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What's In This Article?

  1. What is About Rate Negotiation?
  2. How do You Negotiate Shipping Rates With the Help of Get Auto Transportation?
  3. How do You Get the Most Incredible Car Shipping Deal?
  4. How to Negotiate in Logistics?
  5. What is Negotiating With Car Shipping Companies?
  6. How do You Understand Shipping Cost Factors, and How do You Negotiate?
  7. Which Factors Affecting Negotiation Shipping Rate and Price?
  8. Does Get Auto Transportation Provide Post-Contract Negotiating Support?
  9. Just Signed a Contract. Must I Wait to Renegotiate?

What is About Rate Negotiation?

Rate negotiation in logistics, or price negotiation, is a stage in the sales process where customers are interested but still need to be ready to buy (or re-sign). It's usually due to the client requiring additional value or a better price. Now that we know what rates are and what rate negotiation is, the next question is how to negotiate rates with carriers.

How do You Negotiate Shipping Rates With the Help of Get Auto Transportation?

The question is simple; the solution is more complex. Primarily, you build a strong bond with your account rep. Take the time to get to know them, show them they are appreciated, and make a relationship founded on mutual respect. Then, you can get into the negotiation.

Start by researching and ensuring you know what you want from the negotiation. Understand what hidden fees or surcharges might be sneakily wedged into the contract and what discounts the carrier offers.

Get the data to back up your request finally. Work with a third party to run analytics, develop benchmarking, and create cost modeling and rate simulations. The data proves the negotiated rates you request are valid and reasonable. 

How do You Get the Most Incredible Car Shipping Deal?

Car shipping costs can be reduced with many methods:

  • Make sure your car works.
  • Flexibility on pick-up and delivery dates
  • Pick-up and delivery sites should be accessible.
  • Open travel beats contained.
  • Turn on terminal-to-terminal shipping.
  • How to Negotiate in Logistics?

    While in-person negotiations, sitting around a table, and not leaving the room before terms are agreed to can be significant if time allows, sending a price negotiation letter to suppliers can be more time effective.

    It may take more days to sign a contract, but communication will be shorter. A letter is acceptable. However, we encourage an email for price or rate negotiations.

    What is Negotiating With Car Shipping Companies?

    The internet is fantastic for finding automobile transportation businesses. Whether purchasing a brand-new car or a used one or moving a car from one state to the next, shipping a vehicle is the way to go. It reduces the stress of driving and provides safe, convenient delivery.

    Getting a discount from a shipping company should be a good thing. Thus, you should negotiate a better price before transferring your car like a pro.

    For example, if you ship a car from New York to San Francisco, you should expect to pay between $1,500 and $2,000 using an open trailer based on the company. Below are some proven tips to assist you when negotiating with cash shippers.

    Negotiating shipping rates

    Working with a Shipping Broker

    When looking for auto shipping companies, brokers make your work easy and save time. They assess the process, the shipping company's validity in the state and elsewhere, and their rules. When looking for fast and effective delivery, choose a broker since they have close ties with the industry and can get you a slot quickly.

    However, finding shipping companies without help allows you to create a good rapport with the shipping company, which is a great chance to start negotiating. It also provides insider information on automobile transporters and cost-cutting. You will learn things like:

    The location: 

    Most shipping companies use regular routes such as highways to connect major cities. Therefore, your car’s location and destination significantly affect the shipping cost.

    Customer service:

    Talking to the company lets you evaluate customer service and acquire shipping quotes. You can use these benefits to negotiate the rates, which gives you peace of mind before leaving their office or hanging up the phone.

    Request a Discount from the Company

    Auto-shipping discounts are standard, but only some people know about them. Companies need to update the discounts on their websites faster, or you might need help navigating.

    Thus, ask the customer service representatives if they have special offers or any discounts suitable for you after getting quotes. It helps with the elimination process; suppose you have more than one auto shipping company you have considered.

    Find Multiple Quotes:

    A basic online search will reveal various car carriers. The estimates from different car shipping companies vary, sometimes by a hundred dollars. Getting quotes from three to five companies allows you to see those with favorable deals and those without.

    Ensure the shipping company operates in the city where you require the shipping services before getting quotes. Locate a company with a physical location within your town and your shipping destination. It makes the negotiations efficient and easy since communication is more straightforward than with companies you contact online.

    How do You Understand Shipping Cost Factors, and How do You Negotiate?

    Maximum auto transport trailers will ask for as much information about your shipping as possible to give you an accurate shipping cost quote. Luckily, most quotes are not fixed. However, it may not include an additional fee, and these factors may impact delivery rates:

    Size of your car:

    Unless you pick enclosed transport, your vehicle will be constructed in an open trailer. Your car’s size affects how many other vehicles fit in the trailer, affecting the shipping cost.

    The delivery location:

    Although the door-to-door delivery method is popular, more budget-friendly methods are available than this one. Thus, consider terminal-to-terminal shipping since you may negotiate rates, unlike door-to-door.


    Cross-country car shipping costs more than local shipping. If you ship the car over a long distance, there might be a price decrease per mile, saving you shipping expenses in the long run.

    Time of year:

    Shipping your car significantly affects the cost. If you send it mid-year, during the summer season, the prices are higher than in the fall. Due to increased demand, shipping firms raise prices in spring and summer, so orders are off-season.

    Which Factors Affecting Negotiation Shipping Rate and Price?

    When it comes to negotiating car shipping costs, several factors can influence the outcome. Knowing these characteristics can help you get a better price. Important considerations:

    Negotiate shipping costs

    Market Conditions:

    The state of the automotive market can significantly impact the negotiation process. If the market is saturated with a particular model or there is low demand for a specific type of vehicle, sellers may be more willing to negotiate and offer discounts to attract buyers. On the other hand, if a car is in high demand or has limited supply options, the seller may be less inclined to lower the price.

    Age and Condition:

    Car age and condition can also affect negotiability. A brand-new vehicle is less likely to have much room for negotiation, as dealerships often have set pricing and limited flexibility. When buying a secondhand car, mileage, maintenance history, and condition can be negotiated. Any flaws or necessary repairs can be used to lower the price.

    Optional Features and Packages:

    Cars often come with various optional features and packages that can significantly impact their price. Before negotiating, knowing precisely what features are included and their costs is essential. Knowing this will help you determine if the price matches the value of those features. Additionally, if you are willing to forego specific options, you can use that as a bargaining chip to negotiate a lower price.

    Time of Year:

    The time of year can also play a role in negotiating car prices. Dealerships may bargain more at the month's or year's end to satisfy sales objectives. They may offer discounts and incentives to clinch transactions and improve sales during these times.

    Financing and Trade-in Options:

    These factors can affect the negotiation process if you plan to finance your car or have a trade-in. It’s essential to research and understand current interest rates and the value of your trade-in vehicle. Knowing these factors can help you negotiate a better price.

    Multiple Dealerships and Comparison Shopping:

    It’s always a good idea to visit various dealerships and compare prices and offers. Getting estimates from multiple sources lets you compete with dealerships and take advantage of the best offer. This approach allows you to explore other options and negotiate from a position of strength.

    Does Get Auto Transportation Provide Post-Contract Negotiating Support?

    Yes, we do! Get Auto Transportation offers ongoing support after the negotiation process. We will do frequent business evaluations, monitor your shipping costs, find areas for improvement, and help you react to changes and problems.

    Just Signed a Contract. Must I Wait to Renegotiate?

    No, we can help negotiate small parcel contracts so you can renegotiate a new shipping contract anytime. Because car shipping estimate costs increase at least once a year, it’s best practice to renegotiate most contracts yearly, if not more, for optimal efficiency. It’s rare for a carrier contract to remain optimized until expiration.

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