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What's In This Article?

  1. What is the Process Work of  Texas Auto Transport?
  2. How Long Will It Take to Ship a Car to Texas?
  3. How do You Hire Texas's Best Auto Shipping Services?
  4. What are Texas Auto Transport's Resources?
  5. What are the Essential Tips on Texas Auto Transport?
  6. How Do I Ship My Car to Texas?
  7. What are the Rules and Regulations of Auto Transport Texas?
  8. How Much Does Texas Car Shipping Cost?
  9. Which Factors Affect Texas Car Shipping Costs?

What is the Process Work of  Texas Auto Transport?

  • Get Auto Transportation has worked in the auto transport industry for many years, and car shipping to/from Texas is one of our strong suits. 
  • We have a diligent sales team member available who will arrange a Texas car shipping service that meets your requirements. 
  • We have dedicated support, dispatch, and claims teams to ensure your shipment smoothly runs. 
  • The process has also been easy to make things easier for you. The whole process we manage for your ultimate convenience. 
  • Ultimately, you benefit from a Texas auto shipping service that’s speedy, readily available, and competitively priced. 
  • Texas has many popular auto transport routes that cross, start, and end. One trendy car shipping destination is Houston, Texas. You can rely on our affordable and swift services anytime if you ever need a car shipping service to or from Houston, TX. 
  • How Long Will It Take to Ship a Car to Texas?

    It takes, on average, between 1 and 2 days for distances of less than 200 miles. For 2,000 miles or more distances, auto transport to or from Texas can take up to 9 days. Rest assured, our shipping experts do everything possible to ensure you get an efficient and quick Texas vehicle shipping service with no delays.

    These averages are just benchmark figures, as many factors can affect the timeline. The weather, distance, road construction, detours, other traffic, seasonality, and driver’s hours can affect car shipping to or from Texas. If you need to ship your car to or from Texas in double quick time, the process can be expedited by choosing express car shipping or guaranteed pick-up.

    How do You Hire Texas's Best Auto Shipping Services?

    Car shipping services move cars from one destination to another. Enclosed transport gives car owners more peace of mind, but Open transport is more cost-effective. Generally, enclosed auto transport services cost up to 40% more than open transport.

    The best car shipping services and experts in Texas will offer these types of transport. Everyone uses a broker to find the best trailer for their car shipment requirements.

    Brokers aren’t limited to one carrier option; they have thousands of carriers to help you find the best solution based on your needs. Carriers complete the transportation. Get Auto Transportation is a leading broker in Texas.

    What are Texas Auto Transport's Resources?

    Register your vehicle with the Texas: The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website offers step-by-step instructions on registering a car, including information on required documents and fees.

    Renew your Texas vehicle registration online: The Texas DMV registration renewal portal allows you to renew your vehicle registration online once you have registered your vehicle. 

    Texas county tax office information: Your local county tax office can provide specific information on your area's registration requirements and answer any questions. 

    What are the Essential Tips on Texas Auto Transport?

    1. Shipping a car to or from Texas should be easy. So long as you’re sending to or from another major city or metropolitan area, that is. When you’re shipping a vehicle, it’s not just about the pickup or delivery location. 
    2. It’s about the entire route. So, when shipping to or from Texas, it’s essential to make your vehicle look as lucrative as possible. This means we need all the information about the vehicle, especially if it’s a pickup truck or an SUV. 
    3. Dimensions may be needed if it’s extensive or modified. This makes it easier for us to find a suitable carrier for your needs. Not only that, but you should be willing to potentially meet your carrier somewhere easily accessible. 
    4. Texas is a big city with sprawling downtown and commercial centers. If possible, getting into and out of that can be challenging for a ten-car transport truck. 
    5. Being flexible with your pickup and delivery locations can result in faster dispatches and more straightforward pickup and delivery. You should also be prepared for quick dispatch, especially if you’re shipping to another significant city along an interstate that runs through Texas. 
    6. Ultimately, you should talk to your representative for more information about auto transport to or from  Texas. That’s the best tip we can give you.

    How Do I Ship My Car to Texas?

    Shipping a car to Texas is as easy as steps when you ship with Get Auto Transportation.

  • Select a convenient time for pickup and Calculate your instant car shipping quote.
  • Your vehicle will be picked up from your specified location anywhere in the country.
  •  Your car is delivered to your specified location in Texas.
  • What are the Rules and Regulations of Auto Transport Texas?

    The Texas Department of Motor Vehicle regulates car shipping in Texas. The TxDMV requires auto shipping companies to carry the following:

  • A Motor Carrier Registration
  • Household Goods Carrier License
  • Apportioned Registration
  • Household Goods Mover Certificate
  • These registrations and certificates are all available through the TxDMV, and potential customers can verify through the agency that their company meets these qualifications.

    How Much Does Texas Car Shipping Cost?

    It depends on various factors, including the destination, the type of trailer (open or closed) and any additional insurance coverages. However, shipping a vehicle typically costs around $157 to $1150. The following prices are based on high and low costs.


    Shipping To/From Cost  Distance  Transport estimate time 
    Texas to Tennessee $321 to $689 913 miles 2 to 5 days 
    Texas to Las Vegas $389 to $779 1068 miles 3 to 6 days
    Texas to Los Angeles $437to $887 1246 miles 3 to 6 days
    Texas to Florida $489to$993 1362miles 3 to 7 days
    Texas to Washington $575 to $1127 1894 miles 4 to 7 days
    Illinois to TX $353to $703 995 miles  2 to 5 days
    Denver to Dallas $273to $547 785 miles 3 to 5 days
    Houston to Oklahoma City $219to $457 445 miles 2 to 4 days
    Dallas to Houston $125 to $247 239 miles 3 to 4days
    Houston to San Antonio $107 to $199 197 miles  1 to 2 days

    Car shipping cost to Texas depends on where the vehicle will be picked up and the time frame you intend to ship. Calculate your Texas car shipping quote instantly via trailer availability for your shipment and our online cost calculator to get an accurate rate.

    Which Factors Affect Texas Car Shipping Costs?

    Several factors impact the cost of car shipping. The following are some of the most efficient factors.

    Shipping Distance:

    How far the vehicle will be traveling is essential to consider. The further the vehicle requirements to travel, the more costly the bill will be. However, it’s often the case that the cost of shipping per mile is lower with longer trips.


    Vehicle location in terms of pick-up and drop-off significantly impacts the overall cost of shipping. Cars in urban areas where it can be necessary to block the street upon loading and, generally, more difficult to navigate a trailer will cost more. Vehicles in remote locations that want the driver to drive well off the beaten path to pick up the car will also cost more.

    Shipping Options

    Open or enclosed trailer? Expedited or stand pickup? Maximum insurance, or is the minimum enough to cover it? These are all transporting decisions that will impact the entire cost. Standard transportation in an open trailer is the most reliable option, while an expedited enclosed carrier will demand the highest prices.

    Vehicle Size and Type

    Certain vehicles will be more costly to ship than others. For example, full-size trucks and vans weigh much more than mid-size sedans and will cost more to ship. Exotic vehicles and sports cars that are extremely low to the ground may require special equipment or specific trailers, making shipping them more expensive.


    Even the time of year can impact the cost of vehicle shipping. Since families tend to move between school years, summers are jam-packed for car shipping companies. Audiences who require vehicle shipping services during the summer should expect to pay slightly more.


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