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What's In This Article?

  1. What is the Affordable Way to Ship a Car?
  2. How Many Types of Affordable Auto Transport Services?
  3. What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Luxury or Vintage Car?
  4. How do You Save Money When You Ship a Car?
  5. How Much does Affordable Auto Shipping Cost?

What is the Affordable Way to Ship a Car?

Open car transport is the best way to cheap auto shipping. Affordable car carriers have ten to fifteen cars on one carrier with one driver. Also, since more open car movers are on the road than any other, they can handle almost any vehicle.

If the vehicle you need car shipping services for is one you drive daily, open car transportation is the way to go and is always the cheapest auto transport. However, cheap car transport can also depend on what type of auto transport truck you will need for your specific vehicle.

Are you looking to ship an exotic car, or perhaps it is a collectable? If so, the cheapest auto transport to ship a car like that would likely be enclosed car transport. While more expensive than open car transport, it protects your vehicle from the elements, which is excellent if rare or valuable.

How Many Types of Affordable Auto Transport Services?

Whether relocating to a new city or buying a car out of state, finding a reliable carrier to transport your vehicle efficiently and safely is essential. Your auto shipper must use other means to load your vehicle onto the car transport truck. These methods will vary depending on the type of car transport carrier you have chosen. Get Auto Transportation provides various services:

Open auto transport – 

A winch loads the car onto an open car carrier. Then, the carrier uses the attached chain to pull the car onto it. Our open car shipping carriers can load and unload non-operational vehicles so long as there is a forklift at both pickup and delivery. As carriers typically provide cheap auto transport services, most non-operational vehicles are shipped via open car transport trucks.

Affordable auto transport

Enclosed auto transport –

Enclosed car shipping carriers usually use a liftgate to load nonoperational cars onto the carrier. Some enclosed car shipping carriers may have a winch, but they are less standard on enclosed car transport trucks than on open car transport trucks. However, A liftgate is better for most automobiles, especially running ones, and they are particularly handy for low clearance cars as they protect them from damage during unloading and loading. 

Of the two methods, open auto transport services are significantly cheapest auto transport than enclosed auto transport. Open car transport is typically the way to go if you want affordable car transport services.

Door to door auto transport -

Door to door shipping on an open transport truck is the standard vehicle shipping method in the industry today. It is the best way to find affordable car transport services and will be the lowest you pay to ship a car. We recommend door to door car transport for anyone transporting a car they drive daily.

All car transporters are insured at a federally mandated minimum of $739,121, with many simply going up to $1 million worth of insurance on our carrier. Open transport car shipping is the affordable auto shipping safely and securely, and we stand behind that statement.

If you want to ship your vehicle, whether you need terminal shipping or door to door transportation services, fill out our free car shipping cost calculator. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two from start to finish and will get you a free, no-obligation, cheap auto transport quote from Get Auto Transportation.

We are fully licensed and bonded. We will be the cheapest auto transport company that moves your vehicle in a reasonable period. This way, you understand you will be in good hands no matter what. If you have concerns or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time at (833) 233-4447.

Terminal to terminal auto transport:

No matter your appearance, cheap car shipping is terminal to terminal auto transportation. It is even cheaper than door to door car shipping! However, We do not recommend this cheap car transport option unless necessary. Car shippers providing these services are often slower and less convenient than door to door car transport services.

Nevertheless, it remains a handy way to transport vehicles, especially considering that almost all major cities have at least one car transportation terminal where you can drop your vehicle off. You must leave your car there for days or weeks, waiting for your car mover to show.

This always comes with a risk. We recommend you ship your car across the country via door to door car shipping on an open auto transport truck. All transporters are insured for at least $731,151, the lowest truck insurance required by federal law.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a Luxury or Vintage Car?

The most affordable way to ship a vintage or luxury car is through open transportation services. However, open car shipping is not the safest method of shipping cars. Enclosed car movers protect cars much better than open car movers. If you are transporting from the port, roll-on and roll-off auto transport services with an enclosed car transport carrier are recommended.

Most customers prefer enclosed auto shipping rather than open auto transport. Why? It’s simple: enclosed car movers provide their vehicles with the most security and protection from the elements.

Enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open car transport by about 60%, but it protects vehicles much better and is highly recommended for luxury or vintage vehicles. While it may not be the cheapest auto transport method of transporting cars available, it is a lot safer.

One of the benefits of enclosed car shipping services compared to open auto transport is the different ways enclosed auto transport trucks can load vehicles. Most have extra-long ramps or lift gates, so your driver won’t have to drive your vehicle onto the truck. Depending on Get Auto Transportation you choose, you may choose enclosed auto transport services with a specific type of configuration.

How do You Save Money When You Ship a Car?

Primarily, shipping cars are all about timing your car transport services. If you are not in a hurry to have your vehicle shipped and can wait for the busy car shipping season to pass, you can save money on your car shipping services. Affordable car carriers operating coast to coast are busiest in the summer. On the other hand, fall and spring are when affordable car carriers running north-south routes have the most workload. 

Here are some other ways to make your car shipping services as cost-effective as possible:

Choose terminal to terminal car transport services

Nearly all car transporters will come and get your car from its current location and deliver it to the end destination. This is door to door service, and so far at least as far as cheap car shipping services go – it’s pretty cheap. It’s not as cheap as terminal to terminal car shipping, but affordable car transport service is relative.

If you opt for the cheap terminal to terminal car shipping services, be aware that leaving a vehicle at a car shipping terminal for too long can result in daily charges.  Terminal car transportation services are not as common as they used to be, so speak to one of our car shipping representatives to learn more.

Cheap car transport

Be flexible with car transport pick up and drop off dates

our car transport carriers will let you select the best dates. Do not hesitate to ask for cheaper options, especially if you are not eager to get the car picked up and delivered on particular dates. You may also qualify for a discount. Get Auto Transportation offer price discounts for allowing them to schedule the pickup and drop-off in a way that makes more sense to them logistically. 

Go with open car transport

As discussed, open car shipping on a door to door auto transport route is cheaper than enclosed shipping by around 55%-63%. 

How Much does Affordable Auto Shipping Cost? 

When looking at how much affordable auto shipping costs, averages come into play. Get Auto Transportation prices routes differently, so prices will vary based on the company you’re speaking to. However, the average vehicle shipping costs range between $500-$1,100 for a 4-door sedan and from around $749 to $1,392  for small SUVs, pickups, and vans. Heavy cars will cost more to ship, which will vary depending on the specific route. Note that car shipping services during the off-season months often lower prices, resulting in cheaper car transport services.

The costs above are only for car transport services within the contiguous United States. A vehicle shipped overseas to Hawaii usually costs $791-$1,343, while car transport between Alaska, Washington, and Seattle costs around $1,297. You will also pay extra for vehicle shipping services if you do not live near a vehicle transport terminal or if the car needs to be operational. 

If you require car transport services for an exotic or vintage car, it can cost as little as $753 – but it can go up to over $2989, depending on the type of car transportation trailer you choose and your vehicle's loading/unloading requirements. 

Generally speaking, shipping a car long distances costs $0.61 per mile (on average). This applies to trips over 1,000 miles. For shorter car shipping routes, the cost per mile is higher. For instance, it costs about $1 per mile for trips 500 miles or less but can be as low as $0.30 per mile for shipments coast to coast.

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