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What's In This Article?

  1. How Do You Pay For A Car Shipping Service?
  2. Payment Methods For Car Transport Service
  3. What Is Cash On Delivery?
  4. What Is Cash On Pickup?
  5. Why Cash On Delivery Is Preferable?
  6. Avoid The Upfront Payment Option
  7. Be Aware Of Getting Scammed
  8. Why Your Payment Is Secure With Us?

How Do You Pay For A Car Shipping Service?

Some may need clarification about the payment options of shipping companies. You can book and pay your shipping charges easily and securely. Many transportation companies use an upfront payment option. For an upfront payment, you need to pay part of the amount in advance from their total shipping charge, and the rest is payable after your vehicle's delivery.

Payment Methods For Car Transport Service

Once you find a shipping company to ship your car and decide to ship your vehicle, you may be worried about the payment options when paying the shipping charges.

Payment options vary from company to company, and now everyone is paying via the Internet, i.e., online banking. If you are new to shipping and shipping your car for the first time, you might be worried about your money. No need to worry, We have explained the different and most common types of payment options.

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Debit Car Payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cash Payment
  • Financing Payment Option
  • Credit Card Payment

    Most auto shipping companies use credit card payment as a secure payment method. Customers can pay their shipping charges via master card, visa, etc. Credit cards provide various payment security measures for your money.

    This payment option offers quick, hassle-free, and secure payment. Customer can take initiative measures for their shipping charges if any dispute arises during shipping. It is the best payment choice for most of the customers.

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    Debit Card Payment

    The auto shipping company also offers their customers a debit card payment option. The debit card allows you to pay your shipping charges directly from your account. It makes your payments easy, fast, and secure.

    Bank Transfer

    Some car transport services offer bank transfer payment options from their account to the company's shipping account. This Bank transfer is a trustworthy payment option; customers need not worry about their financial transactions.

    Electronic Fund Transfer

    This Electronic Fund Transfer is an affordable payment option. Your payment is directly transferred from your account to the designated auto shipping company. These are the most secure and easy payment methods, eliminating the need to handle physical currency. It is the most preferable method for transactions with shipping companies.


    Paypal is also the most commonly used payment method in auto shipping companies. It ensures the safety of your transaction. Auto Transport Company integrates your credit and debit card into your PayPal account. You must verify the payment option before selecting the shipping company because many of the shipping companies do not allow the PayPal payment option.

    Cash Payment

    Some automobile shipping companies accept cash payments. When you make the payment during pickup or delivery, you must complete all the documentation and acquire the bill for your payment.

    Financing Payment Option

    This financial payment option helps customers to pay their payments in easy installments. Some shipping transportation companies offer financing payment options, but you must carefully read all the applicable conditions before opting for this method.

    What Is Cash On Delivery?

    Cash on delivery or COD is the most common way of payment in car shipping transportation. When you choose the shipping location of your vehicle, your car will be delivered to the destination point, and then you will pay the charges in cash. This type of payment option is known as the cash on delivery.

    In cash on delivery, many shipping companies do not accept credit cards, and personal cheques are not accepted because they may get bounced. You may give a certified cheque.

    What Is Cash On Pickup?

    Cash on Pickup or COP is the simplest way of payment in car shipping transportation. In this, you have to pay the company before shipping. It is an upfront payment or advance deposit, but many prefer to pay after delivery.

    car transport service

    Why Cash On Delivery Is Preferable?

    Cash on delivery is a widely used payment option among customers and shipping car companies. In case you have paid an upfront payment to the company, your driver may take time to deliver your vehicle, but in case of cash on delivery, the driver will ship and deliver your vehicle on time, and they will not waste time during shipping with cash on delivery the main advantage is that you will get delivery on time.

    The other main advantage of cash on delivery is that if you have paid any kind of upfront payment if the company is not reliable, then they may scam you and disappear after getting the payment from you with your money and vehicle, but cash on delivery you will protect you and your car from getting scammed.

    Avoid The Upfront Payment Option

    You should never want to use any upfront payment and not pay any advance deposit before the delivery, but in any circumstance, if you have to pay some deposit, you should not pay much more than 50%. Reliable auto shipping service companies will never ask you to pay the upfront car shipping cost, and if they are asking you to pay, then you should be careful; otherwise, you may get scammed and find another shipping company.

    Be Aware Of Getting Scammed

    Before hiring an automobile shipping company, you must check the company website, and you can also check it on the Better Business Bureau. You should verify their payment option. You should never want to give the company an upfront payment or advance deposit, and you need to make your payment via an unverified payment option like the external link or some other online payment app because they are untraceable, and if you get scammed, you will not get your money back. So, always complete and pay your payment via a verified method.

    Why Your Payment Is Secure With Us?

  • We use the latest technology and payment processors to protect your payment. We use a verified payment method. 
  • We are a Registered and Licensed Auto Transportation Company. We ensure the safety of your vehicle and your payment. We have insurance coverage, and we provide insurance for your vehicle in case of any emergency or damage.
  • Your Personal information is secured with us. We use a secure payment server, and your details are encrypted.
  • If you are unsatisfied with our transportation service, we will assure you of the money back guarantee.
  • We understand the value of your money and car, so we have made the payment process easy and hassle-free. You can easily book and pay securely. We also provide GPS tracking and insurance coverage to ensure the safety of your vehicle. The most important is selecting a reliable payment method and an experienced car shipping company.

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