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What's In This Article?

  1. What do You Look for In Our Best Car Shipping Company
  2. How Much does Our Car Shipping Company Cost?
  3. How do You Get Cheap Car Shipping?
  4. Meet Your Carrier at a Convenient Location:
  5. What are the Car Shipping Cost Factors?
  6. How to Ship Your Car With the Help of Get Auto Transportation?

What do You Look for In Our Best Car Shipping Company?

It can be challenging to differentiate between Get Auto Transportation because almost all offer similar shipping routes and transport options. However, various factors indicate a company is trustworthy and reputable, including customer service quality, industry reputation, years of experience, pricing transparency and adequate supplemental insurance coverage.

Below are detailed explanations of the most important characteristics when shopping for Get Auto Transportation:

Industry Reputation:

Just because Get Auto Transportation has been in business for several years, it is reputable. Customers and carriers trust reputable brokers. Take the time to read about our customers’ experiences on review sites to understand how our company operates.

Guaranteed Quotes:

Car transport quotes are estimates based on Get Auto Transportation's previous volatility experiences with the market industry. It is common for shipping quotes to be lower than the final price by as much as 25% due to supply and demand and the fluctuation of gas prices. Get Auto Transportation will guarantee all or a portion of your quote. This is especially useful if you can’t afford to pay hidden fees and are on a strict budget.

Years of Experience:

Get Auto Transportation will usually survive the test of time. Get Auto Transportation can leverage years of experience to pass the savings on to you and negotiate lower shipping rates.

Above-average auto transport insurance:

Reputable carriers are not commonly involved in accidents, but the chances of an accident happening are never zero. Look for our auto transporter with an easy claims filing process and robust insurance coverage. Get Auto Transportation offers add-on insurance coverage if you want more coverage than Get Auto Transportation's standard insurance offers.

best car shipping companies

Transparent pricing:

The best and most reputable Get Auto Transportation are upfront and honest about their rates and possible additional charges. That there won’t be any surprise charges when you pick up your vehicle allows you to budget your move more accurately and understand that you can trust the quote you received.

Customer service ratings and reviews:

With consistently high ratings and customer reviews on trusted sites like Google, Get Auto Transportation is generally an excellent company to work with. Our best reviews and high ratings often show transparent pricing or best customer service.

How Much does Our Car Shipping Company Cost?

According to Get Auto Transportation research, the average cost to ship a car is around $1,649. Because car shipping costs depend on transport options and many other factors outside your control, costs vary widely from shipment to shipment.

Prices can range from over $1 per mile for short shipments to 50 cents per mile or less for longer shipments across the country. Below are the highest, lowest and average costs per mile our review team received during our extensive industry review.

  • Highest price: $0.39 per mile 
  • Average price:$1.03 per mile
  • Lowest price:$5.43 per mile 
  • How do You Get Cheap Car Shipping?

    Even if you choose Get Auto Transportation, paying more than you should is possible unless you understand how to save money. Car Shipping can be expensive, but our team found various ways to save money during our research. Get Auto Transportation offers discounts, and if you research, you can find cheap car shipping services from Get Auto Transportation. Below are several ways to lower your total shipping cost:

    Be flexible with your shipping dates:

    Being flexible allows the trailer to transport your car with other cars going to the same destination into one shipment. Get Auto Transportation even offers discounts if you allow our company more flexibility when your car is dropped off and picked up.

    Book in Advance:

    You don't have to plan for months. You will allow enough time for trailers to bid on your booked shipment and Plan for at least two weeks.

    Choose open carrier shipping:

    The most straightforward way to lower shipping costs is to transport your car on an open car trailer, which could save you up to 23%.

    Meet Your Carrier at a Convenient Location:

    Get Auto Transportation charges more if they deliver cars to remote areas or along less popular transport routes. You can save money by meeting your carrier at a nearby interstate or city along a standard shipping route.

    Opt For Terminal To Terminal Services:

    Have your car picked up and dropped off at a shipping terminal. Door to door car shipping is a premium service that significantly raises the vehicle's cost.

    Ship Your Car During the Off-Season:

    Peak season in the car shipping industry generally lasts during the summer months and in January, when people often move or snowbirds travel south. If you can transport your car during the spring or autumn, you can save money because more available trailers with open spots on their trailers will bid on your shipment and drive the price down.

    best auto shipping companies

    What are the Car Shipping Cost Factors?

    Aside from Get Auto Transportation you choose, several factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle, including

  • The Distance: How far you transport your car directly affects the cost, but you will also pay a lower per mile rate with long distance shipping.
  • Transport type: Open car shipping is usually several hundred dollars cheaper than enclosed shipping. Door to door car transport affords you more convenience, but it increases the total shipping cost of a vehicle.
  • Additional features and Vehicle size: Small cars are cheaper to transport than larger vehicles like trucks or SUVs. Also, cars with additional features like roof racks and luggage carriers are more costly to ship than stock automobiles.
  • Vehicle operability: Carriers charge between $100 to $150 to winch an inoperable vehicle onto a trailer. Not all trailers have winching capabilities, which limits your options. 
  • Season: transport prices vary based on demand and supply, so you will pay more for car shipping when multiple families move in the summer. Demand is also high when returning home in the spring, and snowbirds travel south in the winter, which increases the prices of common transport routes.
  • Drop-off and Pickup dates: If you are flexible with your pickup and drop-off dates, you can save money since Get Auto Transportation has more time to schedule your shipment on a carrier with other cars travelling to the same location.
  • Delivery and Pickup locations: additionally, the distance between pickup and delivery locations impacts rates, popularity, the population density of a location, and difficulty of delivering are also essential. Transporters often charge more to ship vehicles to rural areas. Since Get Auto Transportation compete for your business in large cities, you can lower costs by meeting the carrier in a nearby urban area or town.
  • How to Ship Your Car With the Help of Get Auto Transportation?

    Car shipping can take a lot of work for first-timers. To help ensure you have a positive shipping experience and avoid unnecessary hassles, Get Auto Transportation Guides team has provided the steps you should take to have a positive experience when transporting a vehicle.

    Set a Budget:

    Your budget Determine before getting quotes to eliminate Get Auto Transportation outside your preferred price range. How much are you willing to spend? By determining, you can mix and match different services to better meet your requirements since prices for similar car shipping services can vary drastically depending on Get Auto Transportation.

    Do Your Research:

    Get Auto Transportation is the best company on trusted sites like the Better Business Bureau and Google. Look into our company that can support your transport needs, the size of your vehicle, and the distance of your move. For example, if you work during the day, you should know before you start getting quotes which our company offers extended or 24/7 customer service. 

    Decide on a Shipping Method

    Determine what shipping method you want and which additional car transport services are essential to you.

    Get Quotes:

    Start getting quotes from Get Auto Transportation you researched at least two weeks before you want to move your car. Our car carriers provide free online quotes, but to get the most accurate quotes, Get Auto Transportation needs the specific details of your shipment, including your vehicle make and model, shipping dates, pickup and drop-off locations and whether you prefer open or enclosed car trailer options.

    Choose us: 

    Settle on Get Auto Transportation, which offers the best services that match your car transport criteria.

    Book the Quote:

    A quote is not a contractual obligation between you and Get Auto Transportation. You must confirm your booking to initiate the transport process. Get Auto Transportation will require you to provide proof of ownership or ask for proof of insurance to ensure the company is not transporting a stolen vehicle.

    When you book, your quote is essential having these documents handy. Once you have booked your transport services, ensure that Get Auto Transportation confirms all the details, shipping dates, pickup and drop-off locations, verifying your chosen transport method, and insurance coverage, including additional coverage if you purchased it. 

    Prepare Your Car For Shipping

    Before the trailer picks up your car, there are various steps you want to take to prepare your car for its journey. First, ensure your car is clean and take photos of its current condition. This documentation will be helpful if you file a claim with Get Auto Transportation’s insurance.

    If Get Auto Transportation allows you to ship personal cargo in your car, do not exceed the maximum weight limit allowed, or you will have to pay an additional fee. Also, the trailer has the right to search personal belongings transported in a car to ensure the driver’s safety and prevent the transfer of illicit drugs.

    Give Your Car Get Auto Transportation:

    You must meet the trailer at the agreed-upon location on the pick-up date, whether at a terminal, your house or a nearby interstate. You and our auto shipper will inspect your document and car for any damage. Once the inspection is finished, you will sign a lading bill, a document that acts as details and a receipt for the services provided.

    Along with the photos you took while preparing your car for transportation, the lading bill is handy if you want to file an insurance claim because it documents your car's condition before being transported.

    best car transport companies

    Track Your Vehicle:

    Get Auto Transportation offers real-time GPS tracking, and also we require you to call the car transport broker to inquire about the location of your car. Many audiences find this step gives them peace of mind since it reveals whether the trailer is on schedule and their vehicle is on its way to the correct drop-off location.

    Inspect and Receive Your Car:

    When your vehicle is ready to be picked up, meet the trailer at the drop-off location and inspect your vehicle for any damage. If your car has new dings, scratches or dents, you should record the damages and take pictures with the trailer. Ensure the damages are recorded on the lading bill because the trailer’s insurance will deny your claim if the damage is not detailed.

    Review our Company:

    At the end of your car shipping process, you should leave a review of Get Auto Transportation services on the car shipping website and trusted review sites.  

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