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What's In This Article?

  1. What Is the Minimum Cost to Ship a Car?
  2. On which Months do Auto Shipping Companies Offer Documentation or Promotions?
  3. Why does the Cost of Shipping Differ from Month to Month?
  4. How do Weather Conditions Affect the Car Shipping Services?
  5. How to Calculate Cheap Car Shipping Quotes?
  6. Does the Exact date for Shipping Affect the Shipping Cost?
  7. What is the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car?
  8. Does the Vehicle Size Affect the Shipping Cost?

What Is the Minimum Cost to Ship a Car?

When calculating the cost of shipping, there are many factors on which it depends like fuel prices, distance, vehicle condition, type of vehicle, etc. These factors vary from person to person making it difficult to calculate the exact cost of shipping. Get Auto Transportation has studied the data of recent car shipping and market conditions and prepared the following table to get a better understanding of cost and timing:


Distance Average price per mile Sample Distance Sample Price
1oo to 500 miles $2.65 100 miles $265
500 to 1000 miles $1.47 700 miles $1029
1000 to 1500 miles $1.07 1240 miles $1327
1500 to 2000 miles $0.99 1650 miles $1633
2000 to 2500 miles $0.78 2,250 miles $1755
2500 to 3000 miles $0.67 2,750 miles $1843

Note: Provided quote and time for shipping is a potential that one can get when shipping car and tends to change according to market conditions. Please contact Get Auto Transportation for any query or custom quote at +1 (833) 233-4447.

On which Months do Auto Shipping Companies Offer Documentation or Promotions?

Majorly auto shipping companies, including us, offer discounts and service in two months. The first month is holidays out of our gratitude, and the second is off peak seasons. It is beneficial to ship cars in off season as roads are clear and carriers are easily available making the processor faster.

Why does the Cost of Shipping Differ from Month to Month?

There are certain factors that affect the cost of shipping a car, which results in changes in cost. There are some factors that help to get cheap car shipping quotes, whereas some make shipping quotes a fortune. Following are some of the important factors that differ costs from month to month:

cheap car shipping

Demand and Supply:

Auto shipping is also affected by demand and supply. In peak months from May to August, the demand for car shipping services is most. As college students and many people shift to other states, increasing demand for shipping which affects the cost.

Carriers availability:

In some months, especially in holiday months, the carrier drivers take off from work, which leads to a hike in price as holidays are the busiest time, and less supply may alter the cost for shipping.

Fuel prices:

As carriers need fuel to operate and fuel prices change every month, which brings changes in car shipping quotes. These factors mainly affect the shipping services that have less shipping capacity.

Government rules and laws:

Any new auto shipping law or regulations can affect the cost of car shipping as these laws bind the shipping process, and any new fees or tax bring changes in cost.

Salaries and Wages:

Auto shipping companies employ various people to provide you with convenient car shipping services, and any changes in operating costs like maintenance costs and storage costs highly influence the total operating cost of the shipping process.

Unforeseen events:

Any external events may change the cost of shipping as any natural or man made calamities could delay the shipping process, making changes in the final cost.

How do Weather Conditions Affect the Car Shipping Services?

Harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, and sunlight affect the car shipping process which brings changes in cost from time to time. If the car is shipped in this weather it could get damaged so it is better to ship in seasons like Fall or Autumn.

How to Calculate Cheap Car Shipping Quotes?

As many factors affect the cost of shipping, and these factors also change every month and from one requirement to another, making it difficult to provide the exact cost for shipping.

To clear this situation, Get Auto Transportation provides a car shipping cost calculator free of cost that helps a lot to calculate the potential costs as per your shipping requirements. This calculator just takes the needed shipping details and calculates the potential and cheap car transport cost according to the market condition.

You can also calculate the potential cost as per your requirements by following these just  three steps:

Know about the car:

The primary step is to collect information about your vehicle, please gather the following important details about your vehicle:

Type of vehicle you want to ship

  • Condition of the vehicle 
  • Pick up and Drop off location for both current and destination
  • Shipping method(open or enclosed)
  • Shipping service(fast, door to door)
  • Enter details:

    After gathering all the important and needed details for calculating cheap car shipping quotes. Enter all the details in the Get Auto Transportation calculator step by step and let the calculator do its work. In a few seconds or minutes, you will get the potential car shipping cost.

    cheap car shipping quotes

    Contact the expert:

    After getting the potential quote as per your requirements, contact the Get Auto Transportation expert and discuss any doubts and confusion after that, reserve the date as per your requirements, and you will get a confirmation of your shipping via email from our expert.

    Enter Details and Receive Estimate:

    Once you access the car shipping cost calculator, you'll usually find a form or interface where you can input the details of your shipment. Fill in the required fields with the information gathered about your vehicle and shipping preferences. After entering all the necessary details, the calculator will generate an estimated cost for shipping your car from the pickup location to the destination.

    Does the Exact date for Shipping Affect the Shipping Cost?

    This doesn't affect the cost much, but specific delivery days or holidays could affect the cost. Get Auto Transportation is open to work as per your requirements without any much extra cost, but in the high demand season, you may not be able to get shipping as per your requirement due to the high rush.

    What is the Cheapest Way to Transport a Car?

    Despite many factors affecting the car shipping process. There are some ways or steps that can help you to obtain a cheap yet reliable car shipping service. Following are some steps that can help to obtain cheap car shipping near me without cutting any cost:

    Open Auto Transport:

    You can choose an open car carrier for your requirements as it is easily available and has a high shipping capacity, making it the cheapest way to ship a vehicle. These carriers are suitable for shipping standard and used cars.

    Terminal to Terminal car shipping:

    This method is the oldest method for shipping cars in this, you will be responsible for dropping and picking up the car, making it the most affordable shipping service. This method used to be the cheapest and reliable, but nowadays storage cost of the cars at the terminal increases the over all cost.

    Get multiple quotes:

    As the car shipping calculator also runs on an algorithm, it is advisable to get multiple quotes by changing details a little bit. This will help to get a better idea of the cost.

    Flexibility in dates:

    If you have enough time to get another day or date for shipping, you can score a good deal. In this, you can book according to the car shipping company or provide enough time to prepare as per your requirement.

    Off peak season:

    It is beneficial to ship in off peak seasons as clear roads, less demand, and proper availability of carriers can help you to get cheap and reliable car shipping services.

    Discounts and Offers:

    Many car shipping companies, including Get Auto Transportation, offer various discounts throughout the month. Look for any ongoing discounts, or you could ask for one simply.

    cheapest way to ship a car


    You can openly negotiate with the experts on call or text to score a better deal. Get Auto Transportation experts are just one call away and open to discussing anything related to shipping, making the car shipping process easier and more convenient.

    Book in advance:

    When booking for a car shipping service in advance, you can easily obtain a shipping quote that matches your budget and requirements.

    Does the Vehicle Size Affect the Shipping Cost?

    Yes, large and heavy vehicles take more time and cost for shipping . Heavy vehicles occupy more space in the carrier and need more equipment to carry out the process increasing the cost whereas small vehicles are easy to handle occupy less space and cost less to ship.

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