost can vary depending on the size of the vehicle. Firstly, heavier vehicles, such as SUVs, are expensive to ship because they take up more space on the carrier. 

    This means fewer cars are to load, resulting in less profit for the trailer. Secondly, heavier vehicles take up more effort and time in loading and unloading, which means more fuel, labor, and loading/unloading machinery costs. 

    As a result, the shipping charges are higher for heavier and larger vehicles. The larger the car, the more costly it will be to transport. However, similar vehicles don’t have a meaningful price difference in shipping costs.

    Ship Multiple Cars to Save Shipping Costs

    If you need to transport multiple cars, you can ship all of them in consolidated transporting, meaning you can send them all at once. Rather than transporting your vehicles one by one, you can hire the services of Get Auto Transportation. 

    You also won’t have to decide which car to ship through Get Auto Transportation and which you want to drive yourself. This will reduce your car shipping expenses. 

    Get Auto Transportation will offer discounts if you transport multiple cars because they won’t have to go to different terminals to retrieve your vehicles. Nevertheless, if you save time and miles for Get Auto Transportation, you reduce your car shipping cost at the end of the day.

    car shipping cost

    Get Quotes from Get Auto Transportation

    As mentioned above, don’t rely on a shipping company whose deal is too good to be accurate at a cheaper rate. Be wary of cheaper options, as they can be significant scams.

    Thus, it does not mean you must pick the most costly option to get good quality services. Get Auto Transportation will offer you a rate that won’t differ except for a few hundred dollars or less with each other. 

    Therefore, pick Get Auto Transportation, which gives you the best personalized deal regarding your car shipping needs and is worth your money. Also, ensure that Get Auto Transportation you pick up has proper insurance and licenses.

    After all, your car is a considerable investment, and you don’t want anything wrong to happen to it during transportation. Get Auto Transportation provide free shipping quotes through calculators on their websites. You can enter your vehicle’s size and weight, the location where you wish to ship, and other information. 

    The calculator will give you an estimate of how much it will cost to transport a car. If you are new to car transport, this method is convenient and transparent for obtaining cost of car shipping estimates.

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