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What's In This Article?

  1. What are the Essential Tips for Transporting Non-running Vehicles?
  2. What is Shipping a Non-running Car?
  3. How Many Types of Methods are Used for Non-running Car Transport?
  4. In Which Types of Non-running Vehicles Can I Ship?
  5. How do We Ship a Non-running Car?
  6. What are the Essential Factors Determining the Cost of Shipping a Non-running Car?
  7. How do You Confirm the Safety of Your Non-Runner Car During Shipping?
  8. What is the Cost of Shipping Non-running Cars?

What are the Essential Tips for Transporting Non-running Vehicles?

The transport of non-running vehicles requires proper planning, as well as special equipment. To ensure that the transportation of your car goes smoothly, we have assembled a few tips. Check them out below:

Best company hiring: 

We mentioned this before, but we must balance it. To safely load and unload your inoperable car, the auto transport company requires you to know what they are doing. Hire a company with an equipped and qualified driver to handle the task. At Get Auto Transportation, we hire nothing but the best. We know that transporting your car safely to its destination takes effort, time, and expertise.

Inform the Car conditions:

The auto shipping company can only correctly assist you in transporting your vehicle if they know it does not run. When booking that is inoperable, you must tell the company. This way, they have all the necessary equipment and workforce before showing up at your door. This will also prevent time delays or any added fees.

Understand what is wrong with the car:

Understanding why is a significant part of telling your auto shipper that it does not run. The problem may be an easy fix. It might cost you less to fix and ship the car as a running vehicle than to send it as a non-running car. This would be the case if flat tires or a dead battery were the problem. If it is a wrecked car, you should know what does and does not work to inform the auto shipper.

Ahead of time (booking):

Car shipping takes proper planning. You must have the auto shipper make the appropriate preparations. There may be some preparation tasks that you need to take care of before shipping. Plus, booking ahead of time ensures you get the best car transport rate and the pick-up and drop-off time you prefer. Consistent with the busy times in the auto shipping industry, typically in the summer.

Your car for shipping Preparation :

There are some preparation steps that you must take to ensure that your vehicle is ready to be loaded and shipped. The most vital one is to secure all loose parts on the vehicle. Plus, you should remove all personal belongings from inside the car.

What is Shipping a Non-running Car?

Car shipping services requesting a non-running car are similar to a running vehicle. However, there are some extra steps and details you want to be sure are taken care of before shipping. You will want to go through the steps here:


Regardless of whether it runs, you want the best deal when shipping any car. To do this, you must do your homework to find the right auto shipping company. The company should offer affordable rates, have the needed services, and be friendly in customer service. Read more on how to find out an auto-shipping company.

Contact Company:

you want to contact a representative to ensure they offer non-running car shipping services after finding an auto shipping company to ship your vehicle. Not all companies have the required equipment or are willing to handle these vehicles.

Price Comparing:

This allows you to fill in some information about your car for a free quote. Multiple quote forms allow you to select if you will be shipping a non-running or running vehicle. You could also ask about the shipping cost while you speak to the auto-shipping representative.

How Many Types of Methods are Used for Non-running Car Transport?

It cannot be driven by non-running cars onto the car trailer. Thus, the auto shipper must use other means to load the vehicle. These will vary depending on the carrier you use to ship your non-running car. There are two primary car trailer options, which include:

Open Auto Shipping:

A winch will load the car onto an open carrier. Which may be manual or hand-cranked, and different types of winches. The car is pulled up on the trailer by the chain, which is attached. It is important to remember that this open carrier will not protect the vehicle from weather conditions and natural road elements. 

Enclosed Auto Shipping:

If you require this shipping method, your car will be loaded onto an enclosed carrier, usually using a liftgate. These liftgates limit movement when loading. They are handy for low-clearance vehicles, as they prevent damage to the car. Unlike open auto shipping, enclosed auto shipping protects the vehicle from various road elements and weather conditions.

Door-to-door auto shipping:

Door to door auto shipping company is a family-owned and operated business with experience in trucking and auto transportation. We know how demanding and stressful auto shipping can be. We offer an entire live customer service staff whole hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

In Which Types of Non-running Vehicles Can I Ship?

There are various types of vehicles here:

  • Off-road vehicles 
  • Classic tractors 
  • Unique collectibles
  • Auction vehicle 
  • Project vehicles 
  • Weather-related damages such as flooded or burned-out  
  •      Shipping a non running car

    How do We Ship a Non-running Car?

    At Get Auto Transportation, Here are some options available:

    Save and secure 

    Safety is our utmost priority. We employ top-notch security measures to safeguard your non-running car throughout shipping. You can rest easy knowing your precious ride is protected. 

    The right equipment

    We come armed with the latest transportation wizardry. We have the tools to handle even the most stubborn vehicles, from state-of-the-art loading equipment to specialized trailers.

    The specialist touch 

    Our team of logistics sorcerers specializes in shipping non-running cars. We have mastered handling these vehicles carefully, ensuring a smooth journey from point A to point B.

    Carrier solution 

    Here, we understand that two non-running cars are not the same. Our shipping solutions are the carrier to your vehicle’s unique wants. We have covered you whether it requires extra care during loading or specific handling instructions. 

    The power of experience 

    We have encountered every type of non-running car imaginable with years of experience under our belts. From classic treasures to modern marvels, we have shipped them all.

    Transparent Communication

    We believe in open communication and complete transparency. Get Auto Transportation team will keep you updated throughout the shipping process, ensuring you’re in the loop every step of the way.

    What are the Essential Factors Determining the Cost of Shipping a Non-running Car?

    Vehicle Size

    Big or small, we handle them all. Regarding the cost size of the vehicle matters, but worry not; we would not let it exhaust.

    Loading and Handling

    Loading a non-runner takes finesse and extra effort, impacting the price. 

    Non running car transport


    The distance covered determines your shipping costs from doorstep to destination.

    Resources and equipment 

    It might need Special equipment, which can influence the pricing. The most important thing is which types of resources you use.

    Additional Services

    Enclosed transport or extra support, these services can shape the cost report.

    Condition of vehicle

    They may be non-running, but we will ship them with glee! The condition of your vehicle might sway the price, but rest assured, we will handle it with precise expertise.

    Season and Demand

    It affects prices high and low, and Seasons come and go. Demand may fluctuate, but our rates would not deflate. We will keep it fair, no matter the date.

    How do You Confirm the Safety of Your Non-Runner Car During Shipping?

    Confirming the safety of your shipping non-running car is crucial. To help protect your vehicle during shipping, here are some tips:

    Communicate with carrier driver:

    Maintain open communication with your driver, providing all the necessary details about your car and discussing any questions or concerns.

    View Your Car Before and After Shipping:

    Document the car's condition before shipping by taking detailed notes and photographs. View your car after receiving it from the car delivery service, and look for any signs of damage that may have occurred during shipping. 

    Selecting a Reputable Transporter:

    Select a transporter with experience handling non-running cars and a solid reputation. They will have the necessary equipment and expertise to transport your vehicle safely.

    Insurance Coverage Verification:

    Ensure your transporter has the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your non-running car in case of damage or accidents during shipping.

    What is the Cost of Shipping Non-running Cars?

    An excellent auto transport company like Get Auto Transportation can move cars with mechanical failure. If a vehicle does not start, it can be pushed or pulled and will not be expensive or complicated. Shipping can cost as little as $45-200 more, depending on distance.

    For a vehicle that does not roll or steer, the cost to get it on and off the transport truck can be significantly higher depending on the severity of the situation. As previously discussed, disabled cars like these may require assistance, such as a tow truck.

    But don't worry; we can ensure we do not break the bank to get you the right truck driver and car carrier. You can get a free quote with our car shipping calculator online without calling us. Enter a few quick details like the year, make, vehicle model, and zip code; let us know it's not a running vehicle.

    With Get Auto Transportation, take a reservation fee only when a carrier is assigned, leaving the remaining balance to be paid at delivery; you never pay in total upfront.

    We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
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