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What's In This Article?

  1. Ship Your Car from Here to There In Three Steps:
  2. How Many Types of  Trailers Are Used In Car Shipping Services?
  3. What Is the Cost to Ship a Car?
  4. What Services Do Auto Transporters Offer?

Ship Your Car from Here to There In Three Steps: 

Car shipping to another state is very easy with Get Auto Transportation as we provide personalized to your problems we understand that everyone is unique and has their requirements, and for easy vehicle transportation, we have developed a three-step process: 

Get Quote:

We provide a shipping cost calculator that just needs information related to shipping and helps you get an estimation related to your requirements. As it is free, you can use it multiple times to get the best quote without providing personal information.

Car pickup at your location:

After receiving the best car shipping quote, contact the Get Auto Transportation expert and reserve a date for your shipping services. Our experts will contact you one or two days before the shipping date to confirm your location and timing. We will conduct a proper inspection of your car, load it to our carrier, and ship it to its new location. 

Delivered to a new location:

Your car is on its way to its location, and you can check it with the help of a tracking system we provided. After reaching under 50 miles of the provided location, we will contact you for a time location. After unloading the car, we will check the car's condition again to see no sign of damage.

How Many Types of  Trailers Are Used In Car Shipping Services?

There are many types of carriers used for shipping cars and vehicles. As many vehicles are available in the market, there are also different types of trailers to ship these vehicles. There are many types of trailers you can always find trailers as per your requirements:

Open car carrier:

The most common and demanded car carrier it is also affordable, and its open design makes it easy to load and unload the car easily. These trailers expose cars to the environment, making them suitable to ship standard cars.

Ship a Car from One State to Another

Enclosed car carrier:

These are box-like trailers enclosed from all sides, protecting the car from unwanted elements like sunrays and road debris. Their design protects your cars very well, making them suitable to shift exotic, vintage, and luxury cars that are high value.

Snowbird car carriers:

These are used in winter and are generally demanded by people who shift from colder regions to warmer seasons and back in autumn or spring. These are made to ship cars in harsh winter climates.

Two dollies:

The most common way to ship a car, but this is only used for short distances and mainly ship standard cars. In this, your car's front will be hooked, and then the car will be slid on its back tire. This way is unsafe as it requires special equipment and proper driving skills.

Single car carrier:

These carriers are made to ship only one vehicle at a time. They can ship only one vehicle, offering more customization options and a direct approach to you. It is commonly used to ship high-value cars.

Multi car carrier:

These carriers can ship multiple vehicles at a time, making it suitable to ship in bulk. These carriers are for dealerships that deal in bulk quantities, making this carrier more customizable according to dealership needs. 

Flatbed carriers:

These are heavy carriers designed to ship multiple and large vehicles that find it difficult to fit in standard trailers. Flatbeds are open from all sides, which means no roofs and no sides, making them capable of fitting many cars or large vehicles like buses, Small trucks, etc.

What Is the Cost to Ship a Car?

The cost to ship a car to another is flexible as it depends on many factors that keep varying that's why the calculated cost is average. If we talk about the average cost to ship a car, then the cost to ship a car under 500 miles will be about $2.77 per mile, and above 1500 miles, the cost will be under $ 1.But we calculate both the cost you will value of money service in the given price. Let  us clarify this topic with the help of a table made by experts:

Move car to another state


Distance Average price per mile Sample Distance Sample Price
1 to 100 miles $2.85 100 miles $285
101 to 250 miles $2.04 200 miles $408
251 to 500 miles $1.55 300 miles $465
501-1,000 miles $1.12 500 miles $560
1,001-2,000 miles $0.82 1,250 miles $1025
2,001-3,000 miles $0.54 2,250 miles $1,215

Note: Prices are based on our recent shipping experience and market scenario. Please call our toll-free number, 833-233-4447, for an accurate Car Shipping Quote.

What Services Do Auto Transporters Offer?

Get Auto Transportation tries to offer our customers as many car shipping services as possible when they entrust us to ship their vehicles from one state to another. Following are some that we offer to our customers to meet their needs with car shipping services: 

Door to Door Service:

Many auto shippers offer this service to satisfy their customers it is very helpful as you just have to provide your home address and you will get home-to-home service you don't have to think about shipping location.

Terminal to Terminal Service:

In this service, you must deposit your car at a nearby terminal, wait for some time to be shipped, and then pick it up from another terminal. It is a very time-consuming process as fewer terminals are operating nowadays, and the trailer availability is also less, increasing time and storage costs. 

Expedited Shipping:

This shipping service is exclusively for individuals who need to ship their cars or vehicles urgently. This service allows you to ship your car quickly but with utmost safety.

Military Vehicle Transport:

Get Auto Transportation always helps military personnel who are required to shift to another checkpost under PCS. We understand the emergency and provide fast shipping and shipping service to family cars at a discounted rate.

Snowbird Transport:

In the winter seasons, there is a trend for many people to move from the southern (colder) regions to the northern (warmer) regions. For this, we provide exceptional service on particular routes.

These are some popular services that are demanded regularly. We understand that every customer is unique. We are also open to your suggestions according to your requirements. Contact Get Auto Transportation to get the best services for your needs.


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