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What's In This Article?

  1. What Factors Affect the Cost of Transporting a Boat?
  2. How to Calculate Boat Transport Costs?
  3. How Much does It Cost to Ship a Boat?
  4. How does Boat Shipping Estimate Cost?

What Factors Affect the Cost of Transporting a Boat?

The boat shipping cost calculator can only offer an estimate based on a presumed price per mile. However, other factors affect the boat hauling cost, so we don’t recommend using our calculator alone. You can use the slider below to check out the costs. Here are some of the factors affecting transport costs:

Boat Size & Weight:


The longer your boat, the more specialized the carrier and the towing car requirements are. It could also affect routes taken, as some roads have length restrictions.


Boats that exceed standard widths will require special permits for overland shipments. Wider boats can also make transport more complex and may be subject to certain route restrictions.


The total boat height on the carrier can affect the route due to power lines, bridges, and other overhead obstructions.


your weight boat will determine the required trailer type and towing vehicle. Big boats may also have particular permit demand.

Trailer Type & Condition:

Boats must be adequately secured to the trailer. Ensure that the trailer is suitable for the boat’s size and weight.
Before starting the journey, check the trailer’s tires, bearings, lights, and brakes.

Route Planning:


The longer the journey, the more you will want to consider factors like driver fatigue,  fuel costs, and potential overnight stays.

Road Conditions:

Potholes, rough roads, or areas prone to flooding can be hazardous.


Some regions might restrict when you can transport a boat, especially during peak traffic times.

Boat shipping cost calculator

Legal Restrictions:

Different states or countries have varying regulations regarding boat transport. Some may require permits and escorts or have specific restrictions on dimensions.

Weather & Seasonality:

Adverse weather can slow down transport. For instance, strong winds can make hauling a boat risky, while snow or ice can make roads treacherous.

Seasonal demand can also impact the cost and availability of transport services.


  • Ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage for the transport.
  • This should cover potential damage during transport or any liabilities in case of an accident.
  • Fuel Costs:

    The cost-affecting factors include the size of the boat, the distance, the requirement for permits or special equipment, and the current fuel costs.

    Special Equipment:

    Depending on the route and the boat’s size, you might want special permits, pilot vehicles or custom equipment.

    Driver Expertise:

    Ensure that the person driving has experience with hauling boats, understands the nuances of boat transport, and can handle the boat’s dimensions.

    Preparation of the Boat:

    Secure or Remove any loose products on the boat. Ensure that the boat is watertight and all windows and hatches are secured.
    Drain fuel and water tanks to reduce weight (but consider leaving some fuel for immediate use post-transport).
    Disconnect batteries and secure any cables.

    Drop-off & Pick-up Location:

    Depending on the size of the boat and the trailer, you might need specialized facilities or equipment to offload and launch the boat safely.
    Before undertaking the transport, it’s always a good idea to check with local marine and transportation authorities about any specific requirements or advice.

    How to Calculate Boat Transport Costs?

    We know the value of your boat to you. So, it is natural for you to be worried when you need to ship your boat to a different place. If you want to ship your boat or start a boat shipping business, Boat Transport Pros can help you transport your boat safely, with an assurance of a competitive cost.

    To assist you in making much optimum decision with the details, this post will give you a brief idea of the factors that come together to decide on boat transport costs. The factors which decide the transportation cost of a boat :

    Shipping modes

    Generally, Get Auto Transportation provides boat transport services to transport the boat by using these primary modes of transportation which are:

  • By road
  • By ship, or
  • By sailing
  • The boat transportation cost differs for each mode of transport. Boat Sailing is an economical option for transporting a large-sized boat for any distance, within a short distance or, e.g., across the ocean. Boat transport by road is favored by people for delivery to a distant place, especially to a location with poorly constructed roads to the port of departure. It is better when carried out with a transport.

    Overall, the distance of the location and the vehicle being used for shipping play central roles in deciding the cost of boat transportation.

    Procedure of Shipping

    Another factor in ascertaining the overall cost of transporting a boat is the shipping procedure used by the boat transport service provider. These are the methods that are widely used for shipping boats:

  • Container boat shipping
  • Roll-on roll-off boat shipping.
  • Container Boat Shipping:

    If you opt for container boat shipping, transportation cost depends on the number of boats loaded inside a container. A container will exclusively be used for your boat in full container service. The second type of container shipping is groupage or shared container service, where multiple boats are loaded in a container for delivery.

    Groupage is the best option for people seeking a low-budget solution, but it needs to be more secure, like a full container service.

    Roll-On Roll-Off Boat Shipping

    In this shipping method, the boats are loaded on trailers, and those trailers are then rolled & boarded on the cargo ship for delivery. The trailers are rolled off when the ship reaches the destination location. Generally, the roll-on roll-off boat shipping method is much more affordable than container shipping.

    Moreover, it is necessary to consider other factors, such as the distance to be covered, the weight or volume of boats to be delivered, and the location of weather conditions where the departure is scheduled and along the route.

    The Boat Value

    While calculating the shipping cost, Get Auto Transportation considers the boat value relevant for insurance. If any accident happens during the transportation, the customer claims for its damage, and the grant of the compensation depends upon the condition of the boat and the consideration of its value before such an accident.

    The shipping cost for old or pre-owned boats is lower for the new boats because the new boats have a higher market value than the pre-owned or old boats.

    Negotiate the Cost

    After fully comprehending the factors involved in calculating the boat transport cost, you will be in a preferable position to determine the cost and then negotiate the price according to your budget.

    Choose boat transport pros to ensure safe boat transportation at the best cost per the industry standard. With 20 years of experience, we have a team of experts and various contacts that are required to ship the boat irrespective of the size and type of the boat. 

    Boat transportation cost calculator

    How Much does It Cost to Ship a Boat?

    When transitioning a boat from the warm coasts of cost to ship a boat from one state to another, a starting charge of $2989 to $4987 might be expected. Per mile, roads and trains cost $1.49–$3.69. Your boat size and distance determine maritime shipping costs. This particular boat shipping cost calculator for calculating the cost of transporting goods from $1.23 to $14.99 for every nautical mile.

    How does Boat Shipping Estimate Cost?

    To ascertain the cost of shipping a boat, the company must obtain precise details regarding the boat’s dimensions, weight, pickup and delivery locations, and any particular specifications that may be important.

    The associated cost with transportation can exhibit significant variation contingent upon several factors and the specific shipping method selected, such as roll-on/roll-off shipping, flatbed shipping, or container shipping. In the case of national shipments, additional charges in the form of customs fees and record-keeping costs might be imposed.

    Please supply complete information concerning your vessel and shipping requirements for an accurate boat shipping quote. Following that, our experienced expert team shall ascertain the utmost affordable and carrier price for your esteemed self, duly considering all the pertinent factors to ensure your venerable vessel’s secure and economically viable transportation.

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