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Some Popular Auto Transportation routes on which Get Auto Transport do the shipment almost every single day

City to City

Approximate Distance

Estimate Time

Estimate Price
San Diego to Tucson 360 miles 1 to 2 days $180 to $195
Miami to New York City 1280 miles 4 to 5 days $600 to $720
Seattle to Denver 1,330 miles 4 to 5 days $650 to $750
Houston to Chicago 1050 miles 3 to 4 days $500 to $580
Detroit to Orlando 1160 miles 3 to 4 days $500 to $570
Atlanta to Los Angeles 2140 miles 6 to 7 days $1050 to $1150
Boston to Miami 1260 miles 4 to 5 days $600 to $650
New Orleans to Seattle 2800 miles. 6 to 7 days $1400 to $1450
San Francisco to Dallas 1720 miles 5 to 6 days $800 to $900
Phoenix to Minneapolis 1550 miles 4 to 5 days $770 to $820
Charlotte to San Diego 2390 miles 6 to 7 days $1100 to $1250
Note: For an Accurate and estimated Price. Please Call our Auto Transport Professional at (833) 233-4447

What's In This Article?

  1. How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?
  2. Auto Shipping Cost Calculator
  3. The Average Cost to Ship a Car
  4. Why do Vehicle Shipping Rates Vary from Time to Time?
  5. Why Car Transport Cost is Calculated on a Mile Basis?
  6. How to Get Affordable Car Shipping Prices?

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

If we talk about cost, we will again and again be stuck on an average. Why? Shipping depends on many factors, like car type (Standard, Luxury, Classic, Sports, etc). Then there is a shipping mode (Open, Terminal, Enclosed, Multi, etc.). And last o, other factors like (Fuel, Distance, Season, etc.) add up to cost, making it difficult to provide exact cost. So, with the help of the Cost Calculator, Get Auto Transportation has constructed a table for better understanding. You can see the table in the (Average Cost to ship a car ) Section.

Auto Shipping Cost Calculator

Circumstances made providing an accurate cost estimate difficult, but our cost calculator simplifies the process. You can complete the form to obtain the best vehicle shipping price

If you are looking for Auto shipping, it costs to ship a car. You should take the help of a cost calculator. The cost calculator is an online tool provided by many major car shipping companies, including us.

The calculator just asks for necessary data related to shipping; check the information in the database, and it will provide you with the average cost that suits your requirements best.

Let's clear the working of the cost calculator with the following steps:

Input the basics to start:

As it is also a standard calculator for working, it requires the data to create. You just have to put information related to the car shipping process, like (location, Car type, Conditions, Any sort of Customization, etc). Don't worry; the calculator doesn't ask for personal information.

Just some adjustments:

After the calculator gets the required set of data. It will start to calculate the data by using simple mathematics. This process can take time to calculate the best estimate for your car shipping. It could take a few seconds to a few minutes

Finalization :

The wait is over. After the calculator is processed, you will see that a number will be displayed on your screen. The number is the quote or cost you are looking for so far. You can also recheck by doing the same process for more clarity.

As the Cost calculator is also an online tool, it is designed to be as reliable as possible. But since it is a machine, it could also be wrong, so it is better to check for more than one cost or contact Get Auto Transportation Experts by calling +1 (833) 233-4447.

The Average Cost to Ship a Car

While shipping a car, what is the average cost that I can get while shipping my car or thinking about shipping your vehicle. Providing the average cost would be challenging as many factors affect the price (fuel, season, distance, etc.).  We have constructed the following chart with the help of Get Auto Transport Experts and Cost calculator to understand the process and cost better.

Cost To Ship A Car


Distance Estimated Time Estimated Open Transport Cost Estimated Closed Transport Cost
100 to 499 Miles 1 to 3 Days $545 $825
500 to 1499 Miles 3 to 5 Days $945 $1410
1500 to 2499 Miles 5 to 7 Days $1256 $1710
2500 Miles And Above 7 to 9 Days $1545 $2250+


Note: Estimated prices are based on recent shipping and current market scenarios. For a Customized and more accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll free number: +1 (833) 233-4447 or contact our Experts through our website.

Why do Vehicle Shipping Rates Vary from Time to Time?

Most asked and most confusing question. The cost increases because there are many external factors on which shipping depends. Hence, there are many factors on which shipping is dependent. Let's discuss the main factors that make vehicle shipping costs vary.

Distance Matters:

A shorter distance is going to cost more. A longer distance indeed costs less, but it sums up more. But dont worry; you will get the best estimated cost for car shipping by Get Auto Transport.

Type of Transport:

A carrier like an open is cheaper than an enclosed carrier due to its high availability. Safety also plays an essential role in this. So select the carrier that suits your requirements.

Car's Weight:

The larger or heavier the car, the more the cost will come up as it is easier to handle small cars(Hatchback) than large cars(SUVs).

Supply and Demand:

It is expected that if the availability of the carrier is low, it will add more to the cost of shipping the car.Same with the demand for shipping of a car type.


Need to move a car in a day or want urgent shipment. It is available at a little more cost.

Pickup and Drop off Locations:

Finding nearby terminals could be more challenging. Go with Door to door shipping; it is a little bit costlier, but it is safe and fast.

The Car’s Condition:

Shipping of running cars is cheaper than broken ones as broken ones need special requirements that must be arranged with little cost.


Basic plans come with the selected shipping plan, But it is essential to opt for what is best for your requirements and increasing Cost

Route Accessibility:

Hard to reach places cost more. As rural areas lack proper routes, making it more complex and expensive 


Winter car shipping can be pricier due to foggy Roads. Seasons like autumn or Summer start are usually affordable and best to ship your car.

Why Car Transport Cost is Calculated on a Mile Basis?

Shipping is not a kid's play, especially car shipping. So, from the experience of the Auto shipping industry, the cost is determined on a Mile basis because it makes it easy to do a regular (understandable) price calculation. Calculating based on factors such as

Transparency for Customers will be a headache:

By charging per mile, transport companies like us provide a clear and straightforward way to estimate your costs. It becomes as simple as the longer the distance, the more it will sum up without hidden fees.

Rewarding Efficiency:

This promotes efficiency in transport routes. If a company knows they're paid per mile, they's motivated to find the most direct and quickest ways. That’s a win win for the company and you, as you will have the safest and fastest route.

Reflecting Real Costs:

Fuel consumption is a significant operational expense directly tied to distance. So, a mile based rate ensures you're paying in line with the costs incurred.

Fair Compensation:

The longer the journey, the more time the driver spends on the road. Using a per mile rate, drivers are fairly compensated for their hard work and dedication; hence, they are happy to ship your car without any tension.

Economies of Scale:

While costs per mile might increase with distance, sometimes transport companies offer better rates for longer distances. 

The clarity in Operational Expenses:

Tolls, permits, and other route specific costs can be anticipated and built into the mile based price. This ensures a smooth journey for your car without any unexpected halts.

How to Get Affordable Car Shipping Prices?

Select only what is required if you want an affordable car shipping cost. And yes, Get Auto Transportation is here to help with their expertise. Everyone wants to save some cash, and we can help you with that; just follow the following steps to save some for yourself, too: 

car transport cost

Do Your Research:

Start by getting multiple quotes from different companies.

Remember, the cheapest is only sometimes the best. Balance price with reputation!

Be Flexible with Dates:

Prices, like airline tickets, can vary based on demand.

Shipping during off peak times can help you snag a better deal.

Consider Terminal to Terminal:

Door  to door is convenient, but picking up and dropping off at a company's terminal can save you some green.

Use Open Transport:

Enclosed trailers offer more protection but have a heftier price tag.

Open transport is usually cheaper if you're okay with exposing your car to the elements.

Avoid Rush Fees:

If you can, plan. Last minute bookings might cost you extra.

It's like the difference between buying concert tickets months ahead versus the day before the show.

Look for Discounts:

Many car transportation companies provide Discounts for military personnel, students, or repeat customers. But always look or ask for any discount that could be going on.

It doesn't hurt to ask, So ask what you want.

Bundle Services If Moving:

If you're relocating, some moving companies offer package deals if you transport your belongings and car together.

Reduce Extra Weight:

Empty your vehicle of personal belongings. Extra weight can sometimes increase the price.

Think of it as travelling light!

Check Reviews:

Look for companies with good reviews and customer feedback. It will help you get a better knowledge of the shipping process.

Understand Your Agreement:

Ensure you're clear on all terms to avoid hidden fees or surprises.

It's like reading the fine print before clicking "I agree" online.

We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
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Why we are on the top most position in Auto Shipping Industry

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The Best Auto Shipper

All thanks to our customers for making us the best in the market. We have been rated 4.9 as per various rating platforms on the google and other transportation review sites for the best car hauling service in the Auto Transportation sector. We are commited towards our work and we keep the Car Owners first. We understand all the Priorities and than we book the Final Order as our satisfied Customers are our Pride.

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Instant & Quick Quotes

Being an experienced Auto Transporter we have knowledge about various routes and shipping challenges which help us to provide you the exact Auto Quote on which we can really transport the vehicle. Our Quote calculator is very simple and easy. We need the Car Make & Model , Car Pickup Date , Zip Code for Car Pickup and Delivery Location and the quotation is ready or get you connected with Live Auto Experts

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Experienced Auto Experts

All our Auto Transporter agents are the experienced professional having a deep knowledge and interest in the Auto Transportation industry. We are best and it is all because of our top notch Auto Experts who are ready to accept all challenges and tackle the same with the help of our Expert Drivers hence making your Auto Shipping experience hassle free. They are the reason the we have numerous repeat vehicle moving orders.

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Zero Upfront Fee

Like all the auto transportation company we never charge a penny while booking an order with us. We understand your requirement and we figure out the accurate truck to move your vehicle. Once we assigned the driver we charge you the booking amount. Our priorities are delivering your vehicle safely on the particular date and time and when we meet all this that we request you to make the payment at the time of delivering a vehicle.

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Fully Insured

Insurance coverage of each and every vehicle that we ship is included in our car shipping quote that we provide at the booking. We understand that you love your vehicle and our drivers are experts in handling and they have all kind of safety feature in their truck that made us delivery all the vehicle with exact zero scratch til date. Our Truck Driver usually make a video at the time of car pickup and delivery in order to ensure the same condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is generally based on distance, car size and weight, and the type of transport selected.

Yes, typically, because SUVs are larger and heavier.

Open transportation is generally more affordable since it can carry more vehicles simultaneously and offers less protection.

Demand can increase during certain seasons, like summer, leading to higher prices.

No, it's usually more expensive due to the additional equipment needed for loading and unloading.

If you opt for extra insurance coverage, it will add to the total cost.

Popular routes are generally cheaper. Remote areas might incur additional fees.

Many companies offer discounts for shipping more than one vehicle simultaneously.
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