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What's In This Article?

  1. What About Our Car Shipping Services in Massachusetts
  2. What are the Essential Tips for Massachusetts Car Shipping Services?
  3. How Many Types of Car Shipping Services are in Massachusetts?
  4. What is the Cost to Ship a Car to Massachusetts?
  5. Massachusetts Auto Transport Popular Routes
  6. What Factors Affect Car Shipping Costs?
  7. Why did You Choose the Best Car Shipping Companies in Massachusetts?
  8. What do You Know About Using Car Transport Companies in Massachusetts?
  9. What is the Best Way to Ship a Car to Massachusetts?
  10. How Long does It take Massachusetts Auto Shipping?

What About Our Car Shipping Services in Massachusetts?

We ship various cars to and from Massachusetts, particularly on our snowbird transports and our state-to-state auto transport. which begins or ends in Massachusetts, is a popular and busy trucking corridor that connects the East and West coasts. The conclusion is that many of our state to state auto transports originate or end in Massachusetts.

What are the Essential Tips for Massachusetts Car Shipping Services?

Kinds of Transport:

Auto transport companies provide different transport methods, including open and enclosed auto transport. Open transport is typically low priced because it is less protective, making it an ideal option for everyday vehicles. However, enclosed auto transport is more expensive because it offers better protection, making it suitable for high-value vehicles. 

Preparing your Vehicle:

Preparing your vehicle for shipping can save you money. Reducing your vehicle's weight lowers the cost of car transport services. If the transport company needs you to perform specific preparation steps before shipping your vehicle, they should inform you beforehand.

Massachusetts car transport service

Selecting the Right Company:

Choosing the right car transport company is crucial. Watch companies that offer competitive prices without compromising the service quality. Car shipping companies like Get Auto Transportation offer quality services at affordable rates.

How Many Types of Car Shipping Services are in Massachusetts?

At Get Auto Transportation, we offer various types of auto transport services to meet the needs of every customer. We have you covered from open car transport to enclosed auto transport and expedited option.

Open Car Transport

It's an economical and popular choice for many of our audiences. Your car is shipped on an open trailer, which means it may be exposed to road debris and weather conditions. Although open car transport is a safe and reliable option for shipping vehicles over long distances.

Enclosed Auto Transport

It provides an extra level of protection for your car. It's the perfect choice if you have a high-end or classic car that requires extra protection from the weather and potential damage from debris on the road. Enclosed car shipping services ensure your car is completely shielded from external elements during transport.

Door to Door Car Transport

It is a service that picks up and delivers your car as close to your desired locations as possible without requiring you to meet the transporter at a terminal or hub. It provides a convenient solution for people purchasing vehicles from out of state,  relocating, or needing car transportation for any reason. Get Auto Transportation proudly provides door to door services for your convenience.

What is the Cost to Ship a Car to Massachusetts?

The overall cost to ship a car can vary depending on various factors. The national average cost of shipping the car via open transport ranged from $720 to $1,480 while shipping the car via closed transport ranged from $1,040 to $2,150. Note that these figures may be lower if you pay cash to ship your car.

Massachusetts Auto Transport Popular Routes 


From To Cost Time
Massachusetts Georgia $700 - $800 5-6 days
Massachusetts Texas $1000 - $1200 5-7 days
Massachusetts Florida $800 - $950 4-6 days
Massachusetts Nortd Dakota $1200 - $1700 5-7 days
Massachusetts Arizona $1300 - $1400 7-9 days
Georgia Massachusetts $800 - $1000 4-6 days


What Factors Affect Car Shipping Costs?


If you’re moving to or from a rural area in Massachusetts, you will pay more than you will when shipping to or from a city center, where car shipping happens more frequently. 

Vehicle Size and Type

Per the Department of Transportation, car shipping companies can transport up to 75,000 pounds on a vehicle carrier or 25,000 pounds per axle. A car that is heavy or needs more specific transport needs will cost more to ship.

Options for Shipping

Options will vary depending on the car transport company you choose, but generally, open trailers are the least inexpensive way to go. You might also need to inquire about pickup and dropoff locations rather than having your car delivered directly to your home.

Transit  Distance and Time 

Shipping costs will be determined by the distance you are shipping your car and how fast or slow the trip will be. Expect to pay more, If you require expedited transit. However, if you are willing to wait for your car, you can score a better price.

Time of Year

Expert car shippers are like professional movers because they are busier during certain times than others. For both, summer is typically the peak season, so expect prices to be higher. Holidays are also busy times, and costs are at a premium.

Why did You Choose the Best Car Shipping Companies in Massachusetts?

That’s why it’s essential to research before hiring a Massachusetts car shipping company. Your needs:

Car transport companies massachusetts


You likely now know that if moving that box of beach towels is going to cost you money, then shipping your car will also cost money. However, you’ll want a company that offers reasonable rates and opportunities to save.

Hidden Costs

Pay attention to things like fuel surcharges and delivery fees. You will want to see this up front in the contract while companies can and do charge for things like the cost of fuel when your car arrives at its destination.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews are essential, although some should be taken with a grain of salt. 4.5 reviews might be evidence of happy audiences, but you will also want to look at lower-rated reviews to see what people are complaining about.

Bad days can happen to even the most outstanding businesses, but if you consistently see complaints about cars being damaged and late deliveries in transport, then that is reason enough to move on to the next company.

Customer Service

When shipping expensive items like a car, you must know that you can connect with a customer service representative, a real person, not a bot who can answer your questions or update your car when it’s in transit.

Company’s Experience

You want to hire experienced professionals in the very thing you are hiring them to do. If a company has been in business for years, they have done the job hundreds of times and can likely take on your task with courtesy and competence.

What do You Know About Using Car Transport Companies in Massachusetts?

If you will be transporting your car as part of moving to Massachusetts, here’s what you want to know:

Final Cost May Be Higher Than the Quote

Especially with fuel surcharges being at all-time highs, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the final cost of shipping your car. Work only with reputable companies and provide as much information as possible about your car and when you need it to get as accurate a quote as possible.

Try to Be Flexible With Your Timeline

Unlike a moving van that might show up hours after leaving your old home, transporting your vehicle will take a while, especially if it’s a long distance. Check your contract for the timeline; it’s likely approximate and will be affected by weather and traffic.

Understand the Insurance Policy

Your hire company likely has liability insurance, but you will want to make sure you and your car are also protected. Do not assume that you are covered for transport simply because you pay for car insurance.

Read the Bill of Lading

This document offers essential details about your car, where it’s going, and its condition at pickup and delivery. Ensure the details are correct at points A and B to avoid issues.

Winter Weather Can Be Problematic

Massachusetts is notorious for its snowy winters. You’ll be used to it if you’re already a New Englander, but if you’re moving from a different part of the country any time in the late fall or even early spring, know that your car’s transport timeline.

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What is the Best Way to Ship a Car to Massachusetts?

Car transport to Massachusetts will depend on your budget and preference. reliable options tend to be open carrier car transport services. However, you can also save some money if you are willing and able to retrieve your car at its drop-off location rather than have it sent directly to your curb.

How Long does It take Massachusetts Auto Shipping?

Your car ship from point A to point B depends on the distance of your move and the car transport company's capability. A short move might be completed within three days, whereas a more protracted move, especially for cross-country moves will take about a week. 

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