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What's In This Article?

  1. Is Our Car Transport Service door to door?
  2. How Long does Ship Car to Another State Take?
  3. What are the Basic Concepts of Auto Shipping?
  4. How does Covered Distance Impact the Auto Shipping Cost?
  5. How Can Vehicle Type Affect the Shipping Cost?
  6. How do Vehicle Size and Weight Affect Shipping Price?
  7. What is the Role of Distance In Car Shipping Costs?
  8. What Factors Affect Car Delivery Service Costs?
  9. How Much does Car Shipping Cost?

Is Our Car Transport Service door to door?

Get Auto Transportation always asks for your specific pickup and delivery addresses. We will see if the carrier can get to the addresses you provide. If the addresses you give us are not safely accessible for a Multi-car carrier, however, you will need to arrange with the driver to meet nearby where the trailer can safely get out and in.

How Long does Ship Car to Another State Take?

The average transportation time from pick up to delivery on any vehicle going coast to coast will average 7 to 10 days. From there, you can figure your transportation time based on how far your vehicle travels, i.e., from the coast to the Midwest, which averages 3 to 7 days.

What are the Basic Concepts of Auto Shipping?

Car shipping involves shipping vehicles from one location to another, typically via rail carriers or sea. The process includes picking the car from a designated place, securing it onto a transport carrier, and delivering it to the final destination.

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How does Covered Distance Impact the Auto Shipping Cost?

The cost of auto shipping increases with the distance to be covered. This is because longer distances involve more fuel consumption, labor, wear and tear on the transport vehicle, and a higher risk of damage or delays. Therefore, shipping your car across the country will typically cost more than sending it a few states over.

How Can Vehicle Type Affect the Shipping Cost?

Yes, vehicle type can significantly affect the shipping cost. For example, luxury, vintage, or specialty vehicles may require special handling or enclosed transport, which can increase the price. Similarly, cars in poor condition may require additional equipment or precautions for safe transportation, leading to higher costs.

How do Vehicle Size and Weight Affect Shipping Price?

Size and weight are among the pivotal factors that contribute directly to the cost of auto shipping. Larger vehicles require more accommodations in terms of space on the transport carrier; hence, holding fewer cars implies a higher price to ship.

In Addition, heavy vehicles place extra stress on the shipping carrier, leading to increased fuel consumption, which trickles down to you, the owner, as part of the transport cost.

Moreover, the total weight and the distribution of importance in the vehicle affect the cost. For a balanced allocation, carriers prefer the weight to be centrally located.

Poor weight distribution sometimes forces the airline to ship fewer cars on the trailer to maintain a safety balance. Ultimately, these factors increase prices due to the inherent transportation and fuel costs associated with auto shipping.

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What is the Role of Distance In Car Shipping Costs?

  • Distance plays a significant part in determining the cost of car shipping services. This is because fuel consumption increases with distance; thus, Get Auto Transportation’s expenditure on gas or diesel. 
  • Additionally, longer distances mean more tear and wear on cars used for shipment, increasing maintenance costs. If you’ve already started shopping for car shippers, you may have noticed that the prices can differ vastly. 
  • The variance in prices may even be a difference of hundreds of dollars. You might wonder why some auto shipping quotes are so high while others are dirt less expensive. You should know that there’s a lot of competition in the car shipping industry. You should also be aware of what car shippers are charging you for so you can decide which service to choose.
  • The next factor related to the distance that impacts car shipping costs is route accessibility. Some locations may not be easily accessible due to geographical constraints or poor road conditions, such as bodies or mountains of water.
  • Transporting a vehicle to these areas requires extra effort and resources from Get Auto Transportation, including special equipment or alternative modes of transportation like ferries. Consequently, this additional work contributes towards an increase in overall service charges.
  • Moreover, distance influences transportation times, indirectly affecting the pricing structure of car shipping services. Longer distances imply extended delivery schedules that tie up company assets for more significant periods, reducing their availability for other customers during that time frame. To compensate for this opportunity cost and potential loss of business, auto shippers tend to charge more when transporting cars over long distances.
  • What Factors Affect Car Delivery Service Costs?

    The superior reason for the sudden spike in the price of transport is the world’s ongoing nemesis: COVID-19. The pandemic affected global supply chains in 2020, reflecting shipping prices.

    With prices estimated to remain at these levels until 2023, e-commerce and other small businesses should consider diversifying their fulfillment options to reduce shipping costs in the near term.

    The soaring demand, saturated ports, a shortage of containers, and too few ships and dock workers have contributed to the squeeze on transportation capacity on every freight path. The pain is most acutely felt on longer-distance routes, making shipping from Shanghai to Rotterdam 67% more expensive than the U.S. West Coast.


    The time of the year has its impact on car delivery service rates. Like most industries, there are also high and slow seasons in the car shipping industry. Car transport service prices may increase in summer because of the higher demand for auto transport services.

    It is said that more than half of household moves happen during summertime, and since household movers are now allowed to ship vehicles by federal law, car carriers are in high demand.

    On the other hand, wintertime tends to be slow, which generally should lead to lower rates. However, that is only sometimes true. The price will not be significantly lower if you seek a car delivery service quote during the holidays and severe weather conditions. Some roads become impassable during winter, so car carriers may not choose the shortest route.

    In addition, winter is the ‘snowbird’’ season. Many retirees move to southern states like Texas and Florida for warmer weather and more favorable living costs. Therefore, there is an excellent increase in traffic on these routes during this period. Finally, you may expert a spike in your auto transport quote.

    Unsurprisingly, you can get a different estimate for the same distance but in the opposite direction in the car shipping industry. That is true because of the seasonality and the locality demand rate.


    When you ask for a car shipping quote, you must precisely inform Get Auto Transportation about your vehicle's make, model, and condition and whether it has modifications. Generally, specialty vehicles, such as luxury cars or boats, cost more to haul. That is because they require special attention and services.

    Typically, longer and taller cars require additional adjustments so that the shipping cost might be slightly higher. Modifications such as large tires and racks on the roof will also increase your cost.

    Remember that most sedans have an average height of 57 inches, whereas SUVs are 63 to 73 inches tall. Due to the difference in height and weight, SUVs are generally more expensive to transport than sedans.


    Distance is one of the most critical factors that influence your auto shipping quote. In General, the farther the vehicle has to travel, the higher the cost will be. Fuel charges, tolls, and labor costs add to the bill in long-distance vehicle hauling.

    If it is a short-distance haul, it will generally cost less, although the cost per mile will be higher. Car shipping costs about $2.70 per mile for routes less than 200 miles. And it can cost you around $0.70 per mile to ship a car 1,000 miles or more.

    Shipping method

    You can choose from two basic transport types: open car transport service and enclosed car transport service. Although open car transport is the most common method, sometimes it is wise to add the extra protection layer and go with enclosed car transport.

    With the open auto transport, your car will be shipped in an open-air car carrier with up to 7 other vehicles. This type of transport is cheaper than enclosed auto transport. It is said that more than 95% of the hauls arrive intact. Moreover, this shipping method gives you more choice and flexibility regarding delivery times and pick-up dates.

    With the enclosed auto transport, your car will be shipped in a carrier with an enclosed trailer. The latter protects your car from dust, dirt, weather elements, and grime. This option is recommended when you ship classic cars or expensive vehicles. Sometimes, opt for the enclosed shipping method for hauls executed during wintertime and to a northern state.


    Like when buying a home, location is a prime factor in determining the car shipping rate. You must provide a pick-up and delivery address when you ask for an auto shipping quote. In General, rural routes are more expensive than city routes.

    You will receive a reduced car shipping quote if you need to ship your car to a location such as New York, Los Angeles, or Houston. If you need to ship your vehicle to a more rural area, the auto transporter will have to deviate from their main route, increasing the car shipping cost.

    You can have your vehicle shipped to the most convenient terminal when asking for car shipping quotes. Look for a good drop-off closer to a significant interstate if you want to write some money off your final bill.


    Get Auto Transportation typically offers basic insurance coverage. All car carriers and brokers licensed by the Department of Transportation must hold valid cargo insurance. However, in some cases, this basic coverage may not match the actual value of your car. Ask questions!

    You should get a clear idea of what type of damage is covered by default, the insurance limitations, and whether there are any deductibles. For example, the insurance policy will not cover personal effects in your car. That is why you should empty your vehicle of all personal belongings before pick-up.

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    How Much does Car Shipping Cost?

    As evident, various car aspects influence the shipping cost. The next time you plan a big move and need to transport your vehicle, remember these factors to understand better how Get Auto Transportation determines your shipping quote.

    Most importantly, remember that understanding these elements will save you money and help you find the most efficient and safe transportation method for your vehicle.

    Remember, Get Auto Transportation might consider these factors differently. Hence, should you need to ship your vehicle, getting quotes from our services and familiarizing yourself with their terms before deciding is always best.

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