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Some Popular Auto Transportation routes on which Get Auto Transport do the shipment almost every single day

City to City

Approximate Distance

Estimate Time

Estimate Price
Boston to Providence 215 miles 1 to 2 days $110 to $150
Denver to Albuquerque 450 miles 1 to 4 days $220 to $270
Seattle to Vancouver 140 miles 1 to 2 days $70 to $90
Chicago to St. Louis 300 miles 2 to 3 days $150 to $190
Chicago to St. Louis 300 miles 2 to 3 days $150 to $180
Los Angeles to Las Vegas 275 miles 1 to 3 days $130 to $150
Seattle to Boise 340 miles. 1 to 3 days $170 to $190
Minneapolis to Fargo 240 miles 1 to 3 days $120 to $150
San Diego to Tucson 360 miles 2 to 3 days $180 to $200
Miami to Key West 160 miles 1 to 2 days $80 to $100
Note: For an Accurate and estimated Price. Please Call our Auto Transport Professional at (833) 233-4447


What's In This Article?

  1. What are the Silent Features of the Best Car Transport Service Provider?
  2. What Best Car Transport Services Does Get Auto Transportation Provides?
  3. Are the Best Auto Transport Companies Affordable or Costly?
  4. Factors that increase or decrease the cost of car transport services
  5. What types of Cars Can the Best Auto Shipping Companies Ship?

What are the Silent Features of the Best Car Transport Service Provider? 

Due to the high market competition, finding the good or best vehicle transport company for your car transport service takes time and effort. Here, Get Auto Transportation is essential in helping you find the best car transport service that suits your requirements. After all, you are the one who is paying, so you need to know what is best for your shipping requirements.

How can I ensure that the chosen auto shipping company is the best car transport service, and how does Get Auto Transportation play an essential role in this?

Get Auto Transportation has been in the market for a long time. We have gained proper experience and knowledge of the vehicle shipping company process. But it is better to explain it to us in steps. 

Across Country Reach:

A broad reach is vital when shipping cars in the USA. 'Get Auto Transportation' covers every nook and cranny, making them a go-to auto shipping company from New York to California and everywhere in between.

24/7Custom Services for Everyone:

Whether you're Joe from next door or a big car dealer, 'Get Auto Transportation' has something for everyone. They offer various car transport services tailored to fit every need and pocket.

Safety First, Always:

Your car's not just a vehicle; it's a part of the family. 'Get Auto Transportation' gets that. Among vehicle transport companies, their safety record stands out, ensuring your car is treated with the respect it deserves.

Explicit Talk, No Discord:

People like to be aware of the situation, especially when their vehicle's on the move. This vehicle shipping company believes in keeping things clear and simple. No fancy terms, just straightforward updates.

Easy on the Wallet:

High-quality service often has a hefty price tag. But 'Get Auto Transportation' flips the script. They offer top-tier services without burning a hole in your pocket, making them one of the best auto transport companies.

Thumbs Up from the Crowd:

Popularity speaks volumes. A quick online search, and you'll find folks raving about 'Get Auto Transportation.' They're not just another name in the sea of vehicle transport companies; they're the cream of the crop.

Quick and Dependable:

In the fast-paced world of US auto shipping, time's of the essence. 'Get Auto Transportation' doesn’t just promise speed; we deliver. We have set a gold standard, making them a top choice among the best auto shipping companies.

Every ride is welcome:

Got a vintage beauty or a large SUV? No matter the ride, 'Get Auto Transportation' handles it all. Their comprehensive approach makes them stand out in the USA's crowded space of car transportation.

These factors make a car transporting company the best in the market. And Get Auto Transportation stands out in each one of the factors. 

What Best Car Transport Services Does Get Auto Transportation Provides?

Many factors make Get Auto Transportation the best, and one of them and most important is the types of service (carriers) we provide. Following are the shipping methods that Get Auto Transportation uses for car transport service for your car.

Open Auto Transport:

The most common and cost-effective method of shipping cars in the USA, open transport, is just as it sounds: vehicles are transported on open carriers. Even with this exposed method, 'Get Auto Transportation' ensures that cars are safe and sound.

best car shipping company in usa

Enclosed Auto Transport:

For those who own luxury, vintage, or specialty cars, 'Get Auto Transportation' offers enclosed auto shipping. This method protects your car from unwanted elements and road debris during shipping, making it a favorite for those who want the best for their rides.

Expedited Shipping:

Got a need for speed? 'Get Auto Transportation' understands. Among vehicle transport companies, they stand out with their expedited shipping service. This provides the fastest car transport service so that your car can get to its location as soon as possible.

Door to Door Service:

The most convenient method of car transport service, 'Get Auto Transportation', offers door-to-door delivery. You don't have to lift a finger; they pick up and drop off your vehicle at your specified locations.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping:

'Get Auto Transportation' provides terminal to terminal services for those looking to save a few bucks. Drop your vehicle at a nearby terminal, and they'll ensure it reaches its destination terminal safely.

Are the Best Auto Transport Companies Affordable or Costly?

We must discuss finances and costs before we can set a fixed cost. But Get Auto Transportation helps to get the best estimation for shipping cars in the USA. As a vehicle shipping company, Get Auto Transportation has been providing the Best estimation for shipping cars in the USA for ages.

For your convenience, we have an online tool called the Auto transport is a must-have tool as it helps to get the best estimation for car transport service for your vehicle.

Get Auto Transportation experts have formed the following table to understand the estimate better.

Type of carrier Shipping Distance Avg. price per mile Common Distance Estimate
Terminal to Terminal  500 to 1000 miles $0.62 800 miles $536
Open 500 to 1000 miles $0.79 800 miles $632
Enclosed  500 to 1000 miles $1.24 800 miles $992
Door to Door  500 to 1000 miles $1.67 800 miles $1336

Note: Estimation is based on recent shipping and the current market environment. For a Customized and Accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll-free free number:+1 (833) 233-4447.

Factors that increase or decrease the cost of car transport services

Distance and Destination:

The most essential factor in the US auto shipping process is distance. Whether you're shipping across the country or just a few states over, the longer the route, the costier the price. However, remote or less accessible destinations might have additional costs even if the distance is short.

 Service Style:

'Get Auto Transportation' offers multiple service styles:

  • Door to Door: This car transport service fetches a higher fee due to its sheer convenience.
  • Terminal to Terminal: Generally more affordable, but you'll need to drop off and pick up your car from designated locations.

        us auto shipping

Type of Carrier:

The choice between open and enclosed carriers plays a significant role:

  • Open Transport: A favorite for standard shipping cars in the USA due to its cost-effectiveness.
  • Enclosed Transport: This premium service, ideal for luxury cars or vintage cars, provides added protection at a higher cost.
  • Vehicle Specs:

    Size matters in the auto shipping company world. Larger vehicles, like SUVs or trucks, consume more space on a carrier, leading to higher costs than compact cars.

    Seasonal Shifts:

    Believe it or not, seasons can sway the scales of car transportation costs in the USA. For instance, demand surges during summer, potentially pushing prices up. With its harsh conditions, especially in certain regions, winter might also increase prices.

    Speed of Service:

    If you're in a rush, 'Get Auto Transportation' offers expedited services. But remember, faster service in the vehicle transport companies sector often comes with a premium price.

    Fuel Fluctuations:

    The ever-changing dance of fuel prices directly affects the costs for the best auto transport companies. When diesel prices soar, some of those costs deeply affect the customer.

    Added Insurance:

    Every vehicle shipping company, 'Get Auto Transportation' included, offers basic insurance. However, it'll add to the total cost if you're eyeing additional coverage, especially for those high-end models.

    What types of Cars Can the Best Auto Shipping Companies Ship?

    If we look for the best auto shipping companies and the availability of their services to different car types. It would be difficult to find the specific car type as per your requirements, but not with Get Auto Transportation, as from experience, we have learned the types of cars that are most commonly shipped every time.

    Here is the list of car types mostly shipped by Get Auto Transportation provided 

    Family Sedans and Hatchbacks:

    The backbone of car transportation in the USA, these everyday cars are the most commonly seen on the roads. Whether it's a daily driver or the family's trusted cars, 'Get Auto Transportation' ensures smooth and safe transportation.

    Luxury and Exotic Cars:

    Rolls Royce, Bentley, or Lamborghini - when shipping such luxury rides, precision and care are important. Recognized as one of the best auto transport companies, 'Get Auto Transportation' offers specialized services, ensuring these beauties get the white-glove treatment they deserve.

    SUVs and Crossovers:

    SUVs and crossovers have grown in popularity from urban jungles to off-road adventures. Our vehicle shipping company is well-equipped to handle their varied sizes and requirements, ensuring they reach their destination pristine.

    Classic and Vintage Cars:

    Timeless treasures of yesteryears demand a unique touch. 'Get Auto Transportation' understands these classic gems' sentimental and monetary value, offering specialized services that stand out among vehicle transport companies.

    We Understand that you love your Car so do we love our Car transportation work.
    Feel Free to call us or get the shipment booked right away


    Why we are on the top most position in Auto Shipping Industry

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    The Best Auto Shipper

    All thanks to our customers for making us the best in the market. We have been rated 4.9 as per various rating platforms on the google and other transportation review sites for the best car hauling service in the Auto Transportation sector. We are commited towards our work and we keep the Car Owners first. We understand all the Priorities and than we book the Final Order as our satisfied Customers are our Pride.

    best auto transport companies

    Instant & Quick Quotes

    Being an experienced Auto Transporter we have knowledge about various routes and shipping challenges which help us to provide you the exact Auto Quote on which we can really transport the vehicle. Our Quote calculator is very simple and easy. We need the Car Make & Model , Car Pickup Date , Zip Code for Car Pickup and Delivery Location and the quotation is ready or get you connected with Live Auto Experts

    best auto transport companies

    Experienced Auto Experts

    All our Auto Transporter agents are the experienced professional having a deep knowledge and interest in the Auto Transportation industry. We are best and it is all because of our top notch Auto Experts who are ready to accept all challenges and tackle the same with the help of our Expert Drivers hence making your Auto Shipping experience hassle free. They are the reason the we have numerous repeat vehicle moving orders.

    auto transportation service

    Zero Upfront Fee

    Like all the auto transportation company we never charge a penny while booking an order with us. We understand your requirement and we figure out the accurate truck to move your vehicle. Once we assigned the driver we charge you the booking amount. Our priorities are delivering your vehicle safely on the particular date and time and when we meet all this that we request you to make the payment at the time of delivering a vehicle.

    best auto transport companies

    Fully Insured

    Insurance coverage of each and every vehicle that we ship is included in our car shipping quote that we provide at the booking. We understand that you love your vehicle and our drivers are experts in handling and they have all kind of safety feature in their truck that made us delivery all the vehicle with exact zero scratch til date. Our Truck Driver usually make a video at the time of car pickup and delivery in order to ensure the same condition.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Look for companies with the best reviews and a solid track record. Remember, the best auto transport companies will have a mix of affordability, reliability, and exceptional customer service. So look for the traits that suit your requirements.

    Frequently asked, as the cost can vary quite a bit. The price depends on the distance of shipping, the vehicle type, and the service method used for transportation. 

    The duration can fluctuate depending on the distance and route. Across the Country,  deliveries take a week or so. Our carrier drivers or experts will contact you before delivery.

    Please check that your car should be cleaned, both inside and out. Remove all personal items, and check the vehicle for any existing damage. It’s like preparing for a first date – you want it to look its best!

    In open shipping, vehicles are transported on open trailers, exposed to the elements. It's a bit like letting your car enjoy the open road! Enclosed shipping, on the other hand, protects the car from external factors. It's like giving your vehicle a cozy blanket on a cold night.

    Many of the best auto transport companies offer online tracking these days. It's reassuring, like tracking your pizza delivery to see how close that cheesy goodness is!

    Always read the fine print and ask the auto shipping company upfront. No one likes unpleasant surprises, especially regarding their hard-earned money.

    Indeed, most car transport services offer insurance, covering potential damages during shipping. But it is advisable to look for a plan that suits your preference.

    Trust your gut, but also look for licensing, insurance, and positive reviews. And please ensure to know what is right for you and know about the company by their reviews.
    +1(833) 233-4447