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What's In This Article?

  1. In Which Thing do We Provide Special Discount Auto Transport?
  2. How Else Can You Save Money Besides Cheap Auto Shipping?
  3. How to Ship Your Car to Another State?

In Which Thing do We Provide Special Discount Auto Transport?

Our Carriers give discounts for various reasons; for instance, our shippers give discounts for shipping more than one car at a time, known as a multicar discount. Get Auto Transportation also offer for our customers who have served military discounts in the nation’s military.

Military Discounts

Get Auto Transportation proudly supports the service men and women who help protect our country at home and abroad. In honors of our commitment to the armed forces, we are happy to offer a military discount program that applies to current and retired military personnel. Discounts apply to veterans and all active Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard duty. Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic discount for the military, which is 18%.  

 discount auto transport

We understand that our military women and men are often asked to relocate to other areas of the state and even states for work, and due to the many moves you may be required to make, we strive to make your relocation simple. We will work with you to arrange fast pickup and delivery from one base to another.

Whether you need open transport or prefer a more secure, enclosed mode of transport for a particular car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle, our team will get your vehicle where it needs to be at a competitive and fair price for those who serve our state.

Online Booking

Customers who book auto transport through our website automatically receive an online booking discount. We believe in leveraging technology to serve our customers better and have invested considerable resources in our online booking capabilities.

As a thank you to our audiences who use our quote online form, we are happy to offer a discount, even for repeat audiences. Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic discount for online booking, which is 12%. If you book in advance, then we will give 14% discount. 

First-time shipping discount:

If you’ve never had a car moved by a professional, there’s a discount for you, too! Our first-time transporter program applies to all of our services for our discount car transport rookies. If you’ve never had a car shipped or even if you have but not with us–our discount program will save you money! Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic discount for our first time shipping discount, which is 10%. 

Seasonal discount:

Many of our  discount auto shipping depend on the time of year and how that affects our business flow. Out the snowbirds, the winter brings, but that is not the only time discounts are offered. Get Auto Transportation also have great specials during the spring and summer months. Our customers can always rely on us for safe and fast auto transport any time of the year. Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic discount season-wise, which is 7%.   


Winter is a hectic time of year in the auto transport industry. Snowbirds flock to warm weather locations, usually in the country's southern, southwestern, and southeastern parts. This means we have more transport carriers running routes from north to south, which creates greater availability for our customers who need vehicles shipped along those routes.

Retirees, seniors, and seasonal movers can rely on us for their snowbird car transport. We have many snowbird shipping options to get your car to or from any state you desire. Best of all? Our transport services are reliable no matter what time of year you need service. Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic snowbird discount discount, which is 6%.


No one appreciates our discount car shipping more than our students. Whether you need a vehicle moved to a local college in your home state or a university across the country, we have an affordable way to make it happen. We offer discounts to students in both the fall and the summer. 

Whether you have an economy car, a luxury sedan, or even a big truck, it’s safer to ship than to drive it across the country to school. With our student auto transport discount, you’ll have more money on other necessary things, like coffee for those late-night study sessions! Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic student discount, which is 5%.

Multi-Car Discounts

For audiences moving more than one auto per order, we have a discount that applies even if the cars are headed to different places. It’s our opinion that customers who transport more than one vehicle are doing us a favors by giving us their business, and we would like to return that favors by offering a discount to anyone moving more than one car. Get Auto Transportation gives a fantastic multicar discount, which is 10%.

How Else Can You Save Money Besides Cheap Auto Shipping?

It can be challenging to save money on a tight budget, but don’t let a low income stop you from saving! Putting off goals like retirement and a down payment on a car or house is unnecessary.

How to Ship Your Car to Another State?

It’s not impossible to save money if you implement creative thinking, even if you are not earning as much as you would like; you just need to top open the lid of the box you are in and look around a bit. Challenge yourself to save more by adding frugality to your budget. If you find it hard, here are some money-saving ideas to get you started while still enjoying your life:

cheap auto shipping

Discount Auto transport made simple 

  • That fits your lifestyle (Create a budget)– Budgeting might seem like too much work, but it is a great way to build savings like saving money on gas and the key to saving on a low income. By including your savings goals in your budget, you can save your money in a planned way –  instead of just keeping what’s left over each month.
  • Reduce your housing costs – Based on a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study, your home may be your most significant expense. What if you could cut your monthly housing expenses by a few hundred dollars? Your quality of life and savings could greatly benefit you, right? Well, a few ways are here to cut your housing costs:
  • Downsize – Consider moving into a smaller apartment or home to reduce costs.
  • Real estate prices are heavily influenced by location. Would it make sense to move? A move to the suburbs, for instance, could be cost effective in some locations.
  • Houseback – your housing reduction costs, you can rent extra rooms in your home. Rent your property to long-term tenants or offer short-term rentals on platforms like Get Auto Transportation. Decide which option is best for you based on your situation. You can dramatically improve your financial situation by finding an affordable living place.
  • How much you spend on food Be more aware of . It can ruin any budget. On average, a household spends more than $3k on fast food and eating out, and even if you don’t spend so much, I am pretty sure you can spend a bit less on burgers. Try menu planning and bulk buying.
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