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What's In This Article?

  1. How to Ship Your Car to Hawaii?
  2. Who is the Best Company for Shipping a Car to Hawaii?
  3. How Long does the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to Hawaii Take?
  4. What are the Rules for Shipping Vehicle to Hawaii
  5. How Much does It Cost to Ship Car to Hawaii?
  6. What do You Need to Get Car Shipping Quotes to Hawaii?
  7. How Many Factors Affect the Cheapest Car Shipping to Hawaii?
  8. When to Ship Your Car to Hawaii?
  9. How To Prepare Your Car for Shipping?

How to Ship Your Car to Hawaii?

If you are wondering how to ship your car to Hawaii, follow these steps:

  1. Research Get Auto Transportation specializing in Hawaii transport.
  2. Compare and obtain car shipping quotes, considering transport type and delivery options.
  3. Prepare your vehicle by thoroughly cleaning it and documenting its condition.
  4. Ensure you have the necessary documentation, such as registration, the vehicle’s title, and insurance.
  5. Choose between pick-up and drop-off options: door to door.
  6. or terminal to terminal
  7. Stay informed by tracking your shipment’s progress and following updates from Get Auto Transportation.

Who is the Best Company for Shipping a Car to Hawaii?

Get Auto Transportation as the best company for car shipping to Hawaii. Get Auto Transportation works with more than 15,999 vetted trailers to offer the most affordable rates for car owners headed to Aloha State.

How Long does the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car to Hawaii Take?

Shipping times can vary depending on departure and destination ports, weather conditions, and shipping methods. The destiny from the mainland to Hawaii takes around eight to twenty days. Be sure to confirm estimated delivery times with Get Auto Transportation.

What are the Rules for Shipping Vehicle to Hawaii?

When ship your car to Hawaii, you must check local laws. Shipping vehicle to Hawaii involves adhering to specific rules. You’ll typically need to meet emissions and safety standards set by Hawaii. The car might also require inspection and approval upon arrival. Research Hawaii’s specific requirements or consult your shipping company, like Get Auto Transportation, for accurate guidance.

shipping a car to hawaii

How Much does It Cost to Ship Car to Hawaii?

Shipping your car to Hawaii requires a significant investment from your transport budget. Although the final cost depends on several variables, reliable Get Auto Transportation provides reasonably accurate estimates customized to your unique car and situation.

This article will discuss everything you want to know about shipping a car to Hawaii. We will explain the process, average costs, and transport times and even recommend you our best car shipping company to Hawaii car shipping.

Expect the cost to ship car to Hawaii to be about $1,000 higher than standard car shipping. This cost includes land transportation to a port on the West Coast (if needed) and subsequent maritime transportation abroad.

What do You Need to Get Car Shipping Quotes to Hawaii?

Get Auto Transportation requires a free quote to start the Hawaii car transport process. When you go online to get the instant quote, you will want to provide the following details:

  • Make, model, and age of your vehicle
  • Whether your vehicle is inoperable or not
  • Mainland delivery or  pickup location
  • Hawaiian Island pickup or delivery location
  • The preferred time frame for shipment
  • Transport service choices (open and enclosed)
  • Name and contact information
  • Get Auto Transportation will contact you to finalize your car shipping choices and payment methods. We will then find and assign a carrier to meet you at a terminal or as close as possible to your door. After a thorough inspection, the trailer will load your vehicle onto the trailer and drive it to a West Coast mainland port.

    How Many Factors Affect the Cheapest Car Shipping to Hawaii?

    Various significant factors help determine how much it will cost to ship a car to Hawaii. These factors include the following:

    Total shipping distance

    The distance your car requires to cover plays an essential role in cost to ship car to Hawaii. For instance, shipping a car from New York to Hawaii is more costly than from Los Angeles or Washington state due to the extended travel distance. Car shipments to Hawaii are long distance, resulting in lower per-mile rates but higher overall costs than shorter distances. The further your vehicle travels, the maximum you can expect to pay.

    best car shipping company to hawaii

    Vehicle drop-off and pick-up options

    When choosing pick-up and drop-off options, it’s essential to weigh your preferences against the rates involved. Door to door delivery services offer undeniable convenience but have a premium price tag.

    On the other hand, if you’re willing to put in a bit more effort, terminal to terminal shipping provides a more budget-friendly alternative. You must transport your vehicle to and from designated terminals, but you will spend less money.

    Vehicle Size

    Your vehicle size is pivotal in determining the shipping cost to Hawaii. While compact cars, motorcycles, and sedans offer more budget-friendly transport options due to their larger vehicles' smaller dimensions, SUVs and trucks incur higher costs as they occupy additional space on the transport vessel.

    Note that the age and model of your car have a comparatively minor impact on the final rate. However, exceptions exist, especially concerning insurance or safety requirements for luxury or collectible vehicles of any age.

    Enclosed vs. Open Ground Transport

    When deciding between open and enclosed car transport options, it’s crucial to consider their implications on the overall rate. Enclosed car transport offers heightened protection during transportation, making it an attractive choice for those with delicate or valuable vehicles. However, it’s important to note that the added security comes with a higher price, usually 35% to 40% more expensive than open-ground transport.

    Conversely, open car transport is generally a more budget-friendly option, as cars are exposed to external elements during the journey.

    ‘Roll On Roll Off’ vs. Container Shipping

    Roll-on, roll-off, or RoRo involves your vehicle being driven onto the ship’s deck, making it a popular choice for cost-effective options. Conversely, although pricier, container shipping provides an extra layer of security by placing your vehicle in an enclosed container, safeguarding it from potential external elements during transit.


    Shipping slots might be limited from June to August and December to February, potentially increasing rates during peak seasons with heightened demand. In other words, shipping during off-peak seasons could offer cost-saving benefits, as availability is generally more competitive and abundant for slots is reduced.

    When to Ship Your Car to Hawaii?

    After considering planning, logistics, and cost, you may wonder whether shipping your car to Hawaii is worthwhile. While making the final decision, you can consider the following factors.

    The age of your car

    It’s wise to determine your vehicle’s current value if it is old or has received a lot of use. It might not be wise to bring your car with you if its estimated resale value is roughly equal to or less than the cost of shipping it to Hawaii.

    You can buy a new or used car in Hawaii when you get there, though it’s important to note that local car prices in Hawaii typically tend to be higher due to shipping expenses.

    In Addition, selling your current car before you leave the mainland might be a helpful way to raise extra cash for your ship.

    ship your car to hawaii

    Local Public Transportation

    Consider if shipping your car is needed. Daily needs can often be met without your vehicle in cities with reliable public transit systems. Hawaii’s smaller towns are typically bike-friendly or walkable within specific areas while car-sharing rentals and services are viable options for longer trips.

    How often do you return to the Continental U.S.

    If you’re frequently traveling back and forth between Hawaii and the mainland, it might make more sense to keep your car on the mainland or ship it to Hawaii once and keep it there.

    Ports for Shipping a Car to and from Hawaii

    As you weigh the decision to ship your car to Hawaii, remember to consider the return journey. Knowing the prices of the different transport ports on the mainland and in Hawaii can help you make a well-informed choice about whether your Hawaii car transport fits your plans.

    How To Prepare Your Car for Shipping?

    Before sending your vehicle across the Pacific Ocean, you can take a few steps to ensure it’s properly prepared. One of the most critical ones is to sign the lading bill.

    The lading bill serves as an agreement between the trailer and the customer on the transaction of your transportation, much like a receipt. It’s also used to keep track of any pre-existing damages to your car before it gets transported to Hawaii. This is important to ensure that the auto shipper is only held liable for damages during transportation.

    Some of the best ways are here to ensure your car is ready for shipping:

  • Take pictures of your vehicle on pickup day to document its condition before shipping begins.
  • Remove personal products: Personal belongings can’t be shipped inside your vehicle. Be sure to remove any remaining products before pickup day.
  • Empty gas tank: Leave no more than a quarter of the gas tank in your car to decrease the shipping cost to Hawaii.
  • Proper documentation Bringing: Bring the car’s title, your car registration, and a photo ID to the agreed-upon pickup location.
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