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What's In This Article?

  1. What Is The Safest Shipping Option- Open VS Enclosed?
  2. Difference Between Open And Enclosed Shipping Methods
  3. How To Select A Reliable Company For Your Shipping?
  4. Precautions To Be Taken While Shipping Your Car
  5. How To Avoid Ripped Off By The Company?

What Is The Safest Shipping Option- Open VS Enclosed?

The safest shipping option to transport your vehicle is an enclosed car which has a long trailer with four enclosed sides and a roof, adding extra protection to your luxury vehicle.

Enclosed car shipping is used mostly for shipping luxury and premium vehicles, etc. Many automobile owners like enclosed car shipping services because of their extra protection and unique features, as they protect your vehicle from hazardous climatic conditions. It is more expensive than open car transport.

Benefits Of Selecting A Shipping Service-

There are many benefits to choosing shipping transportation services to ship your vehicle. Let us discuss some of the benefits and why it is important.

  • If you are moving from one place to another, rather than driving it by yourself, you can select the shipping transportation services.
  • They ship your vehicle with utmost care and protect your vehicle from any conditions like climatic conditions, etc.
  • You can transport your vehicle without stress and need not worry about loading, unloading, and shipping.
  • You will get professional services for shipping your car because they are professional and have expertise.
  • Difference Between Open And Enclosed Shipping Methods

    When you are moving your vehicle from one place to another and if you are looking for safety and protection for your vehicle, then before shipping and selecting vehicle transporting services, you should know the difference between open and enclosed car services. Let us discuss the difference between these two shipping methods.

    Open Car Shipping Services Enclosed Car Shipping Service
    Long trailer with open sides Long trailer with enclosed sides
    Use to ship vehicles to short-distance Use for long-distance shipping
    Low price and less protection More expensive with a high protective shield
    Easy booking with fast delivery Need prior booking and takes time for delivery
    Can load multiple vehicles at a time Can load two or a few vehicles at a time

    How To Select A Reliable Company For Your Shipping?

    When you are considering transporting your car from one place to another, it is more important to find a trustworthy company, and safety is the first concern for every vehicle owner, so you must keep these key points in mind before shipping your vehicle.

  • Know The Shipping Company
  • Research And Know the Legitimacy Of The Company
  • Shipping Options
  • Security Features
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Delivery Status
  • Service And Support
  • Market Reputation And Client Testimonials
  • Payment Method
  • Know The Shipping Company-

    It is important to know your company before shipping your vehicle because the safety of the vehicle is a major concern of the owner. So it is more important to know your company’s reputation and reviews of the clients.

    Car shipping service

    Research And Know the Legitimacy Of The Company-

    It is important to research your company and know its legitimacy record before selecting it. Whether the company has its license, registration and proven track record of the company. 

    Shipping Options-

    Before selecting the shipping transportation service, look at the shipping options offered by the company. If you need to ship your vehicle across the city, check if the company offers long-distance shipping options like enclosed and open car shipping transportation.

    Security Features-

    You must check the security features of your transportation company, like whether it Shipps your car with utmost care and with high protection over hazardous and climatic conditions. You must check whether it has enclosed sides and roof, GPS tracking to locate and to know the live update of your vehicle. 

    Insurance Coverage-

    You must see whether the company has covered the insurance service or not, if it is in need of urgency, or if your vehicle gets damaged or faces any consequences, then the company should be able to provide you with the insurance service. It is the protection of your shipping car.

    Delivery Status-

    In case of emergency or if you need to transport your vehicle fast and securely, then the company should be able to deliver it on time and with proper protection.

    Service And Support-

    Customers are the first and foremost priority for every company, and when it comes to shipping your car, you must look for responsive customer service and support in case of emergency. Their team should be able to support you with patience.

    Market Reputation And Client Testimonials

    Check your company's market reputation and the reliability of your shipping company. Check online reviews and client testimonials for a better understanding of the company.

    Payment Method-

    You must check the payment method of the company before shipping, whether they are charging any upfront payment or charging their payment after the delivery of your vehicle. The payment option must be convenient to you and must fulfill your payment option requirements like credit card, PayPal, etc.

    Precautions To Be Taken While Shipping Your Car

    Before shipping your car or any other vehicle, you must take some precautions and additional measures to ensure its safety. Let us focus on some of the most important key points to avoid any disturbances from loading to delivery during shipping.

  • Save Time, Not Money
  • Avoid Any Type Of Up-front Payment
  • Check All The Security Policies
  • Check The Type Of Trailer
  • Remove Unnecessary Things
  • Schedule Your Shipping 
  • Verification Of The Drivers License
  • Inspect And Check Your Car
  • Maintain Proper Communication
  • Save Time, No Money-

    When transporting your car, you should always look for the company’s reviews, not for the money. Never make your decision based on the money because if you pay less, you will get the service according to your pay. While shipping your car, you must check the reviews of the clients and the company’s reputation on the market.

    Avoid Any Type Of Up-Front Payment-

    when you are shipping your car, you must avoid any up-front payment or any advance deposit to the company. Ensure that everything is signed and written on the policies, and always look for the shipping charges to avoid the extra hidden charges charged by a company.

    Check All The Security Policies-

    While selecting your vehicle transportation services, you must always check the security policies like whether your vehicle is properly protected while shipping, GPS tracking, and Insurance coverage to avoid any type of risk during shipping.

    Check The Type Of Trailer-

    To ensure the safety of your car you should check the transportation type, whether it is an open car shipping trailer or an enclosed car trailer type.

    Remove Unnecessary Things-

    Remove all your personal and unnecessary items inside the vehicle, tighten the loose screw, and do not fill the fuel tank while shipping; maintain a low fuel to avoid any risk avoiding damage. Disable the car alarms to avoid any unnecessary disturbances.

    Schedule Your Shipping-

    When it comes to shipping your car, you must always book the car shipping service in advance to avoid any hassle during the shipping. When the plans are scheduled, things will go smoothly and safely. So you should always book in advance to ensure your car's safety.

    Verification Of The Driver’s License-

    To ensure the security of your car, you must check and verify whether the driver possesses a verified license that is active or not.

    Inspect And Check Your Car-

    At the time of shipping, you should inspect your car by taking the proper photography documentation of your car and giving accurate information about your car, like weight, size, color, etc., to avoid any kind of extra charges for shipping.

    Maintain Proper Communication-

    It is most important to communicate with the driver and with the company for a regular and updated live location and car security throughout the car shipping. 

    Car transport service

    How To Avoid Ripped Off By The Company?

    It is most important that you do not get ripped off by the shipping company, so to avoid this and for safe transportation service, you must follow these steps.

  • Get A Signed Quote
  • Company’s Review
  • Reasonable Price
  • Signed Insurance Bond
  • Company Registration Details
  • Get A Signed Quote-

    To avoid any extra charges and disputes among both parties you must get a signed contract of the vehicle shipping quote.

    Company’s Review-

    Before hiring a vehicle transportation service, you must check the company’s reputation and clients' reviews of their service and support.

    Reasonable Price-

    Before hiring a vehicle transportation service you must ensure that you have got a reasonable price for your shipping vehicle and get a signed paper of the Price quotation. You may also ask for a reference.

    Signed Insurance Bond-

    In case your shipping vehicle met with any accident or theft and met with any climatic condition and got damaged to get insurance you should always have signed the insurance bond of the company to claim the insurance against your car.

    Company Registration Details-

    You should always look and verify the company weather it has a registration number and is approved by the authority of the government.

    Last but not least, when it comes to the security of your car then you must always look and hire a reputable company. It is more important to select a reliable and reputed company for your car shipping. Get auto transportation to ensure the security of your car and protect your vehicle from any kind of damage.

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