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What's In This Article?

  1. How Many Auto Transport Carriers Get Auto Transportation Use?
  2. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Get Carrier Auto Transport?
  3. What is the Cost of Auto Transport Carriers?
  4. What are the Benefits of Using Get Auto Transportation's Auto Transport Carrier Service?

How Many Auto Transport Carriers Get Auto Transportation Use?

Regardless of the different types of car carrier service we are using when you book through Get Auto Transportation. You can be guaranteed that it is modern and in perfect working order. 

Open car carrier service Transport 

Open to elements, these auto transport carriers are the most widely used, as they are inexpensive and efficient. They can be loaded with most vehicles, thanks to being topless and lightweight.

Single Car open carrier car shipping

Single car open carrier car shipping is often hauled behind a heavy duty carrier, usually a dually with a high torque engine. They are the lowest and most compact transport option available, meaning they can transport vehicles into hard-to-reach destinations, down tight roads, or through areas with low clearances.

These are often used for short shipping trips or transport situations with unique demands. They will occasionally be used for expedited door to door transport the direct option is beneficial and handy and carries a stiff price tag.

Single-Level, Multi-Car open carrier car shipping

Usually, a gooseneck trailer or a cramped trailer, the single level means it can haul vehicles in areas with low overheads. They can hold anywhere from 2-4 vehicles depending on the size. The length of the trailer makes them less maneuverable than a single-car hotshot trailer.

However, they’re great for taking to places similar to the single car,  where clearance may be doubtful. They also have merits over the multi-car carrier in that dual wheeled pick-up carriers can pull them with a gooseneck or a lightweight chassis with dual wheels. This allows for team driving and greater flexibility for faster shipping.

Multi-Level, Multi-Car open carrier car shipping

When someone mentions a carrier or a car transporter, you usually think of high-volume carriers with two levels. With incredible engineering and great operators, these trailers can move up to 10 vehicles in one shot. These are bulk shippers that need to be more logical for door to door car transport.

Instead, these run from terminals to terminals, dealerships, auctions, and more. That said, almost any car, SUV, or truck on the road today has been on one of these at point A or B. Due to the weight, these require a semi-truck to tow and are restricted due to height and maneuverability issues.

Enclosed car carrier transport

As with open car carrier transport, covered or enclosed car carrier transport comes in various sizes. The enclosed car carriers provide superior protection against wayward debris, the elements and other things that may damage your car throughout car carrier transport.

Single Car Enclosed car carrier transport

Like the open version, a single car-enclosed car carrier transport is often hauled behind a dual wheeled carrier. However, these can also be used as motorcycle haulers, sometimes holding three or four motorcycles when palletized. They are similarly used for transport or short delivery trips with unique demands.

Like the open trailers, they will also be used for expedited door to door transport, but a covered, single-car hauler is the most costly method of transporting a single vehicle, especially over long distances. That said, they offer the most security and safety of any method for transporting classic, exotic, and high-end luxury cars.

Single Level, Multi-Car Enclosed car carrier transport

These depart a little from their open-version cousins. While hauling vehicles on a single level, they don’t benefit from ramping or goosenecked to the hauling truck. This means they are usually limited to two vehicles, possibly three if they are smaller. Like the single-car enclosed car carrier, though, these can sometimes haul up to 6-8 bikes in a single load and are often used as motorcycle haulers!

Multi-Level, Multi-Car Enclosed car carrier transport

While these towering, enclosed trailers usually haul up to six vehicles, these have the limited carrying capacity of their open-air counterparts. You may find them in soft sided, sometimes called curtain-sided car carriers, as well as hard sided. They will sit low to the road to make sure they can clear low-clearance highway bridges.

Car carrier service

Though they may have issues off the freeway and highways, drivers must be careful. There are various types of multi level, multi car carriers as well. Some use an exterior ramp to move the cars to the second level, while others have a top level that can be lowered or raised independently. The size and weight of these carriers require a semi-truck to move.

Heavy Equipment car carrier transport

Big, bulky, heavy equipment and commercial or industrial trucks require special considerations and special equipment. You would not stack or fit these behind a truck in small, enclosed trailers. Instead, these units are almost always open-air, lowboy trailers. The low ride height makes it easier to clear low bridges and load heavy equipment. It also keeps the center of gravity low to the ground for stability.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Get Carrier Auto Transport?

The car shipping industry is only possible with car carrier transport. TCI Logistics has an extensive network of reliable auto carriers near me we employ daily nationwide for vehicle transport moves. It is of superior priority to our staff agents to select the best rated car carrier transports.

We do that by extensive research and investigating a carrier's history and records on file with the FMCSA and the national Central Dispatch database. This is one of the main reasons why our customers receive top-notch service. Car shipping carriers have pros and cons, so we are here to make everything as smooth as possible!


  • Highly qualified drivers who have experience transporting vehicles and motorcycles
  • Cost Effective equipment usually consists of a truck pulling a multi-vehicle trailer
  • Bonded and Fully Insured, and registered with the FMCSA
  • Timely pickups and deliveries 
  • reliable auto transport carriers
  • Heavily invested in the industry
  • Backed by professional dispatchers
  • Disadvantage: 

  • Prone to mechanical truck failures
  • Susceptible to traffic or weather delays
  • Large truck or trailer making it difficult to maneuver
  • Often, ask customers to meet at an open lot
  • Making deliveries takes longer sometimes and has stops along the way
  • What is the Cost of Auto Transport Carriers?

    The actual cost to ship a car is a price that reflects current market conditions. An actual rate will be professional service and guaranteed timely, no matter the type of carrier.

    The carrier type you choose always affects the shipping price. The cost of enclosed auto transport is usually higher. Only about ten percent of the entire fleet are covered carriers In the U.S. Hence; this auto transport type is less available.

    Auto transport carriers

    What are the Benefits of Using Get Auto Transportation's Auto Transport Carrier Service?

    When hiring a carrier that is not a broker, you will work with a direct car carrier companies like(Get Auto Transportation) specializing in specific routes or areas of the U.S.

  • Get Auto Transportation, and they will take more routes. However, most will have a niche area where they have grown their presence, so they know it well. You do not have to worry about having your car waiting for a carrier. If they take the job, they usually pick it up when they say they will.
  • If there is a delay or damage, the carrier is responsible, and you are in touch with the parties directly involved. The pricing can be better since you are negotiating with the carrier directly. You expect this because there is not a middle man fee.
  • They are an independent Get Auto Transportation. In many cases, however, carriers make room in their business for brokers and discount their rates. Those who choose not to work exclusively with brokers will try actually to gain what they lose when working with a broker. So pricing can be the same in many cases or even more expensive if you are determined only to work directly.
  • Because of all the bad experiences caused by small brokers, auto transport without a broker is growing in popularity quickly.
  • We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
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