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What's In This Article?

  1. How does Car Shipping Work?
  2. How Many Types of Car Moving Service?
  3. What are the Car Shipping Costs?
  4. What Factors Affect Car Shipping Cost?
  5. How to Prepare Your Car for Transport?
  6. How do I Understand the Landing Bill for Car Transport?
  7. What are the Advantages of Car Shipping Services?

How does Car Shipping Work?

The top step to ship car to another state is understanding when and where you want your car transported. From there, you contact Get Auto Transportation and provide them with the ‌information to prepare an accurate shipping quote. Here are a few examples of the details you will require to offer an accurate auto shipping quote.

  • Pick up and drop off location
  • Car information such as color, make, size, model,  and estimated value
  • Preferred mode of transport (open air or enclosed)
  • Type of service (expedited or standard)
  • How Many Types of Car Moving Service?

    The fantastic transport type solution to ship a car depends on the size, weight, and number of imported vehicles. Open air and enclosed trailers are the two main types of car shipping available.

    Open car transport: 

    Also known as open car transport, this is the most commonly used method. Thanks to various trailer types, open air shipping is excellent whether you need to ship one vehicle or transport in bulk. A dual-level carrier that can ship eight to ten automobiles at a time is one of the most common. Carriers are also commonly used to ship one or more cars.

    Open air auto transport is cost-effective because you only get to pay for the space your car occupies. However, it can be slow because the carrier has to drop off and pick up other vehicles along the way. Open air auto transport is an excellent option for individuals transporting single vehicles, dealerships, and businesses shipping large vehicles.

    auto shipping

    Enclosed car transport

    Enclosed auto transport is a standard option for classic, exotic, custom, and other unique vehicles that need extra protection from external road hazards. Dealerships also use it to transport multiple luxurious vehicles without exposure safely. Enclosed car transport uses a carrier with a roof and walls, which protects automobiles from exposure to elements such as snow, flying rocks, hail, and other natural road debris.

    This mode of transport is more expensive than the open air, but there is also less wait time. Since enclosed car carriers can not ship cars in bulk, you do not have to wait for other vehicles to be delivered along the way. It’s a more secure form of automobile shipping for anyone with a more costly or delicate vehicle.

    What are the Car Shipping Costs?

    Car shipping cost is not fixed and varies from one state to another. Several factors go into determining an accurate quote; as mentioned before, rates can change. For example, the cost of transporting a car from New York to Florida, or any other southern state, is much higher during certain months because snowbirds are traveling an masse.

    Car shipping costs are determined based on factors that we’ll discuss later. Below is a table showing the average automobile shipping costs, depending on the number of miles.

    Average distance  Enclosed shipping cost  Open shipping cost Estimate car shipping cost 
    Below 500 miles $247 to $571 $197 to $457 1 to 2 days
    500-1000 miles $643 to $939 $473 to $693 2 to 4 days 
    1000-1500 miles  $1099 to $1403 $809 to $1033 3 to 5 days
    1500-2000 miles  $1345 to $1687  $949 to $1191 4 to 5 days 
    2000-2500 miles  $1851 to $2119 $1307 to $1495  6 to 7 days
    Above 2500 miles $1934 to $2485 $1289 to $1657 7 to 9 days 

    What Factors Affect Car Shipping Cost?


    The number of miles between the drop-off and pickup location influences the car shipping quote. The farther the distance, the more expensive the quote. However, cost per mile reduces with an increase in the number of miles to be traveled.

    In addition, if your car is to be shipped further from the highway, you will get to pay more than a person shipping a car over the same distance but near the road. For example, the cost of transporting a car from Florida to Texas is around $700, depending on various factors.

    Make and Model:

    The car type also determines an accurate car shipping rate. For example, shipping a luxurious, classic, or custom car model will cost more than transporting a regular car. This is because the insurance coverage will cost more and need to be shipped using an enclosed trailer, which is more expensive. Some car models are more significant than others, meaning they will occupy more space on the trailer, resulting in a higher payment.

    Mode of Transport:

    The weight limit of class 5 pickup trucks is 16,001 to 19,500 pounds. They’re medium-duty trucks and can transport. As mentioned above, you can choose open-air or enclosed transport. Choosing open trailer shipping and transporting your car with other vehicles will help reduce costs. Because enclosed trailer transport is a dedicated shipment for your vehicle, it costs a little more.

    Vehicle Condition:

    Car transportation in good condition is cheaper than transporting inoperable vehicles. Get Auto Transportation must assist with loading the car on the carrier. It may be as simple as acquiring cranes or a jump start to lift the car. Because load assistance is required, the rate goes up.

    car shipping cost

    Expedited Services:

    Transporting a car urgently costs more than a regular schedule because the car shipping company has to set aside resources and manpower quickly to make your car shipping request successful. To avoid paying more, you can always plan early so your car can be picked up when you need it shipped.


    People living far from the cities tend to pay more than those in urban areas. This is because the distance increases and roads leading to remote areas can be challenging and complex to maneuver large trailers. To save some money, you can move your car to the nearest city and pick it up there or have Get Auto Transportation drop it off at the closest terminal if you’re shipping in.


    The route leading to the pickup and drop-off location affects the car shipping cost. For example, if you live in a city with heavy traffic and bridges, you will have to pay more because Get Auto Transportation has to cater more fuel and charges for crossing the bridges. It is better to have your vehicle delivered to a terminal where you can pick it up in such areas.

    Season or Time of the Year:

    The car transport industry is highly influenced by seasons. At certain times of the year, car shipping companies are overwhelmed by car shipping requests, while at other times, the number of people shipping cars is fewer. Below is how seasons affect car shipping rates.

    winter shipping rates:

    Car Shipping during winter is slow because there is less snow and snow. Below is how each month affects car shipping costs. 

    December – Car shipping services are expensive around this time because most drivers go on leave to celebrate the holidays. This means there might be no drivers passing your route, and the available ones are expensive.
    January –  Car shipping rates are high because the snowbirds move from north to south for warmer weather.
    February – Car shipping costs are cheap because demand for car shipping services is low.

    Spring shipping rates

    March – Car transport demand is still low at the start of the month but picks up towards the end. During this time, car shipping costs are cheap.
    April and May – These two months are busy because the snowbirds are now moving back to home. Increased demand for car shipping services leads to increased car transport costs.

    Summer shipping rates:

    Summer is the peak season because people are returning to universities, relocating for work, taking vacations, and more.
    July, June, and August are busy months in the transport industry. However, car shipping costs are low because there is stiff competition between companies. This season means your car might take longer than usual to be delivered because everyone is busy.

    Fall shipping rates:

    The weather tends to be mild, and drivers are much more available than in summer. 

    September – During this time, many students are shipping cars to universities, causing a slight increase in transport costs.
    October and November – These months have low car shipping requests. The car shipping rate is low, making it the right time to ship your car before winter begins.

    How to Prepare Your Car for Transport?

    Shipping a car involves more than just hiring a professional. You need to prepare your car in advance so that your car is ready to go and doesn’t cause any transport delays. Below, we will discuss some things you must do before the pickup day.

    Ensure your car is ready for transport seven days before the pick-up date

    These trailers transport loads that are 10,000 lbs or less. It’s important to be ready to give up your car for transport seven days before the agreed shipping date. That is why sometimes a car shipping company like Get Auto Transportation might have a driver available around your area earlier than that date. This does not always happen, but it is good to be ready because car shipping is later than the date suggested and can take place earlier.

    Remove personal belongings

    Removing all the items in the car because the shipping company won’t be liable if they're lost or destroyed. If you want to transport personal belongings in the car, let the company know in advance. Get Auto Transportation allows clients to transport 100 lbs. of items in the trunk. However, the driver has to inspect and confirm that there are no illegal goods.

    ship car to another state

    Clean your car

    A car cleaning will simplify inspection at the drop-off and pickup location because the driver can see all the information. It’s easy to identify scratches and any other marks so that in case your car is delivered with new dents, you’re able to identify them. This is important so anything can be marked on the Bill of Lading.

    Ensure emergency brakes are functioning

    These lowboy trailers transport the heaviest oversized loads. They have a low center of gravity, meaning they should have a fully functional emergency brake once the vehicles are loaded on a carrier. This is to ensure it’s steady throughout the journey. A car with a faulty emergency brake might move while in transportation or when the trailer slows down, which could lead to a fatal accident.

    Fix any cracked windows

    If a window is cracked, movement on the trailer could cause this to worsen, or even shatter the window completely. In this case, the insurance company can’t compensate. To avoid receiving a vehicle with a missing window, make a point of having it repaired.

    How do I Understand the Landing Bill for Car Transport?

    Also known as the landing bill form, is a legal document Get Auto Transportation issues to the client with details about their car. It is where all the car details are filled in before it is loaded on the carrier. When the driver transporting your car gets to the pickup location, they fill out a landing bill form and inspect the car.

    This detail is important because it is used at the drop-off location to confirm whether the car has been delivered in the condition it was picked in. The landing bill form must accompany the car after being signed by the authorized carrier and the shipper at the pickup point.

    This is after confirming all the information filled in is correct. Once the car is delivered, the process is repeated, where the carrier and receiver inspect the car again for the landing bill form filled out earlier.

    If everything seems okay, they both sign the landing bill form. The owner can claim compensation if the inspection details don’t match the car's condition. A landing bill form acts as the receipt of goods and a contract between the carrier and the shipper. 

    What are the Advantages of Car Shipping Services?

    Shipping a car with Get Auto Transportation is undoubtedly advantageous. Cars are handy when running errands or moving from point A to point B. With a personal car, you can go about your business as you would like because you can use it anytime and as much as you would like.

    Most of us need to move from one place to another at some point, and we need our car. If you’re moving for a short distance, you can opt to drive it, but if you’re moving far, you need a professional to do it for you. Below are some advantages of shipping a car using a reliable company like Get Auto Transportation.


    Shipping a car with a professional is safe for you and the car. Driving your car over long distances can be tiresome and risky for your safety and that of the cars. You might fall asleep behind the wheel and get into a fatal accident, compromising both your well-being and the car.


    Car shipping with Get Auto Transportation will save you some money. If you are shipping a car across the country, driving it will cost you more than transporting it. You must spend money on food, gas, accommodation, and other miscellaneous things. Your car is also saved from wear and tear, which would cost you more money to fix than hiring a professional car shipping company like Get Auto Transportation.

    Fully insured

    Car Shipping with Get Auto Transportation means that it’s fully insured, and if anything happens to it, you are properly compensated. A professional company like Get Auto Transportation will even give you a copy of the insurance with your name on it so that if any compensation is needed, you can claim it directly from the insurance company. This makes the process easy and fast.

    Low mileage

    When you transport a car with a professional, you don’t add many miles to it. For example, if you have leased a car, it’s good to move it over long distances with a professional so that you don’t exceed the maximum number of miles the lease Get Auto Transportation allows.

    Transport multiple vehicles

    Using a professional allows you to transport more than one car per trip. Whether you’re a dealership, a business, or a family with more than one car, you can trust a car shipping company with resources to safely get them to your destination. It’s impossible to drive multiple cars to a different location alone.

    Stress-free car shipping

    Once you book your transportation, Get Auto Transportation handles the rest. They will deal with everything; you only have to hand them your car on the agreed-upon date and wait for it to be safely delivered. Driving a car over long distances alone can be tiresome and stressful.

    Save time

    Shipping a car with Get Auto Transportation means that you will spend the time it would have taken to drive it doing something else. A professional will safely deliver your car to your doorstep or the nearest terminal. Transporting a car across the country would have consumed so much time that you could spend being productive.

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