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What's In This Article?

  1. Which Types of Food Trucks Could be Easily Shipped?
  2. What is the Cost to Ship Food Trucks?
  3. How do Food Trucks Get Shipped?
  4. How to Prepare for Food Truck Shipping?
  5. Shipping Your Food Truck Easily

Which Types of Food Trucks Could be Easily Shipped?

Many states in America indulge in the food truck business. Many types of food trucks are designed for different types of foods. Food trucks can be customized as one needs. Get Auto Transportation experts have formed the following table of some of the most common food trucks with their weight : 

Type of food trucks
Taco truck
Burger truck
Shipping container food truck
Sandwich truck
Barbecue Food truck
Dessert truck
Pizza truck

The average food truck weighs from 1500 lbs to 30000 lbs, and these need special types of equipment to ship from one place to another.

Get Auto Transportation can ship every type of food truck like waffle trucks, mobile kitchens, snack trucks, and all the types of food trucks. We can help you to ship your food truck reliably at the best prices.

What is the Cost to Ship Food Trucks? 

When shipping a vehicle that weighs more than 16000 lbs, you need to have proper equipment that helps to ship your food truck without any problems. The cost to ship food trucks depends on many factors, from the truck's weight and the shipping distance.

Due to these factors, food truck shipping costs vary from time to time, making it difficult to provide exact shipping costs. For example, if we ship a car under 500 miles, then per mile comes to around $2.75, and if we ship a car under 1000 miles, then per mile comes to around $1.02, and if we ship a car above 1500  miles, then the cost comes under $1, but we are shipping truck here the shipping cost usually increase 10 to 20 % depends on the truck type.

Our experts have studied the recent shipping and market conditions and formed the following table to send food trucks from one state to another : 

From one state to another Distance Type of carrier Time Average shipping cost
San Francisco, CA to Denver ,CO 1200 miles Taco truck 3 to 5 days $940
Houston, TX to Chicago, IL 942 miles Shipping container food truck 2 to 3 days $720
Charleston, SC, to Los Angeles, CA 2480 miles Sandwich truck 4 to 6 days $1698
Seattle, WA, to Jacksonville, FL 2458 miles Pizza truck 4 to 6 days $1584
Austin, NY to Charlotte, TX 1205 miles Barbecue Food truck 3 to 5 days $940

Note: The provided cost is an estimation calculated based on the factors of many market conditions. Food trucks were shipped through flatbed trailers. Contact our experts for a personalized quote and for any related queries via mail or call +1 (833) 233-4447.

How do Food Trucks Get Shipped?

Food trucks have different shapes and weights as they are mostly customized, for which Auto shipping companies like us have to arrange for special types of carriers that can easily ship your food trucks from one place to another. There are only a handful of trailers that are used for food truck shipping, and the following are described: 

Shipping container food truck

Flatbed Trailers:

These are common trailers or carriers commonly used to ship heavy vehicles, making them perfect for shipping food trucks. These carriers are the best for shipping customized and heavy trailers. These carriers are designed to be open, making loading and unloading easy while shipping. These carriers are most in demand as they are easily available.

Speciality Transport carriers:

These are specialized carriers with specific things like climate control or hydraulics to provide the best services for highly customized food trucks. These carriers are used to ship delicate food trucks or highly customized carriers.

Step Deck Trailer:

These trailers have two parts, one high and one low (Upper deck and Lower deck), making them best for shipping food trucks that have height issues or are Highly customized.

Lowboy Trailer:

These trailers have a low deck height that helps to ship very heavy and large food trucks that have exceeded limits. These trailers offer service for every type of carrier making them best for shipping, and these are most demanded after flatbed trailers.

There are many types of food trucks, and one can be different from another from many angles. That is why we understand your requirements and try to provide the best carrier service to ship your food truck easily.

How to Prepare for Food Truck Shipping? 

Food trucks need proper attention during or before shipping, as errors can cause much trouble. Some steps are essential while shipping the food trucks, and the following steps are those that have to be followed before shipping the food trucks, so please follow them: 

Permits and Paperwork:

Carry and collect all the papers and documents like registration, permits, and licenses and if confused please get the list of all necessary documents from our executive and collect them all.

Washing and Cleaning: 

Please wash and clean your food truck both internally and externally ensure to remove food items and tighten equipment and personal belongings this will prevent damage while shipping.

Secure utilities:

Please remove and tighten all the utilities like the water tank, gas connections and wiring. It will help to secure your truck while shipping and make the shipping way easier as the carrier is secured.


This part has many parts start by checking the fluid level then the battery level, and the brakes. Tight every loose item or if not please remove them as they pose a risk and can damage your truck while shipping. 


After washing and fitting everything take a quick look at your food truck note down any existing damage and ensure to take photos from every angle especially dents, scratches and any issues.

Insurance Coverage:

Verify and update insurance coverage for the food truck during shipping. Ensure that the insurance policy provides proper protection for any damages during shipping. We provide normal insurance coverage with the plans but please ask for changes if needed for shipping.

Provide Detailed Instructions:

If there are specific handling instructions for the food truck, communicate them clearly to the shipping company. This includes any delicate equipment, special loading instructions, or requirements for temperature-sensitive items.

Shipping Your Food Truck Easily 

When shipping a truck we have to be accurate and provide the best to ensure zero error and for this, we as a vehicle transportation company hope a better communication to provide you best for your requirements.

Get Auto Transportation experts are just one call away from you just provide the details, discuss every query and ship your food truck in no time.

Food truck shipping

We as a nationwide transporter are comfortable shipping your trucks to short moves or even along moves and yes we also provide shipping service for Hawaii. At Get Auto Transportation you can get everything as per your requirements.

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